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@aldenwear they are double leather. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
We just received three new special makeups. http://shoplostfound.com/collections/alden/products/alden-dover-natural-chromexcel-plantation-crepe-sole http://shoplostfound.com/collections/alden/products/alden-dover-navy-chromexcel http://shoplostfound.com/collections/alden/products/alden-plain-longwing-brown-chromexcel Just our interpretations on some of the classics. Hope you enjoy.
We just received our Spring/Summer shipment. http://shoplostfound.com/collections/unis And for all our American customers you get a nice little break on the exchange!
Just received our final shipment of EG. Everything is now up and online! Enjoy. http://workingtitleshop.com/engineered-garments
Thank you for the kind words! We still have some more coming...
We just received our first shipment of EG SS14. Pictures to come. http://workingtitleshop.com/engineered-garments-ss14 Highlight for me. Navy short parka and tropical andover! Both killer pieces.
Our Patrik Ervell markdowns have started and free shipping in North America. http://workingtitleshop.com/patrik-ervell
We just started our EG markdowns for FW 13 and are offering free N/A shipping as well on any purchase. Just make mention to it in your email. http://workingtitleshop.com/engineered-garments
We still have some pieces trickling through but this is most of our FW 13 buy. http://workingtitleshop.com/clothingall?category=Patrik%20Ervell
We have our full selection of EG in store now. This is our beta launch for the website so were still working out the kinks so bear with us! http://workingtitleshop.com/clothing?category=Engineered%20Garments
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