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What about $50 for a white MMM t-shirt??If the fabric is good quality and the fit/shape is flattering on him then I think it's worth it. I don't like how Hanes, AA, or Alternative tees look on me, so who cares if they're cheaper.
I keep thinking I could get by with only my Attachment indigo jeans, wjk white tees, and W+H service boots. Most everything else I own seems to only serve the purpose of fashion masturbation.
Definitely yes. Part of why I buy so many things is because I know that only a small number of them will become favorites. But I need time to experiment with each piece in order to discover these gems. First impressions after trying on a new piece is not always reliable.
jun hashimoto shorts AKM shorts
jun hashimoto oni-urake jersey pants visvim backpack
Tattoos are like taking whatever is the coolest fashion of the moment and permanently stitching it onto your skin, forcing you to wear the same clothing forever. The vast majority of those getting tattoos today would not be doing it if it where not seen as trendy and on target by their peers. With so many people getting them today they are not even viewed as bad ass or rebellious any longer, rendering the tattoo impotent. In the US there are many new tattoos parlors...
Attachment's models with special washes and distressing tends to fit very slim and are more fragile due to the thinner fabric. If you want to try Attachment jeans I'd suggest one of their one-wash / non-distressed models which fit a hair looser, are far cheaper, and in my opinion look better. Their non-distressed indigo are my favorite. Yeah, I've gradually grown disillusioned with most distressed jeans.
wjk shorts
If Jante Law were magically applied to this forum....Uncontrol would be outcast for his non-conforming styleJet would would be abolished for broadcasting his elitists tastesDrew would be sent away for attempting to be the Steve Jobs of the fashion industryMr. Moo would dare not show us that Rolex (or even buy it to begin with)By means of the Law of Jante people stamp out each other's chances in life and ensure sameness in the name of the great and powerful "we".
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