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Rdk is still awesome...
Yes, it has full bemberg lining....it is red with coral pattern reliefs throughout....cheers Edit: sorry, the lining is beige with coral patterns....
I am selling a beautiful Isaia SC, only worn a few times. Original retail on this was $2500, and it is in basically like new condition. Great lightweight jacket with soft weave, it is a tan/light brown neutral with very very faint green and purple stripes within the weave The other colors are only noticeable when looking very close. Full canvas base V model with duel vents. Cost includes shipping to Canada/US, please PM for shipping elsewhere or for any other...
pm sent
Doing some closet cleaning...and I have a 100% brown donegal wool SC made in Italy. 3/2.5 roll, double vented....great fabric. Shipping is at cost to buyer, probably $25 USD. 21.5 pit to pit 32 BOC 18 shoulders 25 1/4 sleeve
Great service to Canada...very fast all-around. Will use his service again....
I am interested in picking up a jacket from M & S, but I have never bought from there before. Is their jacket sizing standard or do they run large like most North American dept store lines? They don't seem to have much in the way of codes...do they have Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Pre or post Xmas sales online? Thanks
Meant to IM
Is this jacket still for sale? What are the measurements pit-2-pit, sleeves shoulders and length please?
I think Walmart has a Dr Scholl's section??
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