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Quote: Originally Posted by EBugatti No need to get defensive... You live in DC? You should. Your attitude is precisely what I'm talking about... If you're a woman and you're effectively getting a pass on dressing nicely--like you're suggesting here--you won't dress well. Social pressure is what makes people dress. I'm not criticizing DC per se. I'm just saying that lack of social pressure results in poorly dressed women--even if some are...
Quote: Originally Posted by EBugatti The ugliness isn't their main problem. The problem is they are LAZY. Since the guys are by and large taste-lacking, desperate government workers who will screw anything, the women in DC get away with ill-fitting clothes, no mani- pedis, absolutely no sense of style, dirty flip-flops, and a general lack of femininity. Out of all the cities I visited/lived in, DC women are the most manly... But I blame this on the DC...
All in the game.
Quote: Originally Posted by macaroni Some 8 weeks. Hmmm... does he require fittings? I think I'll try to find a conference in Warsaw this Summer.
Only extremely rare watches (costing many times your budget) can be considered investment pieces. And then you should be thinking twice before wearing them. So either buy a watch you're simply happy with as a consumable, or buy something else. You may get lucky with an artwork, actually.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria She also has a twin sister. Friend of mine knew her (the non-Eva twin) some years ago: apparently she's only marginally inferior to the original article. It's quite a thought.
Pro tanto reasons at best.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Tweed Regarding sizing, there is really no substitute for trying one on. Tricker's country collection are made on relatively short and wide lasts. If you have a wider foot blade you might want to pick half a size down, but if you have more of a narrow foot this will not be the case. True. In fact the classic Tricker's brogue derby is unwearable for anyone with very narrow feet, and they won't even make it MTO...
Actually, this isn't bad at all, compared to the typical 2nd-generation-middle-class-morning-dress-with-cravate-and-women-with-bare-legs-wedding.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria You have now convinced me that you are one of the thankless reviewer minions of the Michelin Guide. - B Rather, each reviewer minion is one of us.
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