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Very dark burgundy (eg n. 8 shell cordovan by Horween) can substitute for black in a lot of settings, and it looks basically black at night. Having said that, certain environments do require black.
Last I heard t'was quite high-end. Valextra with a less ridiculous mark-up, say. A bit better than Kreis perhaps.
I always do it.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWraith Jon DeBoise (Edwin from Steed's brother) does much of their cutting for their fully handmade bespoke option as I unerstand it. Not sure if he deals with customers in store, though. Most likely not. Bespoke without ever seeing your cutter?
Also, people have different standards for what counts as a well-fitting shoe. Some people like roomy shoes, others like a tighter fit.
The slimmest RTW shirts I have are Etro, Barba, and Brooks Brothers extra-slim fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kentishman Oi Polloi is a fantastic shop radicaldog. Been using them for years. Great guys too. Indeed. I drop by every time I'm in Manchester -- I hear they're relocating, aren't they?
It's beautiful, and (thus) quite feminine.
Hmm... OK Doc, I sort of see what you're saying. In a sense hand stitching on a factory-made shirt is decorative, but lapel roll is also decorative. Except that the former is somewhat inauthentic. So inauthentic aesthetic amelioration is pointless luxury that adds no quality -- maybe there's some mileage in this distinction. And I do agree that one of the best things about SF is the dismantling of some forms of clever 'narrative marketing', for lack of a better term....
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