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Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Inglorius 20,000 Spring Friday: MBTâ„¢ (Mystery Bespoke Tailorâ„¢) 3 hard roll 2 jacket in John G. Hardy 12oz Irish linen, three patch Oxxford (by Kiton) BD shirt, barrel cuffs Very, very nice coat.
Borderline SW&D?
Guenzati in Milan.
Quote: Originally Posted by JetBlast Vancouver's Central Library is pretty impressive too- Looks too much like the Coliseum from the outside.
Have you seen Heimat (arguably the best TV series ever)? They make an intelligent use of switches between colour and b/w photography, so I wouldn't rule it out in principle. But there has to be some criterion.
Very dark burgundy (eg n. 8 shell cordovan by Horween) can substitute for black in a lot of settings, and it looks basically black at night. Having said that, certain environments do require black.
Last I heard t'was quite high-end. Valextra with a less ridiculous mark-up, say. A bit better than Kreis perhaps.
I always do it.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWraith Jon DeBoise (Edwin from Steed's brother) does much of their cutting for their fully handmade bespoke option as I unerstand it. Not sure if he deals with customers in store, though. Most likely not. Bespoke without ever seeing your cutter?
Also, people have different standards for what counts as a well-fitting shoe. Some people like roomy shoes, others like a tighter fit.
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