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Also, people have different standards for what counts as a well-fitting shoe. Some people like roomy shoes, others like a tighter fit.
The slimmest RTW shirts I have are Etro, Barba, and Brooks Brothers extra-slim fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kentishman Oi Polloi is a fantastic shop radicaldog. Been using them for years. Great guys too. Indeed. I drop by every time I'm in Manchester -- I hear they're relocating, aren't they?
It's beautiful, and (thus) quite feminine.
Hmm... OK Doc, I sort of see what you're saying. In a sense hand stitching on a factory-made shirt is decorative, but lapel roll is also decorative. Except that the former is somewhat inauthentic. So inauthentic aesthetic amelioration is pointless luxury that adds no quality -- maybe there's some mileage in this distinction. And I do agree that one of the best things about SF is the dismantling of some forms of clever 'narrative marketing', for lack of a better term....
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday YMMV, of course, but I can't say the presence of handstitching makes me think a dude looks better. It's the type of detail that the forum obsesses over but that has no real import in the real world. When we talk about the duke, or Cary Grant, or Marcello, or Agnelli no one ever comments on the stitching on their shirts. It makes zero difference if the shirt they're wearing is machine made or handstitched. They'd...
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday Its utility is its aesthetic presentation. Yes, exactly like the hand stitching on a shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by Millerp LOL Note what was considered a well-fitting shirt. High-rise trousers look good with baggy shirts. Not that either of these things looks particularly good in and of itself, but nowadays we err on the other side, as I see it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Parker Quickie shot today: Like this.
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