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Not long ago Persol wasn't a designer brand, but just a staple brand of Luxottica, the Italian company that makes most quality mass-produced eyewear. So they used to cost about 50% less than (say) Gucci or Etro or Web or Ray-Ban sunglassess (I think those are all made or owned by Luxottica). But now Luxottica have decided to promote Persol as a brand so to replace my trusty shades I'd have to shell out like a designer whore, which bugs me. Having said that, I think $10...
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba The shoes might be a statement of sorts, but then why wear a striped suit to a wedding?
Haven't got the time to peruse it, but it does look SF-ish in some respects: Man About Town Spring/Summer 2010 Issue ON SALE NOW Pardon My French - The Paris Issue Clothes, cars, food, drinks, cigarettes, women... and various other bad habits Source (and more info):
Great work. Do you also do RTW and MTO or is Koronya bespoke only? I will be in Budapest this July and I definitely want to get a couple of pairs of shoes.
Linen, absolutely. I can't find linen duvet covers (comforters?) though. I might ask my old female Italian relatives if they know anyone who can make them to order. Though I recently bought some modal undershirts (Italian, pricey, can't remember the name of the maker) and I'm quite impressed.
Ties matched to bridesmaid dresses, dresses of identical colour: this is trainwreck of a wedding. But since it's an evening wedding you do get away with your dinner suit, in which case you should probably wear a bow tie.
Don't shine cordovan, especially when new. Just brush & buff them after a while.
Also, what are current RTW and MTO prices in the Vass shop? Thanks. No reccommendations of other Hungarian shoemakers?
Quote: Originally Posted by oldog/oldtrix [url=] My unsolicited $0.02: a return to form after many gimmicky combinations. Good work.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria How about this one: At least they're not mid-air. Though that campus looks familiar. I wish I still had pictures of the sorority house in front of my old Seattle apartment building: miniature White House, dolls' house version of a dolls' house sort of thing.
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