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It could be that the fabric is intrinsically water-repellent, but once it is abraded by wear it loses its water repellence irreparably. Which would be rubbish.
Like denim. Some makers offer selvedge chinos, sometimes in five-pocket (i.e. jean-like) designs.
Care to elaborate? I reckon with jeans there is an authenticity issue (i.e. that's how denim used to be made etc.), but I don't think that applies to chinos. Incidentally, I realised that one of my APCs (faux noir) is not selvedge, but the denim seems undistinguishable from the others.
Is there a point? (Genuine question -- cross-posting to Classic Meanswear for obvious reasons.) Cheers.
Is there a point? (Genuine question -- cross-posting to SW&D for obvious reasons.) Cheers.
By the way, I'm still very happy with my snow smock, but I must report that a pencil (not even a very sharp one) created two small holes in one of my hip pockets. So the fabric may well be hardwearing, but it certainly is prone to cuts and tears.
Everyone's talking about how they stretch (not much, apparently), but how about shrinkage? I'd like to try their 21oz tapered -- a cheap experiment in heavy denim to see if it's worth trying Ironheart or similar. Any info would be gratefully received. Cheers.
So you never sat in a meeting wishing you could see who called/texted you without conspicuously looking at your phone? The over-the-cuff thing was mostly in jest, but if the smartwatch is big and needs to be accessed promptly then there may be a rationale.
Screening calls, reading sms and email, run fitness apps, remote controlling phone (e.g. switching silent mode on/off), and so on. Quite useful.
I agree that Glass in contact lens or implant format is the future; but before we get there we'll have a good 5-10 years of smartwatches.
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