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Wow. Much obliged. This could be a reference thread now.
Can't seem to find a thread on those. I don't want to use the bulky plastic case of my Persols. Pointers for stylish cases would be gratefully received.
Cardinal Newman College is a sixth-form, isn't it? For American members: sixth-form is the final part of high school in the UK (college is not the same as university in British English, though some universities have colleges). In any case, sticking out like a sore thumb is not elegant, nor is bragging about one's family's wealth.
Wedding season is upon us. I've got three in Italy coming up, all around Lake Como. Formal day wear is not appropriate there, except perhaps for the groom and best man, so I'm just going to wear a dark lounge suit. But I thought that, to nod at formal daywear, I could wear a shirt with a white collar. And here's the dilemma: white or self-coloured cuffs? It seems to me that self cuffs are standard with proper formal daywear shirts, because the collar is detachable and the...
Of course. Nothing Manton said denies that.
No paisley, equally or more bucolic:
Never mentioned longwings. Burgundy captoe derbies, single sole. They're by no means the perfect shoe for cream linen, but they're not wrong either. Basically they'll be OK with jeans and a sweater, any suit and any sportcoat/blazer combo, in any occasion in which black is not mandatory.
^ Not at all -- I'm in England. But even here a man in his early thirties does look a bit ridiculous in tweed coat, flannel trousers, heavy brogues, paisley tie, etc.
I suppose I'd deny that: proper calf takes dark red tones well. But we'll never settle that. More interestingly, do you agree that, in extremis, a pair of black captoe oxfords and one of burgundy (cordovan or calf!) captoe derbies can cover any situation without being terribly inappropriate?Edit: For that question to make sense I'd have to specify whether I mean that those shoes could go with any classic set of clothes, or whether I mean that one could have a suitably...
Many here like tweed. Some of them live in cities, and/or are under 87, and/or don't like looking like extras from All Creatures Great and Small. I think it's also desirable to avoid Pitti-esque looks. So, let's collect a few pictures for inspiration purposes. The ensembles posted need not be perfect, so long as they provide some interesting ideas for how to wear tweed in non-costumey ways. I'll start: Interestingly, it seems to me that all the...
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