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Thanks. But I'm in Europe.
I've been wearing sack-like RTW casual sportcoats (almost shirt-jackets) by Margaret Howell and Albam of late, and I've begun to rather like the silhouette of a short, undarted coat: So I've decided to try and order one or two sack suits from my tailor. Which leads to two problems. First, my tailor is an old Italian guy and I doubt he's ever made a sack suit, though he does know how to do soft shoulders and light construction. Any not-too-micromanagerial pointers I...
Absolutely. JFK had severe back problems and often had to wear braces and other orthopaedic supports. I bet the oddly buttoned jacket was his way of hiding that.
In Camden? 'bit out of the way but might take a look if I'm there. Cheers.
I'm not new to N1, but I won't have other bases for the next few months; so suggestions for the above would be much appreciated. Cheers.
PS can be worn successfully, but most people end up looking just like they're trying too hard.
The pockets are supported by facings in the same cloth -- nothing unusual there.
Thanks, all. Quite flustered now. I initially thought about doing one big button, then changed it to two small ones, but received four. It happens. Forgot to add that the jacket is only partly lined (shoulders and sleeves only), though you probably guessed it. The tailor didn't complain about the design, except in jest. But I have been a good customer of his for a few years, and usually order pretty standard stuff.
The fabric is a heavy and slubby linen. The buttons are bone (I hard ordered two distanced buttons for the cuffs, but small mishaps like this are the order of the day with any tailor). The back has a single vent and the sleeves are shirt-set. The slanted pocket is for my passport and/or other things that need to be both secure and readily accessible. Secret bells & whistles include a hole for headphones concealed under the lapel, with a little loop to keep the cable in...
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