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^ That's a good analysis. The line might indeed be too fine to be walkable.
I was wondering how long it would take to elicit this sort of response. Look, there's something to be said for traditionalism, but the question I asked deliberately sets it aside. I trust my hosts to have enough discernment to recognise a contemporary interpretation of the 'black tie' dress code.
^ That's more what I was going for -- thanks. Except that I can't claim any working class credentials. So I suppose I need a classless or upper middle class version of the above. Hmm... The relevant aesthetic is probably that of the few modernist experiments with clothing. Admittedly it's telling that the likes of van der Rohe, Gropius or Breuer dressed traditionally (though at the Bauhaus there were some nutcases with orientalist fantasies, long tunics, and insane...
Interesting, but I wasn't really thinking of dressing up a traditional lounge suit. I'm after something that is a set of evening clothes, but doesn't need to be tailored properly. Put it this way: RTW stuff apes bespoke, so I won't buy it. I want something decidedly, proudly industrial. Margaret Howell-style is as tailored as I'd go. I hope that makes sense!
Yeah, a horrible sin. It's not as if Agnelli did it all the time. Or Luca di Montezemolo.
I've no serviceable dinner suit, and probably no time for my tailor to make one up. I don't want to buy a RTW traditional dinner suit, as I know I'd regret it. What am I to do? Any ideas for something maybe unstructured and paired down that could serve as a dinner suit equivalent? I'm looking for the evening appropriate equivalent of the early unstructured Armani suits, say. The context isn't overly traditionalist anyhow. Thanks in advance.
Yes. It's just very light needlecord. For instance:, your tailors, Rubinacci, make some beautiful summer sportcoats from it.
My (Italian) shirtmaker doesn't carry any. Where can I order some, of good quality? Cheers.
The white shirt with the brown suit is atrocious.
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