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That's Amsterdam, Netherlands -- the original article. Thanks.
An artwork? Less likely to be damaged or lost, if you care primarily about a perpetual reminder of your college days.
Well I tried those and to some extent they taste better than cigarettes. So what are my options? I don't know where to start researching this, but what are the aesthetically minded producers of vaporizers? Any other considerations?
... they're tucked in and the shoulders fit correctly. And maybe the trousers need to be high waisted. Discuss.
Very helpful, thanks. I'll try Bennett Silks.
Interesting. Pricing?
In a rush I went and bought a ready-made silk cream shirt from Budd for evening wear. Well I love the cloth. It's a sort of pinpoint oxford, not at all shiny. Now I don't want to start getting my shirts from Budd though -- I've a good shirtmaker in Italy and no appetite for starting a new process. Any ideas about who might make the silk used by Budd? Cheers.
Anyone tried this?
Does anyone know of a garment bag that actually succeeds in keeping one's suit relatively unwrinkled? I wouldn't normally care, but I can't wear a wrinkly dinner jacket. Thanks.
It looks as though I can't help ordering a dinner suit. I find midnight blue too conspicuous, so I picked the most matte black cloth in a Drapers book (something made in England, not sure about the mill). I know I want grosgrain facings and trouser bands. What I don't know is what style to go for. I'm 1,75, in my early thirties, and have a fairly slim figure, but with narrow rounded shoulders and a relatively prominent seat. A sedentary academic, yes. So, my favourite...
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