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Yes. It's just very light needlecord. For instance: http://www.johnsimons.co.uk/dark-blue-cord-shirt/Actually, your tailors, Rubinacci, make some beautiful summer sportcoats from it.
My (Italian) shirtmaker doesn't carry any. Where can I order some, of good quality? Cheers.
The white shirt with the brown suit is atrocious.
Spalla a pagoda, if I'm not mistaken. It's striking. I remember seeing pictures of Vittorio de Sica with a similar coat construction. Having said that, the look is too flashy for my taste.
OK, I'll have a modern undarted soft suit with natural shoulders. Any styling advice?
Thanks. But I'm in Europe.
I've been wearing sack-like RTW casual sportcoats (almost shirt-jackets) by Margaret Howell and Albam of late, and I've begun to rather like the silhouette of a short, undarted coat: So I've decided to try and order one or two sack suits from my tailor. Which leads to two problems. First, my tailor is an old Italian guy and I doubt he's ever made a sack suit, though he does know how to do soft shoulders and light construction. Any not-too-micromanagerial pointers I...
Absolutely. JFK had severe back problems and often had to wear braces and other orthopaedic supports. I bet the oddly buttoned jacket was his way of hiding that.
In Camden? 'bit out of the way but might take a look if I'm there. Cheers.
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