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So you never sat in a meeting wishing you could see who called/texted you without conspicuously looking at your phone? The over-the-cuff thing was mostly in jest, but if the smartwatch is big and needs to be accessed promptly then there may be a rationale.
Screening calls, reading sms and email, run fitness apps, remote controlling phone (e.g. switching silent mode on/off), and so on. Quite useful.
I agree that Glass in contact lens or implant format is the future; but before we get there we'll have a good 5-10 years of smartwatches.
See, the reason why I think that the iWatch will catch on better than Google Glass is simply because the former is far less conspicuous. And certainly less so than a bluetooth headset.
I suppose one could justify wearing a mechanical watch on one's right wrist (where I wear it anyway despite being right-handed) as back-up, since those smartwatches will have battery issues for the first few years. I can't quite see Google Glass catching on, at least not until it can be reduced to the size of a contact lens. It would be very useful in glasses format when driving though.
Consider Zegna Trofeo. I've a RAF blue (around 11oz I reckon) that made up very well.
It may well happen. http://readwrite.com/2013/02/22/apple-smartwatch-patent Lots of opportunities for clothes designers etc. I'm glad that I got most of my shirts with two-button mitred cuffs -- I just hope that the space between the buttons is enough.
Thanks. Lots of photos here: http://www.spohszine.com/2012/03/giorgio-armani-menswear-spring-2012/ Many very short and skinny jackets, but some more harmonious ones. Interesting DBs. Will see what I can find.
Lately I've been thinking about modern, explicitly industrial clothing, so Armani obviously springs to mind. My tailor does soft garments well, but won't do deconstructed, industrially-finished stuff ("if you want a shirt jacket it's not worth coming to me", "that sort of stretchy cloth is not suitable for traditional tailoring", etc.). Besides, the point of Armani-esque jackets is supposed to be precisely the overcoming of the need for bespoke patterns and hand work. And...
New Posts  All Forums: