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What's your experience with their jackets? I know that they're fashion items, not proper biker gear, but then I'm not a biker.
I gather that ToJ is defunct and the planned replacement not live yet. So what's the S&D approved leather jacket supplier? I'm looking for something like the leather harrington jacket ACNE made last year, say. Something neither flimsy nor bulletproof, and wearable with a range of things, from t-shirt and sneakers to even, perhaps, a shirt and tie, like Truffaut:
Not interested in the big brand boutiques. Any hidden gems I should look out for during a four-day trip? Cheers.
That's Amsterdam, Netherlands -- the original article. Thanks.
An artwork? Less likely to be damaged or lost, if you care primarily about a perpetual reminder of your college days.
Well I tried those and to some extent they taste better than cigarettes. So what are my options? I don't know where to start researching this, but what are the aesthetically minded producers of vaporizers? Any other considerations?
... they're tucked in and the shoulders fit correctly. And maybe the trousers need to be high waisted. Discuss.
Very helpful, thanks. I'll try Bennett Silks.
Interesting. Pricing?
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