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Extremely versatile suede derbies/bluchers from Carmina, in excellent conditions. I fell in love with these in a shop in Lisbon and bought them despite a less and perfect fit, so now I have to let go of them having hardly worn them. Note the rare sole treatment: a cross between full leather and dainite, original from Carmina -- the perfect balance between the practicality of dainite and the smartness of leather, without the compromise of topy-ing. This model really goes...
I've seen some of their suede stuff pop in some the usual shops (Oi Polloi etc). What's the quality like? And what about their lamb/calf jackets? Anyone have experience? Cheers.
The TOJ version was good, but harringtons look a lot better with raglan sleeves IMO. It'd look great in a supple lambskin -- hint hint!
Any plans to do a harrington in a soft leather? With Band of Outsiders out of business and this beauty sold out at ACNE, there's definitely a gap in the market. Note the navy blue large wale corduroy collar lining -- the showstealing touch.
Thanks. I'd just ordered a black Ashton from Farfetch and hear the size (IT46) wasn't available after all. Bummer. It's from last year. I'm now set on it and can't find anything remotely like it. I think the attraction of the mode is that it's suitably urban and doesn't look like the wearer really wishes they had a motorcycle or a Cessna. Looking for alternatives, sugggestions much appreciated.
My penny loafers are on the Xim last and they fit well in a 7.5 (though I never wear them 'cause I don't know what to do with them). What size should I choose for the Detroit last? Thanks.
What's your experience with their jackets? I know that they're fashion items, not proper biker gear, but then I'm not a biker.
I gather that ToJ is defunct and the planned replacement not live yet. So what's the S&D approved leather jacket supplier? I'm looking for something like the leather harrington jacket ACNE made last year, say. Something neither flimsy nor bulletproof, and wearable with a range of things, from t-shirt and sneakers to even, perhaps, a shirt and tie, like Truffaut:
Not interested in the big brand boutiques. Any hidden gems I should look out for during a four-day trip? Cheers.
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