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There used to be witty and erudite discussions of classic menswear here. Now this is largely a forum for aspirational purchasers of mock-bespoke stuff. How did this come to pass?
What's the difference?
Recent opinions on quality of those? Are the buttons MOP? Don't tell me that they're baggy: I'm of normal shape but like a roomy shirt and I've been finding bespoke unnecessary for semi-casual shirts. Cheers.
^ word.
Latest idea, from Bleu de Chauffe:
^ good thought. Those are a bit heavy but I seem to recall they also had some good folios. I'm partly based in London so I've been to their Marylebone shop. I have their passport cover and like it. I'm now considering this, though I'm still holding out for something less fuddy-duddy and with a shoulder strap:
Thanks. I've also been looking at this sort of thing, but it strikes me as a bit fuddy-duddy: Great functionality with the three-side opening though.
I hate luggage. I mostly travel with a GoRuck that's much smaller than max carryon size, and I still loathe having to carry it around once I reach my destination. So I want a thin and light briefcase/folio that can fit into the backpack's laptop compartment (15'' size). A shoulder strap would be a nice bonus. Also, something that looked classic and/or very high quality would be good, since the backpack is so rugged and practical. Price is not a major consideration. Any...
Thank you! Grenadine fina, tipped. Solids in general.
8cm please! This isn't just a fashion thing, it's just that if one is under six foot tall and of normal build 9cm is just too wide.
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