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Timeline/link? Really keen to know more about this.
What about good leather pouches for vapes? Most of what I see from a quick web search is on the tacky side. Suggestions?
Nothing? Did I violate some norm of American puritanism? This place is not as fun as it used to be.
I'm thinking of taking up vaping (I recently quit smoking cigarettes). Problem is, most vaping kits seem tacky or too conspicuous. Any recommendations gratefully received -- including recommendations for paraphernalia like leather cases and such like.
As far as penny loafers with true moccasin construction go, this is as good as it gets. I bought them in Paris at the Carmina shop, but now I find myself moving away from this sort of style, so regrettably they'll have to go to make room for other stuff in the closet. They're in very good condition, never worn sockless. I had them professionally topy-ed, as you can see from the photo. The leather is truly of the highest quality -- hard to convey photographically, but...
Extremely versatile suede derbies/bluchers from Carmina, in excellent conditions. I fell in love with these in a shop in Lisbon and bought them despite a less and perfect fit, so now I have to let go of them having hardly worn them. Note the rare sole treatment: a cross between full leather and dainite, original from Carmina -- the perfect balance between the practicality of dainite and the smartness of leather, without the compromise of topy-ing. This model really goes...
I've seen some of their suede stuff pop in some the usual shops (Oi Polloi etc). What's the quality like? And what about their lamb/calf jackets? Anyone have experience? Cheers.
The TOJ version was good, but harringtons look a lot better with raglan sleeves IMO. It'd look great in a supple lambskin -- hint hint!
Any plans to do a harrington in a soft leather? With Band of Outsiders out of business and this beauty sold out at ACNE, there's definitely a gap in the market. Note the navy blue large wale corduroy collar lining -- the showstealing touch.
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