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Thanks. I've also been looking at this sort of thing, but it strikes me as a bit fuddy-duddy: https://www.sagebrown.co.uk/mens-collection/english-bridle-leather/portfolios/brown-bridle-portfolio-with-sliding-handles?p=1 Great functionality with the three-side opening though.
I hate luggage. I mostly travel with a GoRuck that's much smaller than max carryon size, and I still loathe having to carry it around once I reach my destination. So I want a thin and light briefcase/folio that can fit into the backpack's laptop compartment (15'' size). A shoulder strap would be a nice bonus. Also, something that looked classic and/or very high quality would be good, since the backpack is so rugged and practical. Price is not a major consideration. Any...
Thank you! Grenadine fina, tipped. Solids in general.
8cm please! This isn't just a fashion thing, it's just that if one is under six foot tall and of normal build 9cm is just too wide.
I don't disagree.
“On top, I always wear a beautiful jacket with a perfect fit,” Cucinelli explained. “This is one-and-a-half-breasted, not double. You see how it drops? Even when I wear it open, it stays fitted to the body.” The soft, cocoa-coloured wool and cashmere jacket (£2,320) behaves almost like a pattern-cut cardigan. Discuss.
Xim: http://www.carminashoemaker.com/about-last These shoes are not available on the website but they have them in several colours in the Paris shop -- I was there just two weeks ago.
Bump. I'm really interested in the Tanker three-way travel bag, but I'm in Europe and I can't help thinking that I'd be paying premium for a mid-market product. Am I wrong? Perhaps more importantly, any alternatives for a practical but not too ugly travel backpack that opens flat and is not too big? Another option I'm considering is the Goruck G1. Cheers!
Timeline/link? Really keen to know more about this.
What about good leather pouches for vapes? Most of what I see from a quick web search is on the tacky side. Suggestions?
New Posts  All Forums: