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^ Nice. Looks more like a field jacket though. I have something quite similar (in blue, no belt) from Aspesi.
^ Nice (though I tend to use the spotted ones with suits only). I think those are both n. 3 (crunchy and loose). Note how in n. 4 (crunchy and tight) the knots are tighter and slightly more on a zig-zag rather than a straight grid. One can see that quite clearly in my comparison shot of the two bicoloured ones above.
Yes, sorry. Edited the mistake above.
You're welcome. It seems to me that type 3 (crunchy and loose) is the most common one of the three. I suspect the maker is Nick Bronson. Howard Yount, Gallo and many others use this weave.
Don't quite see the point of a buttondown Capri collar. If you wear the Capri, have the courage to wear it over your coat's lapels.
And a comparison of 2 (bottom) and 4 (top) in bicolour version, which may highlight the difference in the weave: I have type 3 with stripes but not in bicolour version, alas.
As requested, here are some clumsy photographs of my three favourite kinds of knit tie. From top to bottom, types 2 (crunchy and airy), 3 (crunchy and loose), and 4 (crunchy and tight): Close-up:
Here goes: http://www.styleforum.net/t/313298/quick-naples-impressions-e-g-marinella-sucks-talarico-rocks-mid-market-unbranded-clothes-are-quite-good-if-your-budget-is-very-limited
Leave it alone.
Didn't notice them -- perhaps the huge LV shop in front of the old Rubinacci store put me off the area. But thanks for the tip. Will stop there next time.
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