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The single most versatile colour is, arguably, light navy. Sand/beige is also quite versatile.
Ok, just to make a start:
There's a fair amount of discussion of jeans + coat & tie, but what about the above? And I mean non-creased, tendentially wrinkly chinos, not the kind that are basically cotton twill dress trousers. Just one step up from jeans. Post good and bad examples of such combinations, and let's discuss, if you're so inclined. I'm struggling to find any photos that don't feature overly tight clothes and the extremely short coats that are in fashion at the moment.
Yes, in the Rome shop. Though maybe I've not seen their spotted ones, come to think of it. Could it be that they get the solids made up and then sew the spots by hand?Yes, but I'm quite certain that some knit ties with different tags are virtually identical. Of course they could be made by different factories with identical machines and identical quality silk, but you get my drift.
KW knits are certainly not the same as Drakes' (different weave: Drakes' is thicker and crunchier). They may well be the same as some of Rubinacci's though.
Then Gallo knits = Wang knits = Rubinacci knits (don't have any of the latter -- also, they may switch suppliers every know and them; for instance Rubi does fancy knit weaves I've seen in their shops and never liked). Also, Howard Yount = Charvet (!), and Borsalino = Ralph Lauren = Les Copains. (I have a lot of knits and hardly wear any other ties.) The Drakes ones are less common though, and I like their weave very much. If only I had written down the name of that...
So it's a mystery.
Well, I don't know what the source is, but it's well known that there are only a handful of (good) knit tie manufacturers (in Italy). Only once did I come across a non-Drakes branded tie that was unquestionably from the same factory. It was in Lisbon, with a brand I didn't know, and the only one in the shop. In an ugly purple, so I didn't buy it. Still, those are my favourite knits (Gallo, Borsalino, T&A and Les Copains also have good knits, but I don't like them as much)....
Bastardised odd jacket doesn't sound too bad, actually. But as I said, I'll ask the tailor to keep some extra cloth just in case I want to add stuff like epaulettes.This is the summer version so no throat latch. The winter one will definitely have one though.
I don't quite see how: they need to be sewn in at one end, or at least have a kind of loop permanently sewn onto the shoulder, no? I'm just worried that this jacket is quite eccentric already. I will ask the tailor to set aside a bit of cloth anyway, just in case.
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