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So there was this one golden age we reached around 1935, and then it was downhill from there. That doesn't sound terribly plausible (imagine if someone said it about art of a certain brief period -- of course some people do say this, but it's an odd view). Were there any other golden ages? If, say, the toga also achieved objective goodness, would it be right to wear one today? If you want to answer that question negatively you'll have to concede something to the...
A camel polo coat (such as the one pictured in the OP) is traditional even with black tie, at least in the US. I have a RTW one from O'Connels (with peak lapels, which isn't ideal) and wear it with everything despite the fact that I've got other overcoats (loden, navy, large herringbone). I wouldn't buy it again because the cloth isn't great, but still.
I just stayed at the Hotel Naples, Corso Umberto I 55. Very reasonable (on the basic side of four stars), about 15-20' walk from the station, right in front of the University's main building a five minutes from Spaccanapoli. The area around the station isn't very nice at all.
I'm in Palermo for a couple of days. I haven't got a lot of time to look for clothes and other accoutrements as I'm with friends; but still, any suggestions would be much appreciated. Cheers.
Thanks. I'm travelling around till early Sept., but will try and take some photos when back home.
Seconded. My go-to place for cloth in Milan. Guenzati's selection is smaller and much pricier, even though they do have the odd very interesting thing.
No money, no thrill. Likewise: no style, no kicks.
Fair enough. I actually didn't buy any knits when I was in Charvet last spring because they seemed identical to some middle-market ones I have from various brands (e.g. Howard Yount -- but maybe this is a recent development), and costed more (btw, most of the other ties in Charvet are shiny monstrosities). Excluding the completely flat Jersey weaves (which are a different style altogether), it seems to me that there are four different kinds of silk knits:1 - Almost flat...
I would guess it's easier to sew the spots before the tie is stitched together at the back. But I really don't care -- I just want to order my own combinations of tie and spots!
All of them? Really?
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