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Fair enough. I actually didn't buy any knits when I was in Charvet last spring because they seemed identical to some middle-market ones I have from various brands (e.g. Howard Yount -- but maybe this is a recent development), and costed more (btw, most of the other ties in Charvet are shiny monstrosities). Excluding the completely flat Jersey weaves (which are a different style altogether), it seems to me that there are four different kinds of silk knits:1 - Almost flat...
I would guess it's easier to sew the spots before the tie is stitched together at the back. But I really don't care -- I just want to order my own combinations of tie and spots!
All of them? Really?
My idiosyncratic 'rules': - Wear only knit ties or rough-textured wool/shantung ties, unless the occasion strictly requires formality. - If wearing a tie, wear only soft-collared shirts (usually BD), unless the occasion strictly requires formality. - If wearing wool trousers and odd jacket, then no tie and no leather-soled shoes. - If wearing wool trousers with a sweater/cardigan, then no leather-soled shoes. - Wear white linen hankies only, and only in formal...
The order is in now, but there will be a winter version so if this design is too daring I'll rectify things (pun not intended). But, as Eileen Gray said, "symmetry is boring". I do have a brown solid Harris tweed coat with four symmetrical pockets (with buttons and slits, but no flaps), and I don't think it works too well, perhaps because the breast pockets are placed too high. There's a picture of it somewhere on the interwebz (either here or on the London Lounge), but no...
It would be brilliant if one could pick a solid knit and also the colour for hand-stitched dots. Looking forward to this.
Yes, but this tie was the only one of its kind in the store. I'm quite confident that the brand was Ascot.
Of course there are (I've got most of those and others myself). But there are also virtually identical weaves and qualities across brands. By the way, I didn't know that Hober did knits. I can't find them on his website.
I agree. On SF (MC) there is a strong bias towards more formal clothes. I do chinos (and even jeans) and jacket and tie very often, usually with buttondown shirts and knit ties. In fact I rarely wear wool trousers with coat and tie: it strikes me as somewhat fuddy-duddy, so when that level of formality is in order I go with a suit.
You know, perhaps I'm imagining things here, but Ascot might well have been the brand of that Lisbon tie. It really rings a bell. Thank you! Now let's start the interwebz hunt for Ascot knits.Edit: http://www.ascot.de/
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