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How much do APC Petit Standard corduroys shrink in the wash, if washed on a high temperature and tumble-dried?
Nothing? Wrong thread?
I'm a true 32 and bought some of those in 34 as I didn't want them to be too skinny. But now I reckon that they could do with being a tad smaller. Will they shrink a bit if I wash then at, say, 60 degrees and put them through the dry cleaner? They are 100% cotton after all. Any help would be much appreciated.
To play it safe you should probably go with navy or charcoal. Still much better than the ubiquitous black anyway. And you can always get an interesting shade of navy or a nice herringbone in the charcoal. I have a camel hair overcoat from O'Connell's and find that it stands out even in London (England, not Ontario).
Any European (possibly UK) alternatives to Tiecrafters?
Does anyone have any pictures of these after some wear? Is it true that they mold to the body and become softer? And what about discolouration and other dry denim-like effects? Cheers.
Nice stuff. Most knit sportcoat I can find, though, have the currently fashionable proportions, i.e. far too short for my taste. Any suggestions on where to find a more traditional silhouette.
I'm warming to this concept, even though I'm usually hostile to hybrids. Suggestions? Here are a few photos for inspiration. Keep them coming, if you're so inclined. Any suggestions for good quality options would be most appreciated. Cheers.
Those peaks are obscene (seriously, there's no photo angle from which one should see a peak lapel protruding over the wearer's shoulder), and the slimness of the trousers borders on the comical. He looks like a vasciaiuolo* who suddenly came into a bit of money.* Terribly politically incorrect terms referring to the inhabitants of the vasci, a sort of traditional basement-level dwelling of Naples' urban underclass.
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