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I just stayed at the Hotel Naples, Corso Umberto I 55. Very reasonable (on the basic side of four stars), about 15-20' walk from the station, right in front of the University's main building a five minutes from Spaccanapoli. The area around the station isn't very nice at all.
I'm in Palermo for a couple of days. I haven't got a lot of time to look for clothes and other accoutrements as I'm with friends; but still, any suggestions would be much appreciated. Cheers.
Thanks. I'm travelling around till early Sept., but will try and take some photos when back home.
Seconded. My go-to place for cloth in Milan. Guenzati's selection is smaller and much pricier, even though they do have the odd very interesting thing.
No money, no thrill. Likewise: no style, no kicks.
Fair enough. I actually didn't buy any knits when I was in Charvet last spring because they seemed identical to some middle-market ones I have from various brands (e.g. Howard Yount -- but maybe this is a recent development), and costed more (btw, most of the other ties in Charvet are shiny monstrosities). Excluding the completely flat Jersey weaves (which are a different style altogether), it seems to me that there are four different kinds of silk knits:1 - Almost flat...
I would guess it's easier to sew the spots before the tie is stitched together at the back. But I really don't care -- I just want to order my own combinations of tie and spots!
All of them? Really?
My idiosyncratic 'rules': - Wear only knit ties or rough-textured wool/shantung ties, unless the occasion strictly requires formality. - If wearing a tie, wear only soft-collared shirts (usually BD), unless the occasion strictly requires formality. - If wearing wool trousers and odd jacket, then no tie and no leather-soled shoes. - If wearing wool trousers with a sweater/cardigan, then no leather-soled shoes. - Wear white linen hankies only, and only in formal...
The order is in now, but there will be a winter version so if this design is too daring I'll rectify things (pun not intended). But, as Eileen Gray said, "symmetry is boring". I do have a brown solid Harris tweed coat with four symmetrical pockets (with buttons and slits, but no flaps), and I don't think it works too well, perhaps because the breast pockets are placed too high. There's a picture of it somewhere on the interwebz (either here or on the London Lounge), but no...
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