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Returned them with a heavy hart. They're quite a full cut.
This question is going down better than I would've thought. Where is the fashion vs style police?
Nothing? Just ordered a pair in 33 (I'm a 32 in RRL and a tight 32 in APC NS faux noir). We'll see.
^ Stevenage knitting closed in 2010. I have a chunky Albam cardigan from them and it's excellent. Shame that capitalism did them in.
Looks like a pretty interesting cut: http://shop.kitsune.fr/t/maison-kitsune/men/trousers&denim#/p/new-classic-5-pocket-jeans-slash-fw12 Any info on how they fit compared to APC NS, say? Weight of denim? Shrinkage/stretch? Any other info? The ForVm's search button didn't help, in case you were wondering. Many thanks in advance.
Me neither. I must say that the drawstring closure rather defeats the purpose of the waterproof material, unless there is some trick inside.
^ Interesting. Where are the pics from?
I know it's silly, but I feel awkward wearing long johns in the South of England. The last time I wore them was when I was in Oslo in January. I have moleskin and cord 'jeans' that are warmer, but I like the idea of heavy denim. I guess I'll have to experiment. Any other feedback would be very welcome.
What denim should I get for cold weather? My heaviest jeans are RRLs. Should I go for Ironheart? Which fit of theirs is closest to a slim 501? Alternative makers? Cheers.
"The duo also designs for TEN C, another FGF- owned brand." Sounds as though TEN C is carrying on. Also note the M65 jackets with some wear in them (and note how they don't wear the jackets skin-tight! I wish the snow smock had the length f the M65 -- better proportioned, I think. But I fell in love with the hood and slanted chest pockets):
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