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Nothing? Just ordered a pair in 33 (I'm a 32 in RRL and a tight 32 in APC NS faux noir). We'll see.
^ Stevenage knitting closed in 2010. I have a chunky Albam cardigan from them and it's excellent. Shame that capitalism did them in.
Looks like a pretty interesting cut: http://shop.kitsune.fr/t/maison-kitsune/men/trousers&denim#/p/new-classic-5-pocket-jeans-slash-fw12 Any info on how they fit compared to APC NS, say? Weight of denim? Shrinkage/stretch? Any other info? The ForVm's search button didn't help, in case you were wondering. Many thanks in advance.
Me neither. I must say that the drawstring closure rather defeats the purpose of the waterproof material, unless there is some trick inside.
^ Interesting. Where are the pics from?
I know it's silly, but I feel awkward wearing long johns in the South of England. The last time I wore them was when I was in Oslo in January. I have moleskin and cord 'jeans' that are warmer, but I like the idea of heavy denim. I guess I'll have to experiment. Any other feedback would be very welcome.
What denim should I get for cold weather? My heaviest jeans are RRLs. Should I go for Ironheart? Which fit of theirs is closest to a slim 501? Alternative makers? Cheers.
"The duo also designs for TEN C, another FGF- owned brand." Sounds as though TEN C is carrying on. Also note the M65 jackets with some wear in them (and note how they don't wear the jackets skin-tight! I wish the snow smock had the length f the M65 -- better proportioned, I think. But I fell in love with the hood and slanted chest pockets):
But if you look at Ten C's website you'll notice that it isn't updated. For instance it doesn't show the new liners. No idea if they're sloppy or just don't bother updating it because they're winding it down.
Actually I washed them at 95 degrees and tumble-dried them and they shrunk a bit in length, but next to nothing in width.
New Posts  All Forums: