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It may well happen. Lots of opportunities for clothes designers etc. I'm glad that I got most of my shirts with two-button mitred cuffs -- I just hope that the space between the buttons is enough.
Thanks. Lots of photos here: Many very short and skinny jackets, but some more harmonious ones. Interesting DBs. Will see what I can find.
Lately I've been thinking about modern, explicitly industrial clothing, so Armani obviously springs to mind. My tailor does soft garments well, but won't do deconstructed, industrially-finished stuff ("if you want a shirt jacket it's not worth coming to me", "that sort of stretchy cloth is not suitable for traditional tailoring", etc.). Besides, the point of Armani-esque jackets is supposed to be precisely the overcoming of the need for bespoke patterns and hand work. And...
Let me bump this thread. Any opinions on the quality of Sanders bucks? Can't find alternatives in the UK unless I order MTO Trickers, which seems slightly overkill for some supposedly cheap and cheerful casual shoes. Cheers.
How about o-ring or d-ring belts? I reckon they wouldn't be ideal for bridle, but if you expanded into suede...
I probably will, just because I'm in the UK! I'm going with the West End Roller Buckle in satin finish.
I was thinking along very similar lines. Also: dark jeans, sweater, and clunky black derbies, perhaps. And let me reassure you that I never contemplated blue!
I've been looking at Equus' website and rather fancy their West End belt in racing green. Of course I don't own any green shoes tough. So I suppose my question is this: can one wear a green bridle leather belt in the same way that one wears a ribbon belt, ie as a freestanding bit of colour rather than as something that shouldn't be too distant from the colour of one's shoes? I'm not looking for "wear it if you like it" answers, but for arguments of sorts. My argument...
Sorry, only just saw this post -- they're black. I think that makes them more interesting, actually. Brown slip-ons reek too much of public school (in the English sense).
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