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Admittedly, I was being hyperbolic about Marinella. I just don't think it's this temple of neckwear that people sometimes talk about. Perhaps the disagreement here is due to context: Marinella-esque ties are just all over the place and signify conservative blandness rather than quiet discernment.
Just checked: the two brown ones (you can just make out the solid one to the left) are Barba four-folds. The blue ones are Dell'Oglio (the latter is a shop in Palermo I recently discovered -- same silk and construction quality as the better known Neapolitan makers).
Fair enough. But it just seems to me that the Marinella tie above is the sort of tie worn by every non-tacky Italian politician, businessman, professional or journalist; whereas the other ties wouldn't be picked by those sorts of people. Yet, as you say, they are fundamentally the same sort of tie (same level of formality, non-tackiness, quality, even same colour). What does that say? To me it says that the non-Marinella ties are more sophisticated. Or maybe I just like to...
I wear soporific ties almost exclusively. My point was that most Marinella ties are soporific in a bad way. A muted three-colour mid-sized floral print on blue ground is soporific, OK? Well, there's good and bad soporific. I just find Drakes and Cappelli more interesting. The point is to be soporific without being obvious, and I think that's were Marinella fails.For example -- Good (Drakes):Wearable but uninspired (i.e. bad - Marinella):Good with small pattern (from my own...
I just spent a couple of days in Naples, so I thought I might share a few random style-related observations. I hadn't been there in a long time and was only passing through with friends, so this wasn't a clothes-buying expedition, but still. - Marinella: disappointment. I'd only been to their little shop in Milan and expected to find a treasure trove here, but they didn't have much. For instance, no shantung/raw silk ties. Yes, I did visit their upstairs shop. Basically,...
No. I was on a little tour of Southern Italy with friends, so didn't quite have time to go on major shopping expeditions.Will do.
19 oz is overcoating weight. Also, something porous like Shetland or Harris tweed doesn't wear too hot even in heavier weights because it traps air and remains breathable, but those thornproof-like cloths are very dense, so you'll perspire profusely in a three-piece. On the other hand, if you want a proper old fashioned winter shooting suit to be worn without outerwear (or maybe an unlined Barbour jacket), then that's the cloth for you.
I do like the first one, but it's a field jacket rather than a sportcoat. I wanted something one could wear with a tie.
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