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By the way, I'm still very happy with my snow smock, but I must report that a pencil (not even a very sharp one) created two small holes in one of my hip pockets. So the fabric may well be hardwearing, but it certainly is prone to cuts and tears.
Everyone's talking about how they stretch (not much, apparently), but how about shrinkage? I'd like to try their 21oz tapered -- a cheap experiment in heavy denim to see if it's worth trying Ironheart or similar. Any info would be gratefully received. Cheers.
So you never sat in a meeting wishing you could see who called/texted you without conspicuously looking at your phone? The over-the-cuff thing was mostly in jest, but if the smartwatch is big and needs to be accessed promptly then there may be a rationale.
Screening calls, reading sms and email, run fitness apps, remote controlling phone (e.g. switching silent mode on/off), and so on. Quite useful.
I agree that Glass in contact lens or implant format is the future; but before we get there we'll have a good 5-10 years of smartwatches.
See, the reason why I think that the iWatch will catch on better than Google Glass is simply because the former is far less conspicuous. And certainly less so than a bluetooth headset.
I suppose one could justify wearing a mechanical watch on one's right wrist (where I wear it anyway despite being right-handed) as back-up, since those smartwatches will have battery issues for the first few years. I can't quite see Google Glass catching on, at least not until it can be reduced to the size of a contact lens. It would be very useful in glasses format when driving though.
Consider Zegna Trofeo. I've a RAF blue (around 11oz I reckon) that made up very well.
It may well happen. Lots of opportunities for clothes designers etc. I'm glad that I got most of my shirts with two-button mitred cuffs -- I just hope that the space between the buttons is enough.
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