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I doubt that Manton, Vox, or Foo are now flogging rags.
One should also ask why the front page is constantly clogged by affiliate threads and other information relating to stuff for sale, as opposed to random discussions of sartorial matters.
But I was always a minor character in those discussions. A secondary bespeaker, if you will. I can contribute but I can't set the discussions in motion.
There used to be witty and erudite discussions of classic menswear here. Now this is largely a forum for aspirational purchasers of mock-bespoke stuff. How did this come to pass?
What's the difference?
Recent opinions on quality of those? Are the buttons MOP? Don't tell me that they're baggy: I'm of normal shape but like a roomy shirt and I've been finding bespoke unnecessary for semi-casual shirts. Cheers.
^ word.
Latest idea, from Bleu de Chauffe:
^ good thought. Those are a bit heavy but I seem to recall they also had some good folios. I'm partly based in London so I've been to their Marylebone shop. I have their passport cover and like it. I'm now considering this, though I'm still holding out for something less fuddy-duddy and with a shoulder strap: http://laportegna.com/collections/mens-bags/products/leather-office-bag-belgrano-13-black
Thanks. I've also been looking at this sort of thing, but it strikes me as a bit fuddy-duddy: https://www.sagebrown.co.uk/mens-collection/english-bridle-leather/portfolios/brown-bridle-portfolio-with-sliding-handles?p=1 Great functionality with the three-side opening though.
New Posts  All Forums: