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Let's take the Duke of Windsor and Agnelli, just so nobody really disagrees that they were great. Now consider their overall style and their innovations. Three things jump out at me: They broadly blended in among people of their age and social group: suits when everyone wore suits, etc. Most if not all of their innovations and breaks from the rules were away from formality and towards a more casual look. They could get away with innovation even in their more dress...
That was my sense too. I mean, other than the really high-end ones, wouldn't I be getting just a slightly tarted up ETA anyway? And is that more of a technical marvel than a good quartz movement? I mean, it's got history and all, but it's utterly mass-produced too. The savings aren't major though. It was mainly a practicality thing.
Question for watch folk: What do you think of quartz watches by good makers? A Cartier Solo, say. With an in-house movement, but quartz. On the relatively cheap side -- under 5k, say. Yay or nay, and more importantly, why? For context, I have some decent mechanicals: three inherited, one a graduation gift. But I don't have a non-round watch, and frankly I'm fed up with the whole servicing and charging rigmarole. But I like the look of the Tank Solo, especially since I...
A Cartier, say. With an in-house movement, but quartz. On the relatively cheap side -- under 5k, say. Yay or nay, and more importantly, why?
By "above suspicion" I mean that the same stylistic choices mean different things on different wearers. Look at prince Charles. Anyone else wearing a DB tweed coat, a signet ring, a pocket square, and a boutonnière would look either like a re-enactor or like someone who sells clothes for a living. But people know that he is the prince of Wales, and that style suits him, given his position. He is above the suspicion of being an extra in a period film or a rag trader. To be...
It is not odd at all. Even in England the return to cufflinks is a fairly recent thing. If one is not above suspicion then cufflinks suggest to me that one is an estate agent or some such spiv. Or rather, double cuffs. I'm quite fond of single cuffs with unobtrusive links, but those are hard to find RTW. I've never seen them, in fact.
I mean the side seams. Most good quality shirts, even RTW, have a single line of visible (chain) stitching, not two. This requires an additional manufacturing step.
I've used him. He's a nice guy and knowledgeable, and he offers true bespoke albeit without a fitting. But the shirts aren't even single-needle tailored and the sewing of the buttonholes leaves much to be desired. He uses an old factory in Cyprus and frankly I don't think they're used to making for the top end market, or even the top of the mid-market.
Drakes "essential" shirts are 125£. You can buy packs of three for 295. Having said that, I bought a pack of three white OCBDs (I've come to the conclusion I don't need bespoke for casual shirts) and I found the quality of the cloth slightly inferior to that of their mainline shirts.
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