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I've a trip to NOLA coming up. I'm European. What sort of Americana stuff should I procure there? Anything special I'm not likely to find elsewhere? I'm thinking of southern trad stuff maybe. Cheers.
For ties I see the point: unlined tip with hand rolled edges is a detail with expressive potential.
There has been a soft tailoring trend for some time. But now many manufacturers are upping the game with half lined or often completely unlined tailored garments -- even overcoats. Or coats of fairly formal suits. Why? My tailor has done quarter lined sportcoats for me but always advises against it -- he thinks the coats won't keep their shape and will last less. I don't perceive the extra weight of a lining. If I want a really soft look I can go for a shirt jacket or a...
What are the best classic menswear shops in Berlin? I particularly need ties. Thanks.
Copy-pasting an old post of mine, It seems to me that there are four different kinds of silk knits: 1 - Almost flat and light, a sort of piquet weave. These are sold by cheaper retailers such as TM Lewin, and I consider them too ugly to wear. 2 - Crunchy and airy: I have some of these by Borsalino, Les Copains and Polo. I really like them. 3 - Crunchy and loose: this is the Howard Yount variety. Many other brands sell these. They're not bad at all and I wear them...
I would've thought that most patterns stand out more on a white ground, relative to ecru, which is softer. A white ground is more reflective, so it illuminates the area around a tie or between lapels.
Blue, pink, and white are much more common solid colour choices for an OCBD. Why? Ecru goes with everything, photographs very well, and is subtle without being showy. Why do people shun this colour? Answers on a postcard.
If you can't get your foot through the leg, then the leg is too tight. It will look out of proportion. Even the guys in the pic look terrible. They look like they sell clothes for a living, which many of them probably do.
Isn't any thread that's not about buying stuff doomed?
At leas by politician standards: OCBDs, repp ties, 3-button suits. Sometimes. Could be worse.
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