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If you can't get your foot through the leg, then the leg is too tight. It will look out of proportion. Even the guys in the pic look terrible. They look like they sell clothes for a living, which many of them probably do.
Isn't any thread that's not about buying stuff doomed?
At leas by politician standards: OCBDs, repp ties, 3-button suits. Sometimes. Could be worse.
Thanks, Sam. That's more or less what I had in mind. There used to be far more threads of this sort, and they'd contain articulate discussions that didn't necessarily descend into matters of shopping. And so the first page would be varied and interesting.
^ who said that? Reeves above?
I find Permanent Style quite affected. Besides, it's a blog, not a peer to peer conversation. I suppose there's the London Lounge, but that too is quieter these days. This place was something else, anyhow.
I should've been clearer: I'm not lamenting just the paucity of threads about bespoke stuff. I started getting bespoke clothes around 2007. By 2012 or so I had formed a good sense of what I liked and wanted. These days I order a suit or equivalent a year, if that. I've almost run out of closet space and in any case I'm working on simplifying my life. I've now even reverted away from bespoke: I regularly buy RTW shirts now since my default choice is a relatively roomy OCBD....
I doubt that Manton, Vox, or Foo are now flogging rags.
One should also ask why the front page is constantly clogged by affiliate threads and other information relating to stuff for sale, as opposed to random discussions of sartorial matters.
But I was always a minor character in those discussions. A secondary bespeaker, if you will. I can contribute but I can't set the discussions in motion.
New Posts  All Forums: