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For sale yet another first class item from Cesare Attolini Napoli. 3 button winter coat in dk blue wool, all handmade with hand sewn open buttonholes at cuffs etc etc. The best there is. Original price was 2900 Euros. WW shipping + 90 USD, Paypal.
Another steal deal! Cesare Attolini Napoli suit in size EU46 (36R). All handmade. Medium weight wool. 3 button roll lapels, double vented. Sipping WW +90 USD, Paypal.
Fantastic deal! All handmade Cesare Attolini Napoli suit. Features 3 buttons roll over 2 lapels, double vented, barchetta breast pocket, hand sewn buttonholes, open buttonholes at cuffs. Has it all. Lightweigt wool. Original price was 3000 Euros. Now a steal! WW shipping +90 USD, PayPal.
Fantastic pair of Saint Crispins chukkas style 116, 3 eyelets. Gently used with single leather sole and word pegged waist. All hand made. Comes with hollowed custom trees, box and bags. Original price was 1400 Euros. WW shipping +90 USD, Paypal.
Lightly used pais of Jodhpurs boots from Saint Crispins. These are on the classic last and retail price was 1200 Euros. Comes in marbled brown, similar to John Lobb museum brown. Wood pegged waist. Fantastic handicraft. Includes custom trees, bags and boxes. Shipping ww. Paypal.
These are a pair of genuine JLP Bespoke chukkas from Rue de Mogador. They fit a UK7E, unfortunately too small for me (I am UK 7,5 or 8). Rubber soles. Original price for these was 7000 USD, with a one year waiting time. No trees. Incl shipping ww. Quality of craftsmanship and leather is fantastic!
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Bespoke-John-Lobb-Chukka-Boots-100-Bespoke-from-John-Lobb-Atelier-in-Paris-/171916954092?hash=item28070c89ec Are these chukkas on eBay really bespoke or are they JLP RTW? Insole suggests bespoke, but I am not sure...
My StC do not crease more than other shoes. The fit is unsurpassed, it is, after all, customized. What I notice is that my StC are shorter in length than my previous Lobbs. I also noticed that the toe spring is more pronounced on Lobbs, meaning that creases will be stretched out when shoe trees are inserted.
Square toe has nothing to do with chiseled or not. A round toe can be chiseled. Looking from top, a toe can be round or squared. These are squared. Looking from the side, it can be rounded or chiseled, meaning chiseled is chiseled off at the front part, or sloping.
I also ordered the 116 but in 609B CRU leather (blackish brown). It was very nice to meet up with Phillip, he was very friendly indeed! I also had a good look at the different lasts, I like the classic the most, Riva ok (fit was almost identical to classic). The chiseled or Novello was not for me.
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