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My StC do not crease more than other shoes. The fit is unsurpassed, it is, after all, customized. What I notice is that my StC are shorter in length than my previous Lobbs. I also noticed that the toe spring is more pronounced on Lobbs, meaning that creases will be stretched out when shoe trees are inserted.
Square toe has nothing to do with chiseled or not. A round toe can be chiseled. Looking from top, a toe can be round or squared. These are squared. Looking from the side, it can be rounded or chiseled, meaning chiseled is chiseled off at the front part, or sloping.
I also ordered the 116 but in 609B CRU leather (blackish brown). It was very nice to meet up with Phillip, he was very friendly indeed! I also had a good look at the different lasts, I like the classic the most, Riva ok (fit was almost identical to classic). The chiseled or Novello was not for me.
But I don't consider StC as RTW anyway. More MTO semi bespoke.
That's the nice thing about StC: you can modify the fit of the standard last to your personal speifications. Even different fit for each of your feet.
Have you ever considered that it might be YOUR feet that just don't fit? Maybe they make em for everyone else but you.Anyway JL7000 fits me like a dream. Almost.By the way, that museum leather is unparallelled!!!
Do they replace the whole outsole or only thefront part, excluding the pegged waist?
The St Crépin edition 2012 is an ankle boot, this pair is brand new and only tried on inside. This pair is in UK7.5E and comes in black misty calf. Includes shoe trees that are lasted for the 7000 last, white shoe bags and box. Soles are prestige bevelled, and thin rubber soles were attached on purchase. They can be send worldwide, price is 990 USD plus shipping and paypal fees (add 3%). This is limited and numbered special edition boots. Thanks!
You can read the explanation on the website. I agree its a bit wierd. The sailor last is ugly.
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