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Giving someone a suit that's nowhere near their size is a little strange... ...but this suit is not junk. I purchased a suit much like it recently -- same neck label (minus the "Made in China tag) and hanger, identical lining, same finishing. It's 100% wool 150's, rather than your cashmere blend, and has a "Joseph Bach" label. I paid about $600, down from the obviously fake price on the tag of ~$3000. The suit is definitely not worth $3000, but it is worth $600. The...
It's a tonal stripe. A little slick for my taste, but it can work in the right setting.
I would say it's just functional hardware for most of us -- largely an after-thought. But for guys who are serious about western wear, it's definitely jewelry. They spend a lot of money on those belt buckles, and many curate large collections of them...
You can beat them up if you want, and they can definitely take it. But I like to care for my Beckmans. I brush them clean, saddle soap occasionally (as needed, usually a couple times a year), and apply Obenauf's LP regularly. Once the LP has soaked in, I wipe off the excess, then buff with a cloth. You don't want a glossy shine, though.
I was at an AE trunk show yesterday, and looked at each of the Independence shoes. They're nice, but I really wasn't that impressed. The leather is a bit nicer, but not significantly so. Frankly, I'd say it's similar to what my older AE pairs have -- I think the leather quality has declined a bit, lately. The sole finish is nice, but nothing to that exciting. In the end, they're nice shoes....but not my choice.
Wax the welt lacing before you get that wear on them, though. Cleaning that dirt is tough.
Also, apply neutral wax over the welt stitching to keep it clean. Dirty stitching will show.
I'd scrub them down with some saddle soap and a clean applicator brush, then wipe clean with a cloth. Then use a neutral cream polish for a low shine.
No luck? The chain is way to delicate for a watch, and I don't really see someone jamming this pin in to a tie.
 I recently acquired a pair of vintage pins from my alma mater connected by a chain. I've seen them before in vintage jewelry stores, and I've attached a picture of something similar. How are these supposed to be worn? What is the purpose of the chain?
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