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Nice shoes! Who is the maker?
I had AE Sheltons because I love the black/burg. saddle style. These are $300 CG shoes and nicely made, but I couldn't get past how they wrinkle and crease - the wrinkles are tinier and pointier as has been mentioned, plus the phony sameness of the leather, even after a year of weekly wears. I liked the style and fit of them, but in the end, the CG-ness just got to me and I sold them. I won't buy CG, good or bad, again.
Silence of the Lambs The first time I saw it, I was freaked out by the "cutting the security guard up and stringing him up as an art project" scene, the crazy guy making a fat suit out of dead girls' skin and the thought of being trapped in a dark basement whilst said guy was coming after me wearing night vision goggles left me sleepless for the night. again - pre-internet - I am much more jaded now.
I own BB's end-on-end button-down in french blue. The texture of the shirt and the contrast of the light buttons make for a nice casual shirt with a heavier jacket (corduroy or tweed). This combination looks good with a navy emblematic or red/green/navy repp stripe tie.,0&iccEmbed=1 Disclaimer: In the 90s I used to wear fr. blue shirt with khakis, square toe black rubber...
Collars always "in". When I push up my sleeves, I roll my cuff once and then adjust the sweater sleeve so it leaves a 1/4" or so of the shirt cuff roll showing. Then I can push up the whole thing further if desired.
I have a nice Kent 2-sided clothes brush I got from their e-bay store. One side is rougher and one side is softer. I use this instead of a lint roller on all my clothes now.
Take them to a cobbler and ask his opinion. He will likely be able to stretch the shoes for you for $5 or less.
Great looing Press bag, but won't silk get damaged by toiletry-type stuff? shampoo, toothpaste, etc?
Sell it on e-bay for $100 as a "pre-distressed" bow tie.
I love how the company name is only screen-printed on the back neck. For $658 they couldn't have embroidered it?
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