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Hi All, A bit of buyers remorse here, so listing this one up after purchasing two-weeks ago. I live in Japan, bought the suit while visiting the states and dropping by Woodbury Commons outlet. Ralph Lauren Black Label Jacket: 36R Trousers: 29 (tabs, no belt) Color: Black, w/ very fine white pin-stripes, looks Charcoal grey from ~3ft. Reason I'm selling is that -> 1) Already have a RLBL Black suit 2) Don't like the 'no-belt' trousers (not quite my style) 3) Will purchase...
Tin Tin!
If the tags are still on it, and you're not in a rush, I'd return it. Alterations on that suit would quickly add up, and personally I wouldn't trust MensWarehouse for anything. Measure yourself, read up on labels within your price range (H&M and Zara are always recc'd), and hunt in the B&S forum. You will do much better in the end, considering all efforts/money. PS - You may get a lot of flack, but I give you props for posting pictures.
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnsNotHere quartz != mechanical Right. Absolutely right. My point was that it doesn't make it bad, nor 'less' than a handwind or automatic. OP is not going to find a decent handwind for his budget...I've tried and failed in the past.
Quote: Originally Posted by Twotone Quartz. Soooo? B&M and Longines charge 2 to 3 times more for the same movements??
What's SF's opinion on this Tissot? $150 on amazon... This one as well:
Don't know where you are located, but try my man Carlos over in Summit. http://www.summittailors.com/customclothing.htm He's done my whole wardrobe...slimming shirts, suit alterations, etc. I asked for working buttons, but were a little pricey. Good work though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Inficius I've always heard that it's best to wash your hair only a few times a week. I guess it depends on your hair type more than anything, but if you're hair feels dry then don't wash it. Of course, if you're going to be using a lot of product, then it might not matter anyways. That's true. I used to only wash my hair two-three times a week. The natural oils are actually healthy... But, I found my pillow sheets...
Quote: Originally Posted by Stavros American Crew Fiber. In my experience...American Crew was overpriced and greasy. Everyone's hair is different though...
Quote: Originally Posted by bach wtf does fish oil do? i mix in 3 tablespoons of flax meal w/ my protein shake for the omega 3's, would it be pointless to take fish oil concurrently? Fish oils helps with skin, and helps prevent breakouts and keeps it looking fresh. Also, it assists in skin production (for hands, body) and nails. I get the same amount every night...sleep 11pm, wake up 5am, 1 hour commute. It's all about nutrition! Then...
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