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That's the plan, on both counts!
^ well I did that and saw diarrhea brown like the poop I took this morning and now I am regretting the purchase.
just called...they had desert boot in 44 in grey, brown, and beige. I know this is the grey: This is the beige (or is it brown?): But if that is indeed the beige I cannot seem to find pics of the brown online. Anyone able to assist? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by drink8648 Update! Tomorrow, I will be shipped the following; Henley Baker Jacket Photographers Vest Kendall Coat Gary Gary, what colors in the Baker Jacket and Kendall Coat? Do you have a price on the Kendall? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete Scarf Rust Indian Wood Block Print Barneys National, USA Jake Chicago, IL USA Jonathan & Olivia Toronto & Vancouver Canada Stuart Wright Brooklyn, NY USA Black Indian Wood Block Print Boutique U & I Montreal Canada Canvas Malibu, CA USA Jonathan & Olivia Toronto & Vancouver Canada MAC San Francisco, CA USA San Francisco Market Seoul, Korea Sportivo Madrid, Spain Stuart Wright Brooklyn, NY...
Greetings, Any known stockists for the indian block scarf? Thanks.
Hello, $100 shipped for the WWM shirt? I'm usually a medium in most but can fit small in EG shirts. Any idea if fit is similar? Subject to any fit rec's you have I'll take a gamble on it. Apparently I can't PM cuz this is my first post. Pls send me payment info. Thank you.
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