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looks good. suggestions: -said already I think, but close up views would be nice -pet peeve on clothing websites in general: not enough light on dark clothing/can't see details Also -I like it when model measurements and size wearing are posted
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini About the only bucklebacks I'd even remotely consider buying are the rb15s simply because of the great cut as other bucklebacks use more traditional models for my taste. Those bucklebacks were/are nasty. I mean that in a good way.
Quote: Originally Posted by ToruOkada Also interested in finding stockists for field vests and guide vests in grey/off white. I e-mailed wwm but they haven't been that quick to respond. Any tips would be appreciated! try this Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete If anyone's interested, I've got the Chambray Pen Jacket in Medium. Bought from MAC and planning on returning it for store credit (MAC does not do refunds), but...
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy There is also a darker, sturdier waxed suede grey, which was released for FW08. The pair shown there was released for SS08. Good catch. The pair at Theory is probably the FW08.
^have you tried on the Maine Guide Jacket? Looks a little boxier...wondering if I can size down.
Quote: Originally Posted by pg600rr u mind throwing some pics up? Material on the choco is identical to that on the beige. Reasonably sturdy, waxy. As you know, the grey is different, quite supple and thin....feel like it's gonna rip any minute. Taken with POS telephone:
I got em in the mail...they are brown, hershey's chocolate poopy brown. I think it's a waxed suede. There's an Achilles in same material I think. To be honest I prefer the beige and grey, in that order.
AW09 Sperry posted on Selectism
piggybacking on the above post, I would like to find retailers for: The field vest and ranger pant pictured here: or this field vest: Thanks to anyone willing to help. Also, found some interesting pieces here:
Gary - have you received your WWM stock yet?
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