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tried on the terry blazer recently, liked it but was iffy at the price. Now of course I want. Mauro tells me he is sold out. Where can I find this?
All Sold
^^actually, they didn't have my size in stock.
EDIT: actually, 0.5 size down as everyone else recommends seems more appropriate.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Are the side hems on the current season upland shirts long enough to tuck into pants, or are they now cut similar to the EG button down shirts? same as previous seasons far as I can tell. Why do they do that?
Quote: Originally Posted by robin ^ yep, you're right. Got the two confused from the picture. So did I, and I learned the hard way.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin I think only Jake in Chicago got them. Jake received the cream western shirt but I don't think they got the work shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete August in Oaklands sells out of the smaller sizes in the men's EG line because women are eating them up. I had the fortune to be in Tokyo when the store opened - there were plenty of women going for the stuff. There was one older woman shopping with her husband who was buying quite a few pieces incl. head to toe indian floral print, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin I'd have a closet full of the 19th century buttondown shirts if the side hems weren't so high. I know. I just deal with it, but it sucks when you tuck in. I have same problem with WWM.
Quote: Originally Posted by dtmt Journal Standard has their own brand shops, which means that "select shops" don't carry it. Also, if your chest size is larger than 36, you won't fit into any tops from JS or many other J brands. Beg to differ a little. I am about a 38 and own a JS Homestead button down and cardigan sweater. I think they are large and fit trim, which is OK by me.
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