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J Crew
I sometimes struggle with whether to machine wash or dry clean BD's. Even when items are pre-shrunk, I cold wash and line dry I seem to shrink things.
Measurements on RB16: waist-almost 33.5 inseam-34 front rise-10 back rise-13.75 thigh-10 knee-8.5 leg-7.25 Measurements on the WWM BD forthcoming.
RB Combat Shirt: p2p-19 shoulder (seam to seam)-17 sleeve (from pit)-22 length (from bottom of collar)-30 I'm typically a M in RB but this one runs a bit small.
Rockers measure: waist-33 inseam-35.5 rise-10.5 thigh-11 knee-9 leg-8.5
Price drops
I have that W+H hoodie and will vouch for its awesomeness. Is the RB crewneck a more relaxed fit? Don't have any fit pics do ya? Am normally a M but am thrown by the chest mm't.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Just got a pair of the ranger mocs today (thanks mrsmiff!) and they're pretty awesome. Much nicer than quoddy and ralph lauren mocs. Shoe porn pls!
More than anything I just like the unexpected cotton terry on a blazer cut. Very comfortable. Wouldn't wear a hoody to meet the g/f's parents, but this I would. It has typical W+H attention to detail incl those great buttons they are using this season. I have always been a fan of side vents. Depending on how you want it to fit it runs small. I have a hoodie from a couple seasons prior that is a large. In the blazer I was between L and XL. L had a good snug fit, a...
Quote: Originally Posted by djh Roden Gray carries the most W+H of any stockist I've seen.. I'd try them for that blazer. Thanks. Might have missed it but did not see it on their blog. Could be worth a call.
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