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Posts by Willy Nilly Dunno if/what they have in stock though.
I love them, but prices have been rising in recent years and frankly not sure if I will purchase at full price any more. They tend to all be cut slim with high arm holes and longer lengths. I give them all a fair bit of wear, some I hand wash, some I dry clean. All are standing up well to the test of time.
I like the Workaday oxfords. Tried them on @ EG Tokyo. Should have purchased but was choking on price + exchange ~ $275+. Fit for me was similar to EGBD's.
Quote: Originally Posted by adamha21 Those Oak picks look awful. Look how short the sleeves are. Anyway, has anyone tried one of these on yet in a large? I think he sized down 6 and that's why the shirt also appears to fit slim.
Quote: Originally Posted by pg600rr I have wanted to grab one but I am also worried about the fit/sizing.. I am 6'1" 185 lbs. so the Xl BoO looks pretty shitty on me... I have had the worst time trying to find some nice casual shirts, BoO sizing makes me look like a grown man trying to wear a young boys shirt, Steven Alan shirts are just cut horrible.... I need to find a place around Boston to try these on... I hear this often but find that a...
Quote: Originally Posted by robin This was disputed in the yuketen thread. Apparently they worked with quoddy along time ago, but now no longer do. From all plaidout: "Several years ago, fed up with his job at a big-time newspaper, he moved home to Maine and alongside Kirsten, started making moccasins in his family's barn. Yuki Matsuda, of Meg Company, got wind of the Shorey's shoe-making operation,. Yuki, Kevin, and Kirsten formed...
Price drops
Quote: Originally Posted by Sebastian_Flyte my Saks in Pittsburgh is doing a 25% friends and family sale April 16-19th-- my guy said they only do it 2-3 times a year. you should ask your local rep. I think this is a company-wide deal.
Bringing this thread back up.. I'm eyeing several pieces this season including the parka, chino, and deck shoes. Are there US stockists yet? Can anyone advise on sizing? 1 cm between chest sizes as indicated on Tresbien seems like a small increment. EDIT: Revolve is at least one US stockist.
You will have a blast. As you probably know, knowing the shops you want to visit is barely half the battle. The real challenge is actually finding them on the street! I was in Tokyo in January and used a few outlets to source shops before I went: 1) Tokyo Superguide (SuFu). Once you get used to the maps they aren't so bad. 2) Websites for target brands that have stockists listed. Often I find new/similar brands at shops that I know carry a certain brand I...
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