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Lots of interest, no takers so far. Drop to 1.47 million. PM with serious offers. No lowballs, please.
Is this open to both sides of the Great Schism (that is, SW+D style as well as CM style)? There has been some turtleneck talk over on our stomping grounds recently, perhaps related. I wish I could participate but I don't think it's cold enough for any of mine. Oh, and my money's on Parker.
girlfriend cannot stand these. dogs appear indifferent.
Thanks! it's pretty nice. Not inverallan thick, but so much less scratchy. Very, very comfy over a T. I would happily try an XXL at some point, too - I guess this must be the infamous 'new version,' which is not as long as I thought it would be, but I'd say it's a good looking cardigan and it's an excellent piece to own.
SNS Stark/Cloak greasers/MMM ropers
Turtleneck challengw Too-revealing shirt challenge Gold chain challenge
Shit that's good. Man, I am thinking some conceptual vests would really be useful for travel and everyday life.
That's a "ketchup bun." That's all I know. I thought it was awesome.
I guess I would probably be inclined to say skip the jeans in those cases - or get brogues boots instead of shoes.
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