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 Just up the page a bit  http://www.styleforum.net/t/454301/proposal-stage-2-weeks-viberg-for-styleforum-preorders-round1-2015/200_100#post_7715312
 It will happen if enough people vote for it, which involves a small deposit. You should do both of those things, and then wear in good health - with Rick worker jackets and W+H for perfection.
  First could be colors. I also like the way the SC looks almost like outerwear. I also like the slightly short sleeves, the slightly boxy jacket, and the way they both look with the cuffed trouser. Silhouettes and proportions, then. I tend to like what AAS posts, though - and since I don't know a thing about CM, most of my reactions are pretty knee-jerk. I would say that I like this outfit because it "looks plush and chunky and sharp all at the same time." The only thing...
I don't
This is so obscenely good. 10/10 would frame photograph. 
should i care that i have no fucking clue how to navigate reddit?
I don't like ties, but that is a sweet tie. 
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