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I tried some on a few weeks back - couldn't really tell the difference between them and my petit standards. Rise not noticeably higher, at least. But thanks!
Fine. Be that way. 
 Tight in the wrong places - they fall down and stick to my knees. Even on the sized-up pair.  I had a pair of the MIJ selvage from 200? that I tried to DIY and ruined. I liked those, though.   Couldn't even button the Diors in 32 - and I'm kinda sick of that feeling. 
These look surprisingly good to me, and I never like black sneakers. Nice. 
 I can't say I'm totally happy with any of my jeans these days. The rise on my old APC's is stupid low, the uniqlo things (straight and skinny or whatever) are tight in the wrong places, old Helmuts are just too tight (and the rise is also too low), and the pair of Margiela denim, while comfy, is a size too big in the waist (that was the idea, but still). Only "jeans" I have that really fit great are Cloak microcord trousers. Cloak greasers are good, too, but neither pair...
You should post there - I have a few things I've been meaning to add. Cloak shearling, Margiela ropers, some other bits and bobs.
Reindeer pelt, boots, and hat.
  That's for the Contentedness Thread
I have three pairs of Uniqlo jeans in different cuts and sizes and I think I hate the fit on all of them. 
Yeah, maybe "The Last Day at Work Before the World Ends" or something equally silly. 
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