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Stitches, I find that tie very out of place
Fuck, this is what I get for ignoring SF for a few hours. I've been waiting and hoping for some of those to pop up on eBay - if someone ends up with a 9 or 10 that doesn't work out for them, please let me know.
I don't know what bad experiences you're talking about, but I'm neither trying to be catty nor pick a fight. It's a silly thing to say, that's all - even saying "I like the way men look in tuxedos" would have been enough of a qualifier, but then we get dragged into this culture war of imaginary, mindless nostalgia and I think it's worth pointing out that it's silly. "Black Tie," whatever it is, is cool enough for SW+D sometimes. I think that, if we had any brains at...
Yes, you're right. There is only one style of tuxedo, one universally accepted definition of "proper black-tie," and there is certainly only one objectively definite way to "look good."
I have this dream that someday you'll disappear, and we'll lament our loss. Inevitably, life will go on, and you'll gradually fade from the forum's immediate memory and be incorporated into the collective heroic subconscious of Streetwear and Denim - until someone finally spots you in an anonymous newspaper clipping from the South Pole, standing atop a derelict ship locked in pancake ice, the cloud-cap'd peaks of the Transantarctic range in the background.
I'd say you're sort of an ideal candidate for a suede trucker jacket, actually.
What do you mean excessively long? Most are cut so that you can tuck them into your trousers
I have always liked that brand based solely on linguistic admiration.
i think i'm going to paint my margiela cowboy boots white
I had my first pimms cup tonight, complete with fruit and lemonade. What a delicious beverage.
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