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I'd wager that he's shorter and slimmer and buffer than I am, but that he took a smaller size.RFX, I mean the sweater/top
SZ b+s. Pretty sure they're still for sale on forwardforward though.Thanks for all the compliments, gaiz. KG's looks slimmer than mine is; I wonder how he sized it.
What can I say? I excel at all things Internet.
Bryanayrb Original WAYWT post here What this looks like: “Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Ooh!” “A witch?” You’re not doing a very good job at keeping the disbelief out of your voice. The man across from you is, however, enthusiastic. “Yes, that’s right,” he says, leaning over the desk across from you, “a witch.” “Like, with a broom. And warts.” “Well, I don’t have any warts.” True, he doesn’t look particularly warty. He did, however, bring the broom with him, and has...
you should submit
Having met the man, he's less "John Paul" than he is "Dieselpunk Desert Wastrel Clinging To Sanity Before The Impending Darkness." Plokhov might be too clean for him, too.
Man, Regis, you need to wear those with something like this!
Rainy today. Same top that KG is wearing in his latest. Picked this up over the summer but it's been far too hot to wear, as it's a heavy, thick, impressively warm cotton. I tried to show some of the details because you can't see much in the large photo, but couldn't get a great picture. Both the pants and the sweater have some very nice detailing and seam-work, and despite that the materials are very plush and cozy, which is almost all I care about these days. Under a...
You forgot unicorns.
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