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Whoa, I actually really like that. The pant/shoe combo especially,I think.
I love love love your dogs. Are they high-energy pains-in-the-ass like shibas?
That's exactly the kind of thing a weird, giant-handed Canadian would say.
Jet, robe is secret missoni special secret Cole, I'm sure you've posted this before, but what are the jeans? The lap fades look nice. Can't see anything in your pictures, though - if you're going to bother, how about taking some in real light? Who, AFL, dogs - excellent.
I have a great idea: Let's NOT do this again. Look, here is a picture of my adorable dog, and the greatest outfit I never posted in WAYWT:
Did I ever tell you guys the potentially true story of Tom Cruise, horse whisperer? I know a guy whose father did all/a lot of the set design (is that what you call it?) for Valkyrie, and apparently Tom Cruise is actually a real-live alien. I haven't seen the movie, but he said that at one point a stallion went nuts and Tom walked over and started speaking softly to it, calming it down and stroking its head, until it let the trainers lead it away. Later, he apparently...
I would guess that influence/d is hard to separate. You could watch Diva (1981), one of the most stylish films of all time, along with La Haine, or the Fifth Element (JpG did the costumes). Most everything that's cinema du look. Or, like P4 said, a whole lot of Japanese gangster movies that I know nothing about.
influence on? or are just stylish?
Regis, that is an excellent fit.
Oh man, Siamese Dream was a formative experience for me. Cherub Rock is still one of my all-time favorites.
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