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God. Whenever anyone says shisha I have the weirdest flashbacks
Those jeans are much better uncuffed! say no to the cuff. And yes to solid shirts.
Those are cool. I like the shape of the toe a lot.
From where?
I don't need special. I need warm - filling up car at wintry gas station, walking dogs before it's light out, shoveling snow, fetching coffee, etc. - that kind of thing.
Thank you! The colors are: Cream jacket, white shirt, white square, navy blue cotton trousers, grey/green canvas-over-leather boots. For me, exceedingly formal.
I was encouraged to post this here, and I guess I will, especially considering the contest thread discussion. All very streetwear-darling brands - Boglioli, Martin Margiela. Have fun.
One thing I've noticed about this, and other, CM takes on SW+D - and I don't think I can really articulate this properly, so bear with me - is that people seem to have this idea that to do SW+D well, all you need is "flair." For a lot of people (especially the style-not-fashion folks), that's the knee-jerk to anything outside the norm, but more particularly there seems to be an idea that to succeed at whatever it is we're judging you need to put on some serious pieces of...
Show 'em how it's done, boss!So, I just bought that exact same cardigan partially because you seem to like yours a lot (I mean, so does everyone apparently). I wanted one last year, then opted for an Inverallan because I love shawl collars - sized that wrong, though, so now I have another navy cardigan being sent to me. Hopefully I like it. I just want everything to be cozy.Nice fit, by the way - I think you should look into some more RRL stuff, actually. And maybe try...
I wear them pretty regularly. 3-5 days a week in summer (not all day), at least once a week in the autumn. Nothing in the winter, because, well, that would be stupid. I stopped exercising in them because of precisely what you said above, but they have been perfect for a lot of daily wear and travel. I think they're fun, and I like the way they look (liked them so much it convinced me to buy a pair of frees, actually, but considering every single one of my other pairs of...
New Posts  All Forums: