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I have a Sous Vide Supreme that I received as a gift - so far I really like it, but don't have experience with anything else. I say go for it. 
lol regis that is so sleezy
Great, aside from footwear
This is a good point. If I saw someone running around at night wearing that thing, I would definitely cross the street.
Bro my puppies need that SLP ish
^ I really like the way 5-zips fit on me     Only thing I don't like about the SLP jacket is how the studs look so numerous and heavy that they're pulling down the lapel, like Hedi went apeshit with a bedazzler. Also dunno how you'd pull it up when you're cold. Otherwise looks perfect? If you like it, wear the shit out of it. 
American Crew Fiber is heavier than B&B Sumotec. It also smells worse. And is like half as expensive. So there's that. 
 I like mine roasted over an open fire, ale in hand, while the hounds tussle for bones behind my merry band and me. As night falls we sing songs of the Old Country; of love lost and love found, of the lives and the sorrows we left behind. While the stars whirl above us the camp goes quiet; we are lost in reminiscence or reflection. All men have regrets, but under the loving gaze of the moon it is easy to dream of better tomorrows.
Sadly, no. I do none of those things (0). Well, aside from B&B. RFT: I have a ton of stuff to sell and I can't be fucked to take pictures and measure shit and post listings only to have everything ignored. Ugh. 
Yesterday, went back to my sample of Al Oudh. I still really like it. It smells distressingly natural, like I almost can't tell I'm wearing a fragrance. Not that it doesn't smell; it just smells...right.   It's cold and sunny today, which reminds me that I want to find some more De Bachmakov. But I'm wearing Vetiver Extraordinaire. 
New Posts  All Forums: