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Dunno about pleats but my go-to dress trousers are navy blue (slim) cotton. Wear with white and grey and burgundy and whatever the fuck else you want
Couple weeks ago I got both rain and pulled pork on my suede T1. No rain spots, but I now have a waxed suede cuff on one arm. so edgy. maybe I should barbecue the whole jacket.
wow i really want those primeknits
I stopped reading the books long ago, but if you haven't figured out how things work in GoT yet there's no hope for you.
Drew move to Sweden
Hey everyone! Let me remind you that there is an SF meet-up NEXT WEEK on the 12th in NYC! http://www.styleforum.net/t/395817/streetwear-denim-new-york-meetup-thurs-june-12-gentry-nyc/0_100 It's hard for me to remember who's from New York, but everyone should stop by!
I passed on a pair of these last year and totally regret it
Gallery aesthete, wherever that is
@Gentry NYC guys? Any chance of getting a tv in there? The people want answers.
Trying Ormonde Jayne Ta'if today. Wow. Wowee wow. L'inc, I seem to have success with your recommendations. I don't know enough fancy words to describe this successfully, but damn it smells really good.
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