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flight jacket and cargos, please
hahaha the last two are great
How do I go as you?
Stitchy I dunno if I'm just imagining things or not, but I feel like you've improved in the last year. But maybe you're just wearing the same clothes and the camera angle is better? Either way, your last couple submissions have been excellent
There was a yohji era benesyed? What era are we on now?
In my defense, I did go almost five days without wearing this jacket.
For those of us who were wondering about LN-CC: http://www.businessoffashion.com/2014/02/bof-exclusive-level-group-buys-ln-cc-administration.html
That's great, stitchy. That color is so good on you.
Akog is really cool. Their fabrics are nice from what I saw, too. Yasar also a cool dude.
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