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Big thanks to Greg (and to David for sizing) for the coat (and to Kyle I'm sure, for whatever it is he does). Saw a traditional bright orange overcoat (and vest, IIRC) at Liverano with David back in January, and decided I loved the fabric. Ten months later, lo and behold, NMWA had a SB camel sample left in a 52. Too hot to wear it (excuse the matchy-matchy boots), but I thought I'd share because there are still a few of these left in stock and they strike me as a crazy...
cloak/margiela/l'artisan voleur de roses [[SPOILER]]
^edited. It's one of the L.B.M. 1911 Casentino coats from NMWA. I'd been considering one since last year and then put it out of my mind after spring came, and they happened to have a SB sample left in my size in the camel color I liked. It's pretty awesome - hopefully I will be able to wear it without looking like I attend Pitti every other day.
Thanks to @Regisdb9 for boot sizing advice and to @gdl203 for one hell of a coat (LBM1911 distressed Casentino coat, Margiela Argentinian side zips and jeans).
 mind explodes. that use over time graph!
Had a chance to sniff a handful of TF fragrances yesterday. Patchouli absolu, Fleur de Chine, plum Japonais, Cafe rose, and a couple others. Granted I was kind of in a hurry (awkward counter, impatient SO), but I can't say I loved any. I dug plum japonais, and maybe fleur de chine, but not so much that I felt like I needed to find a decant. Cafe rose, which I had wanted to try, smelled really...flat. Again, I was in a rush, so who knows. But I'm starting to think that all...
omg yes perfect
This has suddenly turned into an interesting choice. I'd say everyone is a winner. 
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