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oh my god the unicorns are back   I remember telling David - I think at January's Pitti (yeah we're special like that) - that the only pocket square I have ever cared about was a Drake's unicorn square, but that I had never bought one and still felt the pain of its absence. He told me that "he had two," or something equally useless. Dick. 
god damnit rais that is so fucking cool it makes me want to cry
huh my ultra-secret internet-illuminati  chatgroup just shared that the other day. do want. techccp
wow I have a poster of farmer festus and mercury somewhere
Yeah, image searched after guessing. Parker could for sure wear it, maybe some of the people who do the schneider-thing?
Just as a note, I think that if we want these to be routine/keep generating interest/turnover, it's better to limit them to 1-2 weeks. 
For whatever reason, I guess Kenzo, but apparently it is [[SPOILER]] Pretty
today is a good day
keep. I always like it. The only thing it doesn't jive with sometimes is your artisan footwear. I like it with a tee - even thought about trying to hunt one down.
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