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I desperately need @nicelynice's cropped *Kolor trousers
Hi, What size are you in band of outsiders? It's possible the photo could be tailored to fit like jcrew
So help me I desperately want all the blamain jackets
This is one of the more fascinating things I've read on this forum in a while
Does anyone have an idea where I could find some relatively light, 50/52 slim cotton trousers in a grey-ish color? Have to go to a wedding, refuse to spend much, and yoox is failing me.
they were on Slam Jam Socialism (from whom I've never purchased before, but Fok seemed confident about them) for 80$ plus shipping. I think my size (UK11, I hope) was all that was left. There might be some more in the cement/burgundy colors.
Seemed destined with another 20% code. Thanks to @Mr. Moo for the spot. Hopefully they fit!
Hate to say it, but it doesn't look like I'm going to make it down today. I'm sure you'll soldier on without me. Take pictures, this time! I failed at that.
A+ would wear
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