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LIKEWISE first stop: breakfast/coffee/tamago sandwich/anmitsu Shibuya at night. 15 year-old me is screaming UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT OF LOVE
Sadly, it was definitely too small - I could stand straight but not really move me arms. Size 3, though - a bigger size probably would work. A little redundant with what I was wearing, though!
What's that? Are you saying you want me to post the video of you singing Nightwish at karaoke?
I think we did well on food today. Our first stop this morning/brunchtime was a Japanese restaurant in...Jiyugaoka? It was phenomenally good, and Alex got a kick out of the fact that I don't fit in/on/around any of the tables. I haven't been able to sit cross-legged since I was maybe 6 years old, and I definitely can't fit my legs UNDER the tables, since they're all of about 9 inches off the ground. So...breakfast and a show! Then it was time for dessert, so we went...
Yes, it is. I love it. The coat that pope is wearing is a 1950's french chore coat he found while vintage shopping today - it is 99% the exact same coat, with the exception of the raglan sleeve on the blue blue piece. I'll let him talk about it/post photos, but it is SO COOL.
Not a chance. We ate most of the entire ocean tonight. I'll wait for nicelynice to post pictures, since all the ones I took are on Instagram already.
omg your wife is so cute
Apparently, breakfast is not really a thing here unless you cook it. So sayeth the nicelynice, at least. But that right there was delicious so who cares.
Yeah, I have considered it before, but I do not have the stitching skills - or the fabric. YET tomorrow/saturday is fabric/vintage/milsurp shopping day in tokyo!
Thanks guys. Last Christmas, I bought her the piece of light blue aizome-dyed cotton on the bottom of the sleeve in the rosenrot picture. That scrap was about 100 years old, but I told her to use it for whatever she wanted. Somehow she got really immediately into indigo fabrics and sashiko stitching (she's a pretty incredible multi-medium artist, and was originally going to make a wall hanging out of it), but I have no idea how she decided she was going to start collecting...
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