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 The inimitable Momthese enjoys stitching - I have no talent in the department.  These were bleached in...2010? I guess it this point I don't really remember how much they lightened, but all of the contrast/whiskering/honeycombing was there already. I'd just keep wearing them. 
 Seems like black or blue is an easy answer? 
APC petit standard, 6 years old, innumerable washes and repairs:  
Electric blue much more likely to result in Promise Kiss than navy
El Patrón admits that he does occasionally favor espadrilles, but only when at coffee or while being driven to and from the playa. 
You have a white horse too, right?
  El Patrón does not wear sneakers. El Patrón wears only boots, or he wades barefoot in the surf. 
I just assumed Fok got sick of reading my posts about Han Solo
Can I be this instead of Young Anakin?
Today, on StyleForvm: Synthese Goes Outside His Comfort Zone, Is Unsure What to Think  [[SPOILER]]
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