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wow. well       ok
The key is to convince them that you're a friend, then shoot them in the back. No running required.
Do I get a percentage?
Fits better oversized, bruh.  cop away.
 Everything but the boots  why the boots why
Yuh, colors. And I don't care about brand synergy, but wearing the sharp mmm trews + slp boots and a....black fleece blue oxford (i assume?) doesn't make any sense to me (in terms of how it looks). I'd go white for sure. Echoing Dlester on the beige vans - stacking some darker (still blue) denim on top a pair of regular white slip ons would look sweet.  the final caveat is that i generally think "quirky collared shirts" are stupid, so while I don't like either variant,...
Really not liking colors in either of those, 3c. Again, I'd try simpler. 
This is styleforum. Cop anyway.
I really like the jacke with the jeans and scarf. I wish the boots were, yes, more cow boyish. And lighter. And suede.
 Just up the page a bit  http://www.styleforum.net/t/454301/proposal-stage-2-weeks-viberg-for-styleforum-preorders-round1-2015/200_100#post_7715312
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