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Great stuff, both of you! Soloist is so good on you, Lorcan. And I almost bought a Snusmumriken bag a couple weeks ago, just because of the name.   Anyway, here's my best of:   I don't think my style's changed much. Always a roguish-space-captain-with-a-heart-of-gold concept. I try to avoid doing all black and getting too fashion-futuristic, just because I don't always love the way it feels, which means playing with a bunch of brands. That's more fun for me anyway. Not...
Keep posting plz
Today I am trying Al Oudh. I like it. It smells like...very pleasant body odor.
Plugging this here:     Pitti 87 starts...Tuesday? Our starter thread (like an estes rocket starter kit) is here:  http://www.styleforum.net/t/446303/pitti-uomo-87-the-sprezzening/0_100#post_7593009   We (Me, David, Fok, and Gracia) will be flooding the forum with updates for the next week. Deal with it.   Follow us on Instagram:   Styleforum (Official page) Child_of_Scorn (Synthpage) TheRosenrot (Graciagram) http://ivorytowerstyle.com/ (@unbelragazzo's...
Don't we have any inspiration threads? We must.    edit: there's this   http://www.styleforum.net/t/243095/official-best-of-waywt-favorite-fits/
Breaking news: I am wearing a pair of slim and faded APC jeans in the first time since forever, and I think they look fucking awesome.
 1) There's really no reason to "see" everything. If you're into the CM stuff, you can wander around the central pavilion where all of it is located (and maybe duck into the hall with Camoshita and Heschung), walk past all the big booths and see if you can snag some snack material, stop at whatever catches your eye, and spend most of your time drinking coffee and watching the seen in the courtyard. If I were going to do tourist-style, that's what I'd do. 2) It depends. If...
nice boots but not with the rest plz   faded blue denimz would be cool
Yep, here are some more:  http://www.papermag.com/2013/01/fashion_designers_as_costumers_1.php
 what the fuck is this supposed to mean
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