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Serious question: do you age?
Soooo....how come there are no pictures of me?
[/quote] Camoshita doing one for SS15 with a BD collar. @unbelragazzo and I talked to him for an hour today. Super cool interview.
INTERLUDE I am not sure that Tuesday’s dinner, which was a relatively staid affair with David and Greg, is really worth describing. There were no real shenanigans; no wanton drunkenness, and, since Patrik isn’t here, no towering, uncontrollable vikings. I will say that I feel that my stacks are an act of rebellion. So is being lost. I’m supposed to be meeting David outside the Tie Your Tie (I maintain that this is a terrible name for a brand, but apparently they do...
I'm so tired. I didn't even get anything done today. Don't tell Fok.
There's a certain level of self-awareness that is absolutely requiredWooster is a nice guy. Easy to talk to, and much more open than I had anticipated.
@unbelragazzo and I just interviewed him and I told him the same thing. More politely, of course.
what the fuck kind of food are you eating
I will be there at 8:30 AM sharp to hear all about it.
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