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huh, seller responded, said exactly this. there's egg on my face? So, disregard my proof of counterfeiting. On the other hand I still didn't wind up with the boots I purchased In any case, thanks for the info, Krish!
Yep, already sent. Either way a total bummer as a break in the no-cop streak.
Nor have I ever seen any that are unlined, or with messy stitching like that - or without a padded footbed inside. Well, also, the proportions, which I didn't really take a picture of, are comical. The shape of the shaft is totally different. Again, even if they're, I don't know, authentic samples or authentic mistakes, they're not what was posted in the listing, so yeah.
I'm happy to be proven wrong (sort of), but based on the materials alone they're pretty damn different. Regardless, they are completely different from the listing photos, which show boots identical to the grey ones except in brown - that's enough for my purposes; buyer didn't sell me what was pictured in the listing. Weirdly, the photo they included off the soles is of the boots they sent, and even the color of the leather is different: See the size of the stitch on...
^Picture is not what I received, sadly First of all, the proportions are comical. The leather is unlined, the stitching is crap, the toe cap and heel counter are laughably crumple-able, there's no white stitch on the back of the boot, there's no brand or size stamp on the sole, there's no interior brand stamp but there is instead a fabric patch (with numerals, not saying margiela) with the number "10" circled (wrong), the footbed is unlined and, again, laughably poor...
Wool gabardine - tried it on in NYC and it seemed to fit TTS; hopefully I have better luck than with these boots.
MISMO BAGS AT PITTI UOMO 85 AND 86: EMBRACE YOUR INNER DANE Words and pictures by Jasper L Over the last year, I’ve found that it’s even more difficult to write about accessories in a meaningful way than it is to discuss clothing. Often, how items such as bags feel in your hands is the most important feature, and if you’re shopping on the internet, its knowledge you won’t have until you’ve made a purchase. I’ve seen more bags than I can remember that look great but...
Yeah so these came and are fake. Yay! Let the fun begin.
They're not really cut that way, ime - loose in the thighs and the top, tapered (or not) from knee down. But yes, it's more or less a moot point, because I barely fit into any Julius and I think I'm a few sizes smaller than you. Still, think of it as a moodboard. Make it work. Etc.
julius combat boots julius cargos for that orbital drop grindcore dad swag
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