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I sitll want the whole suit! If anyone has the 52 in everything, HOLLA
Rais you're the MAN. No idea what I will do but I will do SOMETHING. How many post-apocalyptic wastrels do we have on this site anyway? Sources say: many.
*16 layers of arcteryx, a backpack, and a shovel*
Sorry guys, I don't have a perfect memory about how these individual pieces would fit - we shot at least 20, and all of them were just "too small."  I do remember that the "Manual" jacket is a killer piece, though - if you're looking for minimalist knitwear that's, you know, warm; that's a super cool piece. Lined and stuff, with pockets. Human sweater is obv. dope, but the other one I thought was weirdly good was the hooded bubble jacket - not a very stunning picture in...
holy fuck
that's 100% awesome, and a way better answer than i would give
Petition to change nahneun's title to "Dirty Ajusshi"
There is a place for customs/import questions:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/328145/official-customs-duties-and-international-shipping-questions-and-stories-thread/0_100
have you looked at margiela/balenciaga?
Thanks, guys - @dieworkwear I like those OL's. Hm. Maybe I'll start with the budget play and see if I can stitch (ha!) something together. 
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