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i feel like i've never truly appreciated how dope-as-fuck EG is before 2 hours ago
Best present ever. 
Pff. Obviously you guys have no idea of the power of the 3-wolf-moon.
Well, I hope you're healing up. On the plus side, the jacket looks great on you. 
...are you the same knucks? Did you lose 50% of your total mass? Jacket looks great!  just, uh, sayin'
I'm still shocked whenever I see that a poster is from Colorado. Get out of my state, we only wear crocs here!
What sort of style? Suitsupply makes a chambray or washed denim shirt (other styles available) that looks quite nice under a jacket. Otherwise check hollywood ranch market.
Fuck i want that
It's that time again. We've got a special issue of the Styleforum Brief coming your way next week, so make sure you sign up. Oh, and if you like Star Wars - well, stay tuned.  
Needless to say, that @ChetB look is great.
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