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Yep, that's accurate. Not really one size small, just...narrow shoulders. I have an XL that fits XL (a tee) and an L that I gave to my mom because it fit an...L. But my understanding is that sizes can vary a lot. If chest and shoulders seems small, they probably are. IMO, the outwerwear is the standout. Not nevessarily the shirts. Depending, of course.
This is such a no-brainer. My dad has a George Costanza wallet, and has been complaining about the size of the stupid thing for some time - to the point of asking me where to find an alternative. He just wants a wallet he can use as a daily; for a few cards and some cash if it's needed. Simple stuff. No insurance, car insurance, Petco cards, Petco insurance; whatever the hell it its. The last time I saw him, he had a goddamn TUMI card-case open on his computer....
 How long will you be here? The beer is OK/pretty good, as is the food. I imagine that between me and @Noctone we can find you some decent recommendations depending on where you're staying. Cocktail/club scene is unbearable, but since you want beer that's much more pleasant. I happen to like the Botanic gardens, and the art museum is worth checking before you arrive just in case. If you want a nice day trip I would drive up to Indian Peaks wilderness and hike to Lake...
Does she realize what she is?
I love how (s)he's peeking out in the first picture too.
I have no comments about edginess, but everything is so skinny it hurts me to look 
Describe what you mean by techwear and real pockets - I have yet to find a short that you describe that DOES have real pockets. But trye Nike and uniqlo - I have a pair of short-inseam cargo shorts I got there last year.
Sites don't really matter - the rule is that the only listings you can post (of your own product) have to be SF-hosted. And you still can't spam them. Very much a fine line, play-by-play kinda thing. 
ok yeah i want that
New Posts  All Forums: