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Am I the only person who couldn't give two shits about the leather or fabric code of any item that has ever been posted here?
Pff. I hear he's one of those dorks who tries to dress like Seal. 
I swear to everything that I am not the robot.
It's nuit, so Rose de Nuit. I really dislike this. 
  I was at Guya last time we were there, and neither @Rosenrot nor I were impressed - actually, they had a pair of tabis she almost bought, so maybe better for wimminz. PN/P is by far the coolest. Otherwise, I think some of the tailoring shops are very cool, but if you're not interested then you're not interested. I say enjoy Florence and don't bother with fashion. Just eat. 
Flight jacket. I'm going to start patching the (ripping) lining of my cotton Cloak jacket with antique fabrics, I think. Anyway, make sure you take pictures whenever you do it. 
every single time I check this thread, I swear I'll never read it again. Every single time. And I can't do it, so I click, and every single time I do, this thread has hit a new low. 
Hey Dudes,   If you've been following Styleforum's instagram account (@ Styleforum), you probably noticed that @nicelynice has been running things for a while from Tokyo. It's time to switch it up - this week, we're heading to Africa, where the incredibly cool @Ivwri ( follow @ ivwri) will be taking over from Lagos, Nigeria. For those that don't know him, Ivwri is one of Styleforum's resident Yohji Yamamoto enthusiasts, a writer of comic books, a coffee and film buff,...
How bout some sky blue nike blazers?
 Man, I have had dreams about styling that jacket. Looks cool like this for sure, in a pleasantly 05/06 kinda way, but there's so much cool shit you could do with it. High collar shirt w/ silk scarf, looser trousers, boot tucks...fuck you.
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