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@Gentry NYC guys? Any chance of getting a tv in there? The people want answers.
Trying Ormonde Jayne Ta'if today. Wow. Wowee wow. L'inc, I seem to have success with your recommendations. I don't know enough fancy words to describe this successfully, but damn it smells really good.
Don't forget to subscribe to the tagged page for all continuing coverage: www.styleforum.net/tag/pitti86/threads STREETWEAR AND DENIM DOES PITTI UOMO 86: THERE WILL BE BLOOD You'd be forgiven for thinking that Pitti just happened. Because it did. Like, six months ago. Five, maybe? I'm still recovering. Have you ever been to Europe in June? Continental Europe, I mean. Italy, specifically. It's not easy to put air conditioning into a building that that was built when...
Fuck yes Regis. Dunno why I like that so much. I'd wear it tho
STEVE MONO AT PITTI UOMO 85: MADE FOR LIVING Words and pictures by Jasper L “Steve Mono is kind of like my alter ego,” is the first thing that Gonzalo Fonseca, the founder and designer, says to me; and for the rest of our interview all that I can think about is The Importance of Being Earnest. His company - Steve Mono - makes leather goods that are perfect for weekends, day-trips, and quick getaways: if there were ever a company tailor-made for the casual Bunburyist,...
Was gonna add tha shoes seemed too dressy for jeans and for jacket
Sag jeans untuck shirt trade for tee and uncuff jeans Are you wearing lace up shoes?
Of course. Everyone is welcome!
Man, I was waiting for you to make the goat noises
I accept all bills larger than 5$Are you in the city? Man you better wear those Jil boots
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