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They look perfect with the jeans + blazer (...harnden stripe?)   Ok, boot question: Thinking about a new boot for the winter. I am not into the heavily distressed/folded stuff, and want something less sock-like than guidi. Brown, or a variant thereof. I was really impressed by the Guidi + Rosellini stuff (especially the Pecos + 1918 boot), and like the blunted/rounded toe shape. MMoria is obviously out of the question. Paying 1k+ for a pair of shoes just doesn't fit into...
i dunno man i think i was too used to strapping footie boots on as tight as possible
Next time you're at Honor Gathering, tell me if they have that coat!
I haven't checked the thread in a while, but are there plans for more LBM (or others) Casentino? My father, of all people, is incredibly jealous of my coat.
Used is probably your best option, especially if you're looking at the styles in this thread. Vintage jackets are their own, cool thing - if you're set on new, it's better to save up for something you really want.
Don't get me wrong, it's still cool stuff - but it's not the heavy sashiko fabric that Fok and I and @soqueriaterum have talked about. Speaking of, I owe him an email. But the BBJ/Okura hunting jacket, which they do every season, is fantastic. 
The former is by "Gaijin Made," and is a different fabric from the Okura sashiko jackets/coats. If it's what I'm thinking of, it has a little bit of stretch in it and is slightly thinner. 
Speaking of leather things, I had the chance to try on a couple cool jackets last week in L.A. with @StanleyVanBuren. One was a great LL horsehide moto that I sadly don't have a picture of, but I do have a picture of this other HH moto jacket by The Flathead we found at Self Edge LA:         edit: I guess it's this one
New Posts  All Forums: