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 Man, I have had dreams about styling that jacket. Looks cool like this for sure, in a pleasantly 05/06 kinda way, but there's so much cool shit you could do with it. High collar shirt w/ silk scarf, looser trousers, boot tucks...fuck you.
 These are perhaps the best miran sentences of all time.  of all time.
bath towel, son. Could do a  tack pin if it's over the shoulders, but it's not really necessary All I know is Africa, ~50's. I, too, learned a new thing today.
It's just a really big indigo-dyed shawl - works as a scarf, shawl, or wrap. Pretty cool. Pretty useful for chilly mornings, too.  Thanks! Trousers are worker jeans from the gap - although a gap buyer told me that they're not allowed to call them "worker jeans" because of sex-trade connotations in Japan?
    same stuff
adding to the landscapes. about as bold as I can do by tomorrow, I think:    
For that price? Yeah
Why? Buttero's a solid company that makes a solid and attractive product. I see no reason for shame.
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