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^ those look much nicer than the pair I ordered (and returned). 
Ok, just to make this a little more interesting, I'll throw in another short story for the winner.  SUBMIT.
not loving the tiny boots with everything but the cloak collection is A+
Congrats! Excited to have you.
Each of those By Walid pieces is made from a bolt of reclaimed antique fabric (from various sources - I think most are bought at auction). In many cases, they only have enough for one or maybe two jackets. I love the stuff. It's probably more a case of what By Walid sent them (i.e. only a few jackets in each size, made from various pieces of silk), rather than a shop error or the wrong pictures, if that makes sense. Of course, if it bothers you, it's worth inquiring, but...
 This struck a chord with me - it's something I keep thinking about, and again I think it's probably due to the oversaturation of the aging-white-male-wannabe-cowboy look that's pretty prevalent here; meaning stovepipes and black cowboy boots. I almost bought a pair of ridiculous boots a month ago because I couldn't get the image out of my head, and if I somehow do ever end up with a pair of black Poell tornado boots (unlikely), the first thing I'd reach for would be pale...
please post in waywt (0)
Really fantastic job, you guys. I hope this can be a...quarterly thing?
I'll respond to your filthy callout post: usually, I prefer to keep all my belongings in my pockets, which is why everything I own has a lot of pockets. They're usually stuffed all the time. Hopefully it's fashionable to have weird bulges everywhere. Sometimes, when you need to bring things around that won't fit in your pockets, you need a bag.
Evening waywdit (what are you walking dogs in today)   Hat Monitaly x SF Arcteryx La Sportiva O'Dell 90 Shilling
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