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Yeah, mine is an old Jil Sander commando - looks just like any other commando - and I like how the boxy top looks with a slimmer bottom, especially if (message to OP) you wear a white tee that reaches a bit below the sweater, say to the bottom of your fly. Breaks up the proportions nicely. Actually, now that I'm thinking it, I'd also suggest a pair of slim grey cargos and a chukka in your choice of color, both for the weekend or tucked with a white shirt.
Just to add one more voice, I'd suggest a pair of faded (not dadwash faded) slimmish denim and a sleek boot in grey, lead or black for weekend. I have a chunky black knit that I wear like that and think it looks good.
CONCEPT KOREA AT PITTI UOMO 86 Words and pictures by Jasper L The South Koreans had their own pavilion at this summer’s trade-show, and although a couple of designers spilled into the main concourse, the guest designers were largely concentrated into a space that was maybe a thousand feet square. I visited on the last day, and was the only person inside save the sales reps. They didn’t seem particularly happy to have me there, and I felt more than a little awkward...
Hey guys, Sorry to space out on you, but I dropped the jacket off yesterday, so you'll have to wait for Thurston to get back with measurement details (and that front pic; really sorry about that one).
last one needs to be memed
watch macross frontier. read (!!!!) and watch sidonia no kishi. gundam unicorn is good too. I never finished Planetes, but you could try that/anime
cannot unsee
That's exactly the face I make when I wear it
I have this and it is boss.http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/82217?feat=907-GN1&page=franconia-hoodiesometimes I wear a thermal under it and then I am the king of cozyland. I'm wearing it right now, in fact.
Sure. If there are other photos that people want to see, let me know and I can probably take a few more.
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