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I haven't recently, but I own an older jacket and have seen it at Pitti and retailers over the last few seasons. It's sort of like a Last Conspiracy of clothing, if that makes sense - definitely a bit derivative, fixated on providing a product to a specific consumer segment, but some of the clothes might be cool. It's a fairly old Italian brand, all things considered, but the designer has directed it progressively more towards what that piece you've linked looks like (Fok...
@dieworkwear   Shockingly, I'll recommend a couple BBJ pieces. Not quite that turquoise-y shade, but lovely indigo nonetheless:   http://www.hrm-eshop.com/ja-jp/p/product/700052601/50     http://www.hrm-eshop.com/ja-jp/p/product/700052598/99     Or you could buy a white shirt, buy woad or indigo, and have some fun?
Unsurprisingly, the Pitti tags on Instagram are already cringe-inducing - although I do wonder how these people find the energy year after year. Looking forward to your shots, and to the pictures of the show!
Was playing as Pharah today, and Ran into a legit Mercy. Went 46-4 in one match. Feels good man. This game is amazing. Rise of Iron reveal had me like "nope, going back to Overwatch."
Xbone, and it's what you'd expect. My only option, though. It's tough. Even makes me consider an adaptor (gasp!).   Mostly Torbjorn's, which seem to do way more damage from any range than is reasonable - especially since I'm mostly playing Pharah and still getting wrecked.     I don't have many people to play with and this whole game so far is basically:      Especially when playing Mercy...
I haven't played a shooter other than destiny in forever, and I am really struggling to adjust. I didn't play the beta at all, and after 2 days playing Overwatch I have only two complaints:   the FUCKING turrets. what the fuck. Infinite range and insta-kill with actual armor too?    Mercy's sprint speed. Her boost is slow enough, but the fact that reaper can chase her down/she can't get to squishies quickly is seriously lame.
I used to scrim/etc (never true competition) back in the days of T1 (the only game I have ever been legit godlike at), but didn't have a computer that could run T2 until it was 2late. The rest of the series was a disaster, even if I tried to back Ascend without being able to play it.  Is Midair made by the same group, or is it basically a fanbuild of T2? Poor T2. So ahead of its time. And I'm still looking for the amazing "Heavy Love" song, if you ever heard that. So far,...
Didn't pick up Mirror's Edge, and now reviews are making me wonder if I ever will. I was pretty excited about it, but if I'm getting bored just reading the reviews I wonder if I'll have any love for the game at all. The criticisms of the story leave me particularly cold, and if exploring the city is as painful as ars technica has suggested I'm not sure it's worth it.   I did, however, just buy Overwatch; purely to play Pharah and try to relive the glory days of...
What's up with dudes wearing windsors/half windsors? See it everywhere, always tied too short. Is that like what GQ says is fancier?
Yep, that's accurate. Not really one size small, just...narrow shoulders. I have an XL that fits XL (a tee) and an L that I gave to my mom because it fit an...L. But my understanding is that sizes can vary a lot. If chest and shoulders seems small, they probably are. IMO, the outwerwear is the standout. Not nevessarily the shirts. Depending, of course.
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