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lol. Me too. That's the exact same material, just done in a coat - loved the fading on his.
or MMM velcro high vs. Blue Blue Japan sashiko coat
hot damn keep it comin
Miran, if you put all this energy into writing "dark" supermarket erotica for bored housewives you'd be a goddam millionaire by now.
THREE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-SIX HOURS AGOGhostface wakes at 5:45 AM, fifteen minutes before the alarm. Thinks about turning over. The noise from the city is too loud.Gets out of bed. Pulls aside the single blackout curtain, squints at the gray smear of dawn over buildings.Pees, yellow. Brushes his teeth. Makes a single cup of coffee in the kitchen of the pre-fab studio apartment, brings it to the open laptop on his desk. Stretches black headphones over shaved head, still...
and yet the only photos you've shared are of black blazers and jeans. come on. that looks radical cowabunga dude
Yes but I hope you know it doesn't count as your contribution Other pictures I have taken of people looking cool in long coats:
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