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shearling/fur lining will be good/not sweaty
Florida Man Crushes Instagram With Dope Margiela Hashtags
 IIRC, the anthony tux is just a re-purposed Anthony suit - your mileage may vary - and at 2500, it's pretty steep. Also, doesn't it have dual vents? Unless you can find one one on eBay for 600, which happens, I'd suggest at least giving one of the suit supply versions a shot if you're able (on their website they have a number of different styles). Their styled photos are almost universally shot with clothes at least 1 size too small, which makes things look strange (and...
I wish. No, I have no beard. Maybe I'll try to grow one in 15 years.
holy shit a legend returns
Agree. A beige/taupe/cream would look really nice, I think.
 Any more thoughts on the Nappi boots? From what I've seen, they look great, and I like the (at this point) traditional workboot shape. 
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