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@nicelynice and I had what I'd happily call a great day today, and I imagine I should share some of the photos we took. We'll cover more of this later in dedicated articles, but this should give you a taste of what to expect.   First thing we did was head to Cafeé Kitsuneé, which is indeed affiliated with the clothing store, to grab a drink. Alex was fresh off an overnight train, so his presence - not to mention ability to act as a translator - was pretty damn...
It did not take long for the bun to disappear. 
Fwiw I was okay - it's inside, without ac, that it's hot - but pope is a robot so I don't think he cares.
I hope you guys are following the @styleforum instagram account, because a lot more pictures are ending up there. Here's the one clothing shot we managed to take yesterday, though:     @spacepope in MA+ and Carpe, myself in Blue Blue and Rick
Well, it turns out there's not much to say here - the gods of aviation smiled upon me yesterday, and I arrived in Tokyo without issue. Except for the NEX to Shibuya, when they separated the cars in the opposite manner than they announced and sent me on to Shinagawa. Thankfully, there was a man from BOULDER FUCKING COLORADO on board, and he offered to help me find me way. And no, it wasn't @spacepope, who I met for shabu-shabu later - along with @Rosenrot and a couple of...
I think they would go perfectly with shorts and tube socks
I am really not into that LEB jacket but the flash might not be helping. Looks too big and bulky in all the wrong spaces, particularly given all that clever patterning.
I mean, I would get a pair of short MA+ backzips (I think the same as @thatoneguy has), but 1K plus on footwear is really not in the cards right now, let alone whatever m_moria costs. Vans and Nikes seems like an ok idea - I'm not in love with any of the current flyknit iterations or anything, though - which is why I was thinking maybe roshes
I think I once again have to replace all of my footwear. I went through this period where I realized I was absolutely not a us10.5, and started buying everything in 11.5, but now it seems pretty clear that I'm a straight up 12. I have no idea why it has taken me this long to understand what size my feet are. Anyway, now I have a bunch of awesome shoes that I don't want to wear but are too awesome to get rid of. I never cease to amaze myself.    Should I or shouldn't I of...
Plus side is that C4 gets this sweet new avatar:  
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