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yo good looking out. i did the thing with the money and stuff.
@RegisDB9 I love those campus boots and regret selling mine ages ago. They're a little wider than your usual fare, so I'll be interested to see how you wear them.
I can go again this afternoon and write something about it just for you, if you like. Want to join? I'm not sure @g transistor will find anything he loves, though. If it weren't December I'd suggest the Botanic Gardens, which are really very good. Where are you staying?
Clothing-wise, I really like both Blue in Green and 45RPM in SoHo.  Styleforum does these city maps, too:  http://journal.styleforum.net/new-york-city-map/
Greg and Kyle had me try on the motorcycle coat a couple weeks ago. They showed me a lot of great stuff, but that may have been the coolest piece of outerwear I've seen this fall. 
  thanks for the tip on the uniqlo slim selvage, whoever gave it. Sized up, very comfy. 
I need one of those
yeah, what the fuck is that supposed to mean? It better mean fucking coca cola.
I'm wearing sock darts right now, right on my feet (one on each). One time a strap cam unbuckled and I almost had to throw them away.
Sneakers? Try www.greats.com More recs:http://journal.styleforum.net/5-stand-out-takes-on-the-white-court-shoe/http://journal.styleforum.net/5-must-have-fall-sneakers-that-arent-tennis-shoes/
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