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Glad to see I'm not the only person who thought those sneakers were cool
You All Did This (tm)
I just did something with rye and fernet and campari and bitters and a good basque vermouth that doesn't taste as good as it did when I fussed with the same thing using gin, but didn't taste bad either. In fact, it tasted so not bad that I did it a second time. 
Nice. I meant to try for some trout yesterday and didn't get the chance to. Outfit looks güd, too.
OMFG I haven't heard that song in so long
 Saw it two days ago. Aside from Matt Damon being (Surprise!) a miss (oh, Chastain too), I thought they managed to remove all of the charm that made the book so oddly brilliant. Costume design is all-around excellent, though (with the massive exception, I thought, of the NASA staff) - cool to see Janty Yates doing something that looks so relatively normal. Funny thing about Ridley Scott - I thought the cinematagraphy could have been, shot for shot, prometheus. It's really...
Reminder: you have only a few hours left to participate in @willy cheesesteak 's Leather Jacket Challenge!  
Dude. Congrats on the move. Come to our Trunk Show.  100/10 triple noscope backflip rip
you must be stopped
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