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  El Patrón does not wear sneakers. El Patrón wears only boots, or he wades barefoot in the surf. 
I just assumed Fok got sick of reading my posts about Han Solo
Can I be this instead of Young Anakin?
Today, on StyleForvm: Synthese Goes Outside His Comfort Zone, Is Unsure What to Think  [[SPOILER]]
I want to bitch about the black sneakers but I have no reason to. Looks good, and happy birthday!
Damnit Bam sometimes you make me laff despite myself
  It's the Black Spot.
Not an expert, but If you're interested, there have been a few interesting articles about what it meant, I guess, when it meant something - HBA's roots in vogueing (Jezebel), the movement's general link to both late 90's rapper style and, more recently, the (black) lgbtq community (sorry, dont remember references). Then it more or less became someone who wears HBA and/or wants to look like Kanye.Now it doesnt really mean anything as far as I can tell, the way hipster...
I just have like sixty pictures of Parker's and Brad's hair that I keep in a folder titled "NOT PICTURES OF HAIR"   And THIS    
you look weathered and ready and the jacket is a very good shape on you but MAN i do not like those shoes
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