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I'll repeat it with you. I just came in here to physically type out the words "The Scye motorcycle jacket doesn't fit you, even in a 52. You know this: you tried it on." in order to keep myself from trying to buy it anyway.
Just grow out the sides a bit and start combing the hair back - shouldn't take that long. But yeah, maybe not a great look as is.
I was really, really confused until I realized this was about jeans.
@TTO please keep posting here
Some guesses would be CP combats, Peter Nappi boots, Buttero, or guidi + rossellini
Fuck it. Bought another pair. 
Just a reminder that the SW&D contests have re-started. I'll throw in a short story for the winner again, so submit or be destroyed.
^ those look much nicer than the pair I ordered (and returned). 
Ok, just to make this a little more interesting, I'll throw in another short story for the winner.  SUBMIT.
not loving the tiny boots with everything but the cloak collection is A+
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