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I'm meeeeltiiiing!
NN let me know if or when you figure out how to wear a vest and shorts like that without totally failing - I have a similar geller piece and can't figure it out.
Day 4: Homeward Bound “Of all creatures that breathe and move upon the earth, nothing is bred that is weaker than man.” *** No one gets blogged on Friday. Only the lifers are still here; the die hard sprezzatourists. There's a tiredness to the chatting and smoking that I haven seen before today, as if now that people have to do it for real; now that they need the nicotine and the last-minute conversations are important, they don’t want any of it. I can’t blame...
Frankfurt is the worst for connections ime. I never check either - except I've had my bag taken by force twice on this trip.
You'll be happy to know I made my 30minute international connection in Zurich this morning. Also I have spent more than 4 hours in immigration on at least two occasions.
Imagimagine a TJ maxx stuffed full of shit you kinda want. That is the presentation style.
I guess I think it looks a size too small, but I'm not the one wearing it. Cool jacket though, just maybe deserves a little more drama on the bottom too
Looks fine, but If you're gonna wear it like that, maybe a TOJ is better?
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