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NO   tell me where it is
I think it's somewhere near Baltimore
where is that?
where is that?
someone shop it
Bay area dudes: I am going to be in San Francisco Dec. 1-8, and will have some free time if anyone wants to get beer/sake/shoujo manga.
Yeah, that looks sweet. I'd take the sleeves up so you can have long white shirts poking out. I bet it looks cool unbuttoned, too 
 Hold on, where is the  ?
Random B-6 jacket, which he is, as usual, selling. @jet, check @Thurston Bros or http://historypreservation.com/hpassociates/eastmanlanding9_2.php if you're looking for a traditional one. Prices are very reasonable. The b-3 arctic is sick, b-7 for ednumbers 360-noscope swag.
Damn, that is sweet. Give it to me instead of your friend, and then I will be your new friend and we can be merino friends together. 
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