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Peir Wu is one of those designers where I look back at past seasons and think "I should have bought that, and that, and that..."
This seems like one of the deepest/best sales seasons in recent memory but all I can think is that maybe I should get another pair of vans
Oh hey you guys carry 1st-Patrn? Sad to see that Lanza jacket is sold out, have been thinking about tracking one down versus finding an old deadstock bdt
Hey @SpooPoker - I've featured this thread on the homepage carousel, using the image you've shared of Brian. If you, or anyone else, is willing to come up with a better header image I am happy to feature that instead and share it around on SF's instagram/social channels as well. 
 Again, I'm not saying there's a 1:1 correlation, or that there's any kind of correlation whatsoever. But I don't think it's paternalistic to say that gaming culture, maybe 5 times out of 10, still makes me uncomfortable.
@coolron are you using those ultra boosts for running or just for hanging out? I thought about getting some as a running shoe for the summer (I run in energy boost 2's and raven boosts for trail and really love both), but are they so padded you're going to twist an ankle?
I dunno man. I've been thinking about this for a week or so, and this is far from a cohesive thought, but I also grew up playing video games (and obviously still do, including plenty of shooters) and lamenting the "grown-ups" lack of understanding of why they wouldn't turn people violent. But I feel like I've reached an age where I look at the way games are presented and which games get made - including this year at e3 - and almost everything is so cringe-inducingly,...
Somehow, @baltimoron is selling last season's Nonnative x Officine boots for 275$. That's an insane deal. Seriously, what the actual fuck. @LA Guy just buy them if someone else doesn't.    http://www.styleforum.net/t/524910/nonnative-rancher-side-zip-boots-taupe-suede-43/0_100
275 for these are you fucking kidding me @razl take note man
just came here to post that. That dude looks pretty rad. I have also had the pleasure of seeing @Mr. Claymore in person on a few occasions, and usually think he looks very cool too. 
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