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Send that to me
Spring drops! 10% off of everything!
That seems to me probably the most valid reasoning you could have. So, win.
This week, I asked all the participants the same question - a pretty vague one: What were you wearing five years ago? Two years ago? Last week? What changed? What draws you to the designers you’re wearing? They were, surprisingly, almost coherent. Ghostface Original WAYWT post here What this looks like: A guy who probably is A-OK with snakes “Wait, Egypt?” “Yeah, for a few years. Dealing art, mostly. Some other things on the side.” Your friend sweeps a hand over...
Change you reservations and melt into a florentine puddle with me in June
Do we have a best and worst (purchases) of 2013 thread?
don't even know what this is but someone should buy http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/jimu/item/052137-q/?s-id=borderless_browsehist_02_en
Stanley get white Mids. Black CP's look like grandpa ortho shoes
Stanley you have such a perfect build/vibe for Margiela, I wish you'd go in that direction a little more.
Did they have a navy job? Black linen strikes me as a weird combo, but what do I know. Wear with stacks and painted hmmmm boots, obviously. Fuck your formality, Man! We don't need no education!
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