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Sadly, I'm with gtran on this one - concept is awesome but none of the models look particularly appealing. Something about how flimsy the backing fabric looks, maybe? Anyway, I took a peek after your last post about them (wherever that was?), and in addition to maybe not loving the execution, I'm also not in love with most of the quilts/fabrics they've chosen.   Have you seen Kuon? Not American quilting, but the stuff is wild(ly cool).  
To be extra fair, I am pretty sure the magazine sold out within like, minutes, so good on the creators for an awesome project. 
It's just a giant shawl, but it does flap nicely when I ride my bicycle in the morning.
 ...they're Nonnative side-zips
I feel like we're nearing the mass required for a potential Denver meet up
 Tangential, but I wonder how much the last part is really true of anyone on this board, even the most prolific. I've never met anyone from SF and thought "Ah! You're just like you are on the internet."  
yo dawg,
whoa what? nice, guys. 
"Dressiness" doesn't really factor into it at all, unless the only criteria is "wearing a tie." The only thing SW&D really doesn't like is "boring." source: I am one of "Them"
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