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girls and boysguns n noise
@gettoasty I 100% love everything about that
Absurd. Well, if  you ever get impatient and want an absurd lowball offer/pictures of someone wearing them at Pitti, let me know. What's old is new again, right?
Is that actually how much a pair of those fucking boots costs? You've got to be kidding me. BTW, you still have those ridiculous cloak felt boots?
Detailing sets the stuff apart - they were batting at an insane price range. I think that's 06? Is that right? He sent it down the runway pretty oversized. I say go for it. Construction from that season is bombproof; that's real fox fur btw; not going to read as Zara in person I don't think Holy shit, don't buy it - I just remembered, it's got this insane, top-to-bottom templar cross on the back. At least, if that's the one I'm thinking of?  I almost bought one once. A...
This sounds suspiciously like a Streetwear argument. Is that leather going to your head?
 To add a thought to this - I don't know what kind of SW+Density there is in San Fran, but I'm happy to organize a mini-meetup/start a thread if there are enough people in the area who want to hang out.
I think that canvas model is better than the leather version. So, sure?
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