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while i adore the gremlin, mercy is waifu and pharah is bae. I bought OW to play Pharah because she is the closest thing I can think of to Starsiege: Tribes
I Demand A Refund On The Clothes I Didn't Get The Chance To Buy
I played for the first time in months a couple days ago - must have that Mercy skin. It just isn't gonna happen, though. Forgot how much I hate Tracer. And Hanzo. And Bastion. And Torbjorn.
cloak x2, niche, nonnative. curious sheeb no vis
Seems a little cleaner/luxurious than my nefarious aims, from what I've seen? Which is mostly what's at your shop, and other people with the same stuff. Also, I thought S+C was notably pricier, no?what the fuck is this? who the fuck do you think i am?
Had...sadly. After several years of loving them, I was finally forced to accept that they were ~2 sizes too small. blame a life of stuffing my tootsies into soccer boots.
I have the exact same request, but I want a chunky, shawl collar cardigan for ~300. I guess I could just get another 3A (is END the only stockist now?), but I was thinking of branching away from blue. RRL is always a possibility, though the budget is waaaayy off, and I'm never sure about embracing the southwestern thing. I guess Kanata is an option, too. What am I missing?
Agreed. I haven't played every video game ever, but I've played a fair number, and I think The Heart is one of the single greatest game mechanics ever invented. I think I preordered #2 the day it was available.Also, I've been playing missions from the first one here and there, and it's still such a great game. Fantastic world design.
I'll do a part 2 for you soon, then.  Real talk: there is a fine line between self-deprecating humor and depressing reality, as there is between gentle mockery and outright dismissal. 
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