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Nice.      Who makes an affordable - like, 50$, slim-fit linen safari shirt? I feel like Uniqlo should but they don't seem to. 
Part of me wishes there were a "dope S.O. fits" thread, and then I realize what a disaster it would probably be. 
   This can be addressed more in the near future, but generally speaking it's a project we're both interested in. This coming summer should see some discussion of design and material choices that will ideally lead us to the boot we have in mind. So no! We haven't forgotten, we just want to get it right. I'll let @LA Guy chime in with news as it comes. 
why the hell not, stanley? I think it'd be awesome if it works out. YOu need some cuban heels, though. 
     If you guys are serious, it can be done, but there need to actually be 30 people interested. SF can't sit on 25 pairs of boots with no home - hence the discussion of a retail partner. But yes, that is the primary roadblock here. Both Fok and I are really happy to get it going if there are 30 people who want Jun boots, but...you get the picture. I, of course, desperately want it to happen. It would be kind of an awesome chance for people whose feet aren't size 41 or 42. 
PS you should watch the rest of the Stranger videos      
Oh, and here's a timely reminder to follow the Styleforum Instagram (@Styleforum), because @Ivwri - mastermind of the above - is currently in charge.
Check www.dharmatrading.com - I know they offer "color strippers" and that sort of thing, as well as a whole lot of dyes (including various blacks) and dyeing equipment. Keep in mind that if your jeans are stitched with synthetic contrasting thread, it probably won't take the dye and you'll have dyed jeans with yellow contrast stitching. 
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