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I guess...True to your usual euro size, maybe? In SF lingo, one down from your gat size. I'm an 11.5, a 44 feels good. Sole construction appears solid, but the uppers aren't great. They came with a loose it on the inside, and I already have some threads coming loose, insoles peeling up, etc.
The scarosso jodhpurs you suggested!
Yuh crotch shot, for your enjoyment:
Couldn't decide. I went for the all-you-can-eat.
DAMN that's a lot of good entries. 
It's a beautiful spring day and I am wearing Chanel's Coromandel, which I love. 
Yes. Great purchase. Been hoping someone would buy that.
Yes. Definitely
all hail Trashlord
Hey dudes,   This has been popping up in a lot of threads recently, but as a gentle reminder for posters both old and new, the only appropriate place to post for-sale items is in a dedicated thread in the classifieds section - and, of course, a link in your signature. More importantly than being against the rules, it's not good for the community. It'd be great to not get the moderators involved, so let's not invite them to do so.   Questions? Please PM @nahneun
New Posts  All Forums: