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Everything I know about Korean I learned from manhwa. I also learned that if I go to Korea,  1) I will immediately be attacked by punks trained in the martial arts2) Everyone single person I meet will be some kind of company heir/heiress and/or Ultimate Fighting Champion3) If I ever leave the hotel, someone will try to fight me4) I'll have to be drunk all the time5) Once I'm drunk, I'll have to fight people
shouldn't you call him, like, sunbae?
It's a 5, and I'm a 42
I will also recommend Excession, although I did not finish Against a Dark Background
i'll be the first to say that i look incredibly punchable in the second one
Baron, I think that if you want to make that more "interesting," you consider going full Pitti-casual - cuff the trousers at the ankle, wear slip-ons or loafers, un-button the shirt a bit more, a braided belt, and a giant pocket square. Not sold on the blue shirt w/the blue suit, but that's ok.
love those field boots. great look, Gerry
I shouldn't. I know I shouldn't. But to know...to know - I must. [mouse clicking] Oh. God. It's worse than I feared. It's - [heavy breathing]  [coughing] What have I...I didn't think it would [coughing]  No. Please. I can't... [retching]  [muffled sobbing] [silence] [silence] [silence]
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