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you've really outdone yourself here
Tokyo Diaries, Day 7: This is the End Words: Jasper Pictures: Alex Our last day. Mine, I guess, since Alex lives here and @spacepope's wanderings will continue a while longer. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous, but my visit ended on such a high note that I'd surely be tempting fate to stay. We had some plans - not many - and outside of those, we resolved to just plain old have a good time. That good time started at six A.M., which felt earlier due to the two...
Yep! This is the Japan version of the Pittilogues. I, for one, have been very grateful to go on a trip that was not abject misery both physical and philosophical, regardless of Fok's level of entertainment. Anyway, yesterday was my last day in Tokyo; back to the Rockies this afternoon with just enough time to eat a last Lawson onigiri and buy some sweets.Stay tuned for more - there is plenty to come, just as there will be from the poor bastards at Pitti Uomo, who are even...
This is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to meMet up with @magicalzechs and @Naka today, and they helped me buy the most incredibly kawaii parasol in Harajuku. Then we ate the best food ever. I don't want to go home.
Sefiroth Collection? Final Fantasy 7 Remake?Coincidence? I think NOT
To be clear, they are not referencing the game character, but they are not not referencing the game character.
I was told that they were a poly blend - sort of like a safety/tactical vest material? I ended up liking them a whole lot more than I thought I would - I have some Julius denim and find it borderline uncomfortable due to the weight, so these were a surprise. Size 4 is pretty tempting.
Ha! He immediately started talking about bringing her in to the store - "My wife looks better in clothes" etc. etc. etc. I was not aware that High Priests of the Quickening of Sorrow were allowed to wed in the first place, but perhaps they are allowed some small human comforts to prevent loneliness on long jumps between star systems.
Hey @Best Budz, good question - Brad is right, and the answer is yes to both. "Courtesy of" means "provided by" - we have a lot of affiliates and friends in the biz who make and sell cool stuf, so I suggested some items I thought would look good in Japan (with help, of course) and then brought them with me.
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