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I thoroughly enjoyed this article:   https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2016-11-30/confessions-of-an-instagram-influencer
the shirt is laudably incongruent
probably my favorite of yours, occulta
  git gud
The one thing I failed to acquire (rather, decided not to acquire) this black friday is a PS4. Blast and damnation!
Belts are stupid and only morons wear them.
Oh hey same
Belts are fucking uncomfortable, and if you have low rise jeans, strapping a belt around your goddamn hips is even worse. Hateful things. 
Innsmouth, eh? Right shadow over that place. Funny comings-and-goings, I'd say; goings, mostly, what with the disappearances. Wouldn't happen to know aught about that, would you?
Get them
New Posts  All Forums: