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For anyone who's not following, @guswalbolt has been doing an awesome job - plenty of denim and cool things from the Bay. 
Thanks dude. Now to inquire about wimminz sizes....
KoY do you grow an inch every time you take a picture? I feel like you're SF"s version of Boyhood
Oh, nice. Okay. So, I think it was @OccultaVexillum who's also a size 12 in Nikes - would you go 44.5 or 45? I don't want a "tight fight" on my shoes.
    Apolis waxed French work jacket from the good people at Huckberry Trusty LL Bean hoodie "Hoya" sweat short from our friends at John Elliot & Co (I have become a fan of sweat shorts, and these are almost ridiculously over-engineered)   And the pride of the fleet: a 1971 19' Cape Dory.
Nice photos, stanley. Pretty sure I'm sold on a pair of something for the fall. 
needs more explosions, stanley
Wow, thanks guys. Glad people enjoyed it! 
Our friends at Huckberry are having a 70% off summer sale, including stuff like Apolis: https://huckberry.com/store/shop/summer-clearance-tops?utm_campaign=8.02%3A+Summer+Clearance+Reminder+%28gMa5JM%29&utm_medium=email&utm_source=The+Newsletter+%28May+2015%29 Indigo!
New Posts  All Forums: