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Just Say No
Ddugoff! Awesome to see!
I must have some old pictures saved somewhere...
  ts(s), niche, H+M, White Mountaineering
Dishonored 2. The first one is a favorite of mine.    Andromeda, of course - though who knows when we'll see that.
Guidi+Rossellini, Shockoe military como trouser:  
Rifts came. I really wanted to like them, but either they don't work in a size 12 or they're only charming from certain angles. Not supremely comfortable, either - very thick between your toes. Also my girlfriend called them "goat-hoof Mary-Janes," and I couldn't think of a way to disagree. Really divided on sock darts too. I kind of liked my og flyknits runners best, but I'm not exactly a Nike guy.
Ooh ooh tell me about the Evan kinori! I really want to try to visit his studio/see the clothes next time I'm in SF. It all looks so nice.
Nike. Side pockets, key pocket, small zipped pocket. 25$ or so. Doubles as bathing suit.
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