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Explicitly, or consciously? Because I think it started out pretty explicit, although maybe less so than my post suggested: "I want to look like X," is definitely something I think about. Now it's pretty unconscious, but it's still in the back of my mind when I'm contemplating a purchase, for example. Or when I ask my girlfriend if "this coat makes me look like a space pirate." I mean I even have this incredibly random, rambling brand story thing I wrote a few months ago...
To bring this back to, uh, clothes. Random thoughts:   @Parker said a while ago that he'd given up wanting to "look like something and worry that everything went together" and was more interested in "just wearing what feels good." Problem is, he knows what looks good already, so that calculated disarray is really the result of a long-ass time of doing things right. It takes a lot of caring before you start to look like you don't care. So that's one way to do it, and it's...
   Uhh, of course I will? Although, I will wear them with the "Echo" boot, once that actually happens. 
we seriously gonna let cm win a sw+d challenge   come on
lol sorry i didn't mean to hit "like" i thought you said "spacepope is garbage and all of his fits suck"
    The Kent Wang Wedding Photo Contest   The Deal:   Don your finest wedding-day duds and post your best pictures! Submit your photos by Monday, August 03, and win a brand new Kent Wang “Bauhaus” watch.  Note that pictures of you at a wedding, particularly your own wedding, are perfect and valid for this contest.  Mazeltov!   The Details:   You get three - count ‘em, three - images. Use them however you want, but one of them has to be of your full outfit,...
I kinda want a blue blue "genki" tee
The dries that wasn't covered in lobsters or marilyns looked pretty good (if usual) to me? As in, fashion pyjamas that I would want to wear
what the fuck, man
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