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Well, I don't know which you have - as @gdl203 noted, Casentino is pretty warm. 
before you get your hopes up, as mentioned, De Bonne Facture is not at all in the same price bracket as TOJ. 
As in, 0c/32f? I wear mine at that temperature all the time, with just a thick wool jumper underneath, and am very warm. Once it gets closer to 0F then all bets are off.
I just think it looks kinda 80's biker-weird, in a potentially fun way
fuck yeah
what would SF be wthout Stanleyvanlifestyle?
 Do you mean ever? There's not a ton of new stuff every year, but I would say that Monitaly impresses me every season, as does TS(S), Eastlogue seemed to really have its shit together (even if I found it a little uninspired - and I'm not sure we have any pictures, weirdly), Post-Imperial makes accessories I want to have, Arpenteur is selling hand-made Breton jewelry (hell yeah)....let's see...Reinhard Plank makes sweet hats, and I guess I was one of the few who wants to...
people sleeping on all the good stuff at NMWA. crazy. 
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