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telling people that you think everything they're doing is wrong isn't "having a conversation," it's what that annoying relative does at the dinner table while everyone rolls their eyes  I am an XL. It fits true to size. 
Stanley, you absolutely mustn't wear stripes. I have this image of you on a boat avec Karen van Buren; film - sepia-toned - with your feet up on gunwale, sunglassed and champagne-wielding, as turn-of-the-century accordion music plays. Oh, mon amour, je t'aime. Pourquoi tu ne réponds pas?  Stanley! Regarde-moi! Stanley! Stanley!   camera fades out to the sound of waves lapping
 Those boots looks so good with blues it's absurd. Greys work too - agree on too much brown.
Can we have one of these about @gettoasty?
Blue things [[SPOILER]]
Ambre sultan today; sunny and melting all the snow. It was a good choice.   SOTE is first time trying Lys Mediterranee (I like the little sample boxes that Malle gives you - much easier to keep organized!). This is...beautiful. My girlfriend walked into the bathroom, sniffed me, and claimed it. 
Wrong! Always wrong. 3rdC I like that second fit. Dunno why all the fuss, but maybe start simpler (as you've stated) and try for better photos (as you've also stated). I look like shit 99% of the time (spacepope looks like shit 100% of the time) and yet manage to convince the internet otherwise. There's magic in the camera, somewhere. 
You take that back you piece of shit. You take that back and you never open your mouth again
Yoox..only my size (45) was left, though. 
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