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Black CWU-45/P jacket for all your flightwear needs. Soft, supple lambskin, slim cut. Fits a 50-52. Very, very light wear on this - don't like how tight it is on me. Super nice, needs a new home!   Shoulder: 18.5 Chest: 22   Sleeve: 27.75 (to end of ribbing) BOC: 26.5   500$ + shipping  
Eidos 52R:  Medium navy, 2 button jacket with a subtle glen plaid (?) pattern - a great anytime jacket. Recently purchased, but too short for me. Barely used, with a few loose threads in the sleeve lining (pictured). Measurements (inches - approx):Shoulder: 18.5Chest: 23Sleeve: 25 (from shoulder)BOC: 30 Price: 350$ USD, plus shipping     [[SPOILER]]
shit son that is cool
I think so - but reading your computer/devices will be harder. If you do anything near water (for me it's fishing), etc, they're hugely necessary. Source: lives in colorado, wears sunglasses 12h a day.
love SFTM. Would probably wear it head-to-toe if I could afford to fill my closet with it. 
Here’s why we move posts:   /Puts on monocle   We used to do this (we, as in Styleforum the entity). A lot. That’s because Styleforum intentionally does NOT have Draconian rules about “off-topic posting.” Instead, when a topic seems deserving of its own subheading, it gets broken off. That's not new. For example, “SW&D” originally started as a spin-off of the main forum, as a place to talk specifically about denim. It has since grown into its own...
Only a few days left to see absolutely ridiculous photos of me and also buy a sweater in our SNS Herning pre-order. You're welcome.    http://www.styleforum.net/t/520169/sns-herning-fw16-preorder-thread-styleforum-official-preorders/0_100#post_8382208
I have never played a souls game, but wish I had bought Bloodborne. Just watching DS3 teasers/gameplay makes me think I'm way not hardcore enough to actually play the game. 
Monitaly just released a very abbreviated lookbook showcasing a few of this spring's new pieces. We're obviously big fans of Yuki's work, and it'll be fun to see (hopefully) some of our forum members wearing this stuff. Yuki has a good eye for cool, weird cuts, and this season is no different - floppy bathrobes and fatigue pants get matched with natural indigo (yes!) tops and, of course, Yuketen footwear.          The whole collection is online...
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