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buy shorts too. no ragrets. 
 First of all, your rig sounds very standard, so I would resist the urge to make it "fun" or "interesting" and instead play to your strengths with a relatively conservative getup. You'll look better than you would otherwise, and even if you don't look all young and hip and high-fashion and stuff people will appreciate that you look good. Tie: No on the tie. There's no reason not to check SF's B&S for a suitable wedding tie, which will likely look better with a medium...
Yeah, I admire the idea but I guess I don't know how I feel about this. Hopefully some good vintage stuff gets posted.
Just to follow this up, a lot of the stuff posted on the SF instagram is reposts from other user accounts that tag things with #styleforum. So, if you guys are posting rad stuff on instagram, you could...tag it with #styleforum so that the self-aware entity that runs our social media accounts notices it.
Yeah, it was later. The fontesi also goes up to a 46 if your feet are too big for nonnative sizing, and they offer a similar shaggy suede. They're really nice in person, although so far I haven't quite found that they fit me right.
Yeah, I did. I don't remember if I tried any on but I was in favor when @thewho13 bought a pair. I thought they looked better in person too - I'm not sure I love them, and there are definitely boots I like the pure look of better, but my interest comes more from the fact that I just can't stand uncomfortable shoes these days and the relative width + crepe sole seems appealing.  As usual, I will probably buy nothing and continue to complain.  I really don't mind this whole...
Thanks, guys - didn't know about either. 
Cool. The more I see those boots the more I like them. 
Those are cool. I've considered guidi suede slip ons before, but I don't think any of them would necessarily fit how I dress. @notwithit, I'm kind of trying to avoid another pair of vans - I just seem to shred them too quickly.
Blast from the past, here: who's got a source for the good old deadstock bw sportschuhe? barring that, where can I go for some suede slip-ons? Don't want CP, haven't seen Diemme's I want, and Greats don't seem to have suede. Haven't found white from buttero either. Kind of done with the idea of paying a lot for sneakers, but is there anything obvious I'm missing?
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