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fall/winter/spring! I'm not looking for a blanket coat, though. not so heavy it doens't move at all. Thanks! also I'm in no rush since I'm broke and have too much clothing anyway. Seriously. I looked in my closet yesterday and had a serious WTF moment. 
Ha! I just found this photo from Monitaly's showroom last jan - maybe I should just get one of these?  
We all do! There are so many fascinating brands we have no exposure to, so it's great that you're taking the time to introduce a few of them. Keep it up!
Thanks, everyone. I had forgotten about Bergfabel, but I wish it wasn't also so goddamn expensive. Ziggy - I think - scratches the itch, but I don't know where you guys are seeing all this stuff on sale. I don't know if I've ever spotted any. Suppose the best thing to do is keep an eye open?
Idly looking for a victorian-ish long black coat and figured I'd ask you fine fellows for some direction. As much as I (sort of) love the idea of harnden, there's no way I'll ever buy any. Looking for something slimmish through the top, with a notably flared skirt. Comfort is also paramount, and Ziggy Chen has come to mind, but that seems equally impossible and expensive. Anyone have any interesting ideas? 
Oh, those shpants came. They're pretty cool, but any color other than blue is hard for me to deal with so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I bought Dark Souls for the express purpose of punishing myself and that's all it has been so far. What have I done? There's a dragon breathing fire everywhere and I don't know where to go. I'm not cut out for the levels of stress this game instills in me. 
Been way ahead of you for a while now....(this will never be finished)    MEMORY LEAK The woman smiles up at me from the floor. Her eyes are open, but they don’t see anything.  I call the number scribbled on the pad in my pocket. The client answers. “She’s dead,” I say, and I wonder if I should force some emotion into my voice. “I’ve called the cops.”  There’s a pause on the other end of the line. And then, clipped: “Keep the package, please. We’ll be in touch.” I hang up....
The standout men's piece of the season (IMO) is up now - sashiko hunting jacket
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