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On a lighter note, all of our San Francisco SW&D brethren should swing by our meetup next Thursday at SuitSupply San Francisco. I'll be there, so RSVP and then come say hi. Should be fun! Plus, sponsored drinks. Everyone wins.   Also, if you need a suit for an upcoming wedding/event, this is a pretty good opportunity.    @cyc wid it @dieworkwear and everyone else - I expect to see you there!    
Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
Goorin Bros. cheap-o sale find...will see plenty of use standing in the river, but I don' t expect it to last forever. 21-25 lbs of raw power
Console. I dunno. It seems to happen pretty regularly. 
 Every time I start to get back to the Witcher some bullshit happens. Right now I'm stuck on a respawn in a room with 3 people, with no health, and die instantly only to endlessly endure the interminable loading screens. 
I need to either wear mine or get rid of it...pretty sure I have nothing to wear with it anymore
I don't even mind the jacket. It just reminds me of The Nunis. A little dated in my eyes, but I imagine if you want to wear black jeans and white high tops it'll be worthy of a top 40 MV?
Email CS with your order number and ask. They've done it for me in the past. Not sure if things have changed.
New Posts  All Forums: