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@LA Guy the people have spoken, and I've never had mezcal (0).
Styleforum goes to Austin, eats too much barbecue, drinks too much whiskey, stumbles back into the airport with a pair of cowboy boots?
Yeah, I wouldnt even know what I was dressing up AS, if you get me. I much prefer the idea of working something aboslutely absurd into my normal life anyway.
I guess I'm the opposite - the dirty square-toed ones I see (and I see plenty) all just look like shit kickers. I like the idea of a more ornate/dressy thing with a snip or slightly rounded toe
Some of those lucchese models have a kind of chisel toe. Is that what you mean? They have one called the "squire" that seems like it would work for cm dress up. But then you don't get snakes.
You mean a roper toe or a French toe? Seriously considering flying to Austin just to try them on.
I don't even know. A boot tuck seems wrong, but then how do you see the sneks?
I'm seriously waffling on seeking out a pair of legit cowboy boots, to the extent that I've been kind of obsessed for the past month. Have I completely lost it?                       Made by hand, including tooling; lemonwood pegs, etc. Not even sure how I would wear them but goddamn I want to try. Kapital jeans, maybe? Random pair of RRL? Old 501s? Old cloak tux jacket and stonewashed jeans? A shearling bomber and jeans seems like a solid bet, as...
yooooo gerry the 123S! Such a rad pair of pants. 
Yeah. I didn't even realize they had an online store - I thought they just did trunk shows/pop-ups. Seilin carried some pieces a few seasons back.
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