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That looks really nice (color is great), but I don't know why you're buttoning it that way. Try buttoning the middle 2/3 buttons instead, and leave the lower ones undone (here's a link to show what I mean: http://dieworkwear.com/post/14514798204/valstar-and-ring-jackets-blousons). Hard to tell if there's anything "troubling" about the fit in the pictures you've shown (as the armholes don't look particularly low in either photo), but it's more about the way the piece feels. 
http://www.indigoheritage.net/#!product/prd2/4484411721/boro-levi's-trucker-jacket @dieworkwear
I turn up the sleeves on mine a lot. Sometimes pull them up to my forearms. Works with the vibe/material just fine. And it's also not fitted - I can easily wear a mid-weight sweater underneath. One of the easiest-to-wear pieces of clothing I have in my closet. 
Thank you - couldn't remember the Tom Dixon part, and was definitely not getting the results I wanted.
...also, tell me about the chair
Meermin makes an affordable loafer. 
Please don't wear a black tie with brown, slip-on loafers!
Frank that jacket intrigues me
Everything I know about Korean I learned from manhwa. I also learned that if I go to Korea,  1) I will immediately be attacked by punks trained in the martial arts2) Everyone single person I meet will be some kind of company heir/heiress and/or Ultimate Fighting Champion3) If I ever leave the hotel, someone will try to fight me4) I'll have to be drunk all the time5) Once I'm drunk, I'll have to fight people
shouldn't you call him, like, sunbae?
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