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  l -> r: Tawj/etc?; toj/ro/ap/sftm; RO/??; Adicianno/AP(UQ)/?/CCP purikura no vis     best moment so far getting into rando discussion with dude outside bar at 1AM; he's wearing devoa and acronym and we're all nerds. 
For those who didn't come for our tiny meet-up last night: you guys missed out on the chance for good beer and good company . For those who did, great to meet all of you - SF members continue to be very cool in person. I considered stealing @Abraxis 's long InAisce coat and challenging him to an impromptu foot race, but it would have been impolite. I think that @LA Guy and I will be back in late January, so I will try to put something together with more than 24 hours...
no dude my avatar has always been my one tru love
At thi point? Mostly just drinking beer. We'll be back in late Jan, though - I'll try to organize something more organized!
   I dunno if you guys have gotten the chance to try this bad boy on, but I don't think it really requires any "edge" to pull off - the colors are beautiful, and the zips are so great in person. Could be worn by anyone with anything, I think; from slim jeans to cargo/hunting pants to a nicely textured pair of trousers. Seriously great piece. 
what the fuck is that thing because it's awesome
DEAR SAN FRANCISCO DWELLERS:   TONIGHT (FRIDAY), 8PM - MIKKELLER BAR join us for beer and revelry   b there or b square        
i was there, dude. you didn't show. 
Not sure I'm following you here - I think that the (very) short list of people I named above (there are others, of course) do a good job of understanding that the way they dress is not the way that everyone wants or "needs" to dress - which is why I think they're some of our best posters. Is that what you meant?
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