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  I asked my girlfriend to take my picture and her terms were: 1) pose with beetle2) hold bag of sugar3) accompany post with lyrics to "Sugar" by Maroon 5 *ahem* (sotto voce) SugarYes pleaseWon't you come and put it down on me   [[SPOILER]]
please take a picture of yourself in front of Angelic Pretty
Care Tags is kind of endearing, like when you've already beaten the elite four and you go back to random-tree-town and wail on bug-catching toddlers.   And then you swim off into the water on the other side of your starter village and you find rosenrot and she 1hko's your whole squad
Gentry sample sale
 I went to Brooks Brothers today. Really. I was ready to take a selfie, but they had no safari shirts. The SA really liked my shop coat, though. Then I went to Ralph Lauren, where they had an almost-perfect green version (epaulets, double pockets, everything a colonialist asshole could hope for - they may have even had a pith helmet hidden in a corner somewhere), but it was a bit too short on me.  75$, if you're looking. 
gotta say, I tried on a pair of dior nineteens in black the last time I was in SF, and they are....fucking awesome. Don't even care. 
Surely, a man can dream?
 Basically what Nahneun said. I am always surprised by the amount of thought people put in to clicking the "thumb" button. Click it if you like it. Some reasons to click the thumb button: 1) I like outfit/picture2) Poster is trying something new (for them or for the forum)3) Poster is outside in the Real World4) Post amuses me5) I would like to encourage poster to keep participating this is not thesis dissertation material
 Too perfect. Come down to CO; we'll all head to the great sand dunes with a couple of cameras.
100% agree. Cuban heels, unbutton the vest, ditch the tie and the banker shirt, put on your shades, go for a drive.   But really, if anything, it makes me think that you should aim for wider lapels in general. Love the trouser leg - looks like the waist could be taken in a touch on the jacket and vest?      Also make the face you're making in the third picture in all of your photos, please
New Posts  All Forums: