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"The Sprawl"
how dare you
@spacepope may have been in one Boston, but it was likely not the same Boston in which the rest of you exist. 
And then there was Dinner   (Pitti Uomo Day 1/ Part 2)
    The Pittilogues: Pitti Uomo 87, Day 1 (part 2)   These fragments we have shored against our ruin   I walk past a mirror before dinner and realize I have no business wearing Rick Owens tees. Or anything that isn't a potato sack. Let's put it this way: I will not be modeling Isaia's gladiatorial outfits anytime soon.   We are at Trattoria Armando tonight. It is the same place we went last winter, and much of the crew is the same. This should have been a sign....
Tommy Ton thought @Rosenrot's coat was pretty cool. I concur.       (link)
raf did that...although they might have been sneakers. You could zip off one upper and put another on
I wouldn't be so sure
He's not showing, except for a collaboration of some sort that I've yet to come to understand. He doesn't really look like a dude I'd steal from, though. 
 Here we go! This is the link to all pages tagged "pitti87" - you can follow along there:  http://www.styleforum.net/tag/pitti87 Day 1
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