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If it's not hot out! It's pretty heavy, I'd say. 
I think he's saying that separating the clothing from discussion of and knowledge about said clothing damages its "value" - regardless of the price attached. And that you then have a (scaled-up, like you say; which he takes issue with) group of users looking only at the little slashed-out price tag instead of what they're actually buying. 
I think that if we can get past the ad hominem stuff there's a kernel there that's worth discussing, it's just framed poorly. And his example - an undercover jacket - does a poor job of illustrating what he's trying to say (itself problematic), because in the article he's associated it purely with the brand - no different than buying supreme for the box logo.   To me, the weirdest part is vilifying people who can't meet some sort of arbitrary price cut off, while...
It's not a good article, but the point he makes (at least, conditioning the consumer to expect lower and lower deals) is fair. It's just not new, or limited to grailed...or to fashion...or to anything, really. Grailed is an extension (and affirmation) of an existing culture - their users came from somewhere (SF, SZ, SUFU), and very quickly.   Thing is, fashion's more accessible than ever, but is still enough of a niche interest that everyone feels like an insider (and...
Well, going to try to sell my black CWU45 again. Measurements are in sig, fits 50/52.
You can also find these at SuitSupply (I believe they're around 100$), and Eidos has made them in the past. 
Hey dood - just did this myself. Echoing the others and saying don't wear WJK as wedding/formal shoes. You can try: Carmina (~450, Skoaktiebolaget, Carmina, The Armoury)Carlos Santos (Skoaktiebolaget - run by @Leaves, who is as friendly as he is tall - 325)Justin Fitzpatrick (~400, this is where I ultimately bought mine - I have met Justin a couple of times and he's a great guy)Allen Edmonds (can be found on ebay for 100-150, or new for ~300 I believe)
Every gameplay I've seen of it makes it look super boring to me, but I am not a fan of anything it offers (Tom Clancy, contemporary timelines, 3ps cover shooter). Would be interesting if it were NYC, except that you had a jetpack. And maybe a cloak. And, you know...there were aliens.   ....   Anyone else still playing Destiny?
A friend of mine is getting married in a couple of weeks, and has left his tie-buying (he's doing the groomsman thing) to the last second. He doesn't feel that he'll get a Sam Hober order in in time (I suggested he email). Aside from Kent Wang (from whom he plans to buy a couple), where else can he look for affordable wedding ties with a quick turnaround? RLPL and the like are out at about 240$/tie.
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