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whoa what? this is cool. Not sold on the pants there but maybe it's just the photo. coat robe thing looks rad. 
That's great! And it would still be great if it were in one post. 
Damn, too late. If someone here grabbed this and it doesn't work out, let me know. Interested to know if it runs tiny.
stop doing this
They are, and they are effectively sized down one. Officine Creative tends to run large (so sayeth the internet), and they have a bubble toe - very comfortable for a size 12 foot. 
yeah, that. Too many Meaningful Stares and Quivering Lips and Edges of Seats
I dunno. It's bad but I guess I'm still watching it. I have no big thoughts for you, but I'm really not in love with the main cast (no subtlety there), and so far I mostly don't like the way they've shot it. They go out of the way to draw attention to their clunky zero-g effects that it's hard stop noticing. I'll watch the 2 I haven't seen pretty soon, an maybe I'll change my tune. My only thought so far is "typical mediocre book adaptation." I get that sci-fi doesn't have...
ugh it's like so bad though
Another callout - we'll be there as of this coming Tuesday. Give me a shout if you'll be in town and let's hang out!
This one?   http://www.styleforum.net/a/tokyo-diaries-day-6-junky-special-momotaro-and-julius  
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