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Realtalk: small children love paint-splattered sneakers. Never have people of any age been so fascinated by my shoes.
Okay, let's not do this. We did it once this month, and no, we should not do it again. Thank you, everyone, for your compliance. We will now move on, yes? Thanks.
It's 80 fucking degrees outside what the fuck do I do
White boots are the best boots. Well done
Nice, @Scanner. My only comment is that higher resolution would be nice!
I've acquired more in the last six months than in the last few years, I think. A few things sorta hit the wall, in the utility dept. other stuff that I wanted popped up. Weird, though, and bad for the bank acct.
oh my fuckin' word, those bisons on the sand ripple are intense
perfect day for an unnecessary scarf
I always think it's really interesting to see people wearing the same brands, even pieces, in completely different ways. I kinda want to bizarro-DTO everyone on this page. I could probably do @cyc wid it pretty easily, @Ken P too; others would be tougher but maybe kinda fun. Not copy them, but when you have the same/similar janwz and don't look anything alike, that's kind of an interesting thing.    this random thought brought to you by wanting to wear @diniro 's blue...
 yes, that is a photoshop artifact - the sole will be lower, but I'm not certain about the "much" part. Slim enough to get your feet up on a cantina table, chunky enough to hide the blaster you're holding underneath.  If you search for "Guidi Bone Leather" you'll get a sense - I am not sure if @LA Guy has seen the actual swatch that Viberg has. Off-white is the best way to think of it, though - not optic. It will look very, very nice as it creases.   I can perhaps...
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