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The OC x NN boots run 1 size large
The OC ones definitely go up to 44 (source: my closet)
I think a 501 cut will look better with the jacket regardless, especially with some docs or something 
I - urrgh - I think that - oh god - a tuxedo shirt with a notch lapelgreysuitmakesnosensewhathaveibecome     seriously though, I wish you'd wear a dinner jacket and jeans with those boots and shirt instead, for something visibly weirder.
Ha. Margiela was my first love, more or less got me interested in clothing along with Cloak   And thanks. the coat is indeed amazing. One of those pieces that's not a runway showstopper but that I think is more fantastic every time I wear it.
  Friday or Saturday, maybe - schneider coat, the rest is margiela
I would wear the white suede ones, but I guess that's not what you're asking.
shearling/fur lining will be good/not sweaty
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