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I lost a (glued and tacked) heel on both my pairs. The leather sole is blake-stitched on these (I am 95% sure), so I am not sure how much risk there is of total and complete destruction. I just took both pairs in to my cobbler for repairs and resoling, and the uppers are doing just fine. I am...not easy on my footwear, either. 
ok but both are dope so good on you   did I mention that I visited the bisbim store/camper in tokyo? I liked the boots. Not so much anything else.
45. If you buy them you save me the bitter worry of wondering if I should. 
  Not awkwardly. I wear them with slim jeans (7.5" and up). Obviously not gonna work with something really tight around the calves. They're my favorite boots, although the pair I have in this color is a touch too small, which is...crushing. Now I'm contemplating a new pair from yoox. Ugh.      
Beer garden meetup with @in stitches yesterday. He bought me beer and said some funny things. 100% good time.         L: Epaulet Kamigata, Margiela jeans and boots    R: Monitaly bucket, Niche shirt, and Buttero sneakers from No Man, cool jeans from Ralph Lauren. Oh and some jacket thing? Also a Schneider Valve jacket, undoubtedly from NMWA as well. 
That looks great, and I'm jealous you can go outside without bursting into flame. I hate summertime. 
I assume this is where every moonlit tryst took place?
Sup Streetwear bros, We've got a gap to fill in our Styleforum Instagram feed for the coming week. If you think you've got what it takes to entertain the masses, drop me a line!
I have never seen a margiela jacket with sleeves that short (nor are the jackets usually that cropped), so my guess is that he either sized down or he's really tall. Or it's a bad suit and TEH will find out upon arrival.
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