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Yup. Really interested to see the fabric - and how you wear it.    Mud one looks nice, but the color probably isn't for me. 
oh, you fucker. it was YOU I don't think the mud one would work for me. Ah, well. Enjoy it!
  tis the season   Hat Blue Blue Japan John Elliot Mercer tee Geller leg coverings marshmallow footbeds
I don't see anything wrong with the response - my comment could also have been phrased as "not liking how sleek it is," but since that gotham slickness seems to be chocsosa's calling card that seems counterintuitive. Still think a nice suede jacket would look better there, especially with the shoes. vis @cyc wid it 's teal suede harrington. 
^ You might want to look into a suede piece, either a rider or a harrington/baseball jacket maybe. Seems like it would work well for you and add some depth/texture to outfits like this.
 There are a lot (a LOT) of military/thrift places around here (several large air force bases + air force academy), and I've always been slightly put off by MA-1's; but that Toyo piece is absolutely out of this world. One of those beautiful items where the "original" was absolutely never produced to the same standard. @BuffaloWang did you find one without the USAF stencil on the left arm? That's the only part that still confuses me - some seem to have it, some don't. If I...
fuck this i need one
u so street nao bro
As a note, I'm going to give these away next week or whenever I get around to it. So no drops or anything. 
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