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One of your best
In that case, buy a pair of white vans authentics, this pair of LVC denim, a pair of suede jodhpur boots, some white hanes slim-fit crews, and a couple of white uniqlo linen shirts. ALternatively, go full RIck.  
Well, I guess I would rather you chose a different look to try to "pull off" in the first place
I have never been a fan of the "untucked shirt over a contrasting tee" look. And I think you'd do well to stop cuffing all of your jeans, especially combined turned-up jacket sleeves (which I also do not like, at least not flappy like that). Our tastes certainly differ, so I won't try to sway you in any particular direction, but I'm still not sure what sort of thing you're trying to accomplish with any of these looks. It's a little...floridian hipster? Like a clubbing...
I think you're both incredible unfashionable. Notwithit is doing some weird brownnosing thing right now that's making me uncomfortable.
For me, it's more like if a store I like (formerly LN-CC, maybe the now-defunct Seilin; or, in the past, Fwrd) has something I want at a good enough price I just stop looking - so rather than comparison it's just "Eh, "TULIP" gives me 15% off and ships in two days. Good enough! Or, "Lucy's a rad girl, she'll send me some Rick." Or "I NEED INDIGO." I don't know how much comparison shopping I do on specific pieces these days, but then again, most of what I've bought over the...
 No proxy needed! They will ship directly to you. I should note that everyone here should take a look at all the Seilin brands on the HRM site - not just "Okura." I almost walked out of the store with an white (undyed) sashiko shop coat by Gaijin Made that I now intensely regret not buying.  There's a lot of coo stuff at Blue Blue and HRM, too. 
Not sure if srs, but that's one of my favorite stores - have made a bunch of purchases and interviewed the guy behind it in this piece. Super, super friendly operation. I don't own any patchwork pieces but based on my limited knowledge their prices are craaazy low for what they're selling. Highly recommended! My last order came with a coaster crocheted by Sasaki-san's grandmother! I'm only saying all this because I WANT THE GLORY
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