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You mean, on SW+D? just generally come across as more conservative, I think. A little too dadcore for most. Comfy though.
and the coat
There was this place I went to last time called "The Ice Cream Bar" (I think) that made the best root beer float I've ever had.
damn @DLester that is ace     @el Bert those junya jeans are so fucking cool
Outerwear   backlash: http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kind-u/item/572914014640/   mr. olive:  http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/blowz/item/9011088419388/   wjk:  http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/loop-online/item/mc3204/   john bull x 3:  http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/rocky-house/item/16403-061/ ,  http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/rocky-house/item/16284-042/...
  blue blue japan light indigo sweat shirt. fuck yeah this thing is so nice.
Well, nothing new here  
Welcome back!
Pills - which were a powder of some sort How come u not responding to my texts? 
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