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Holy shit those tan ones are beautiful. I have worn mine a ton, and will probably buy another pair in the future.
What is SF wearing 4/10/2014: 'Tales from the coffee shop.' We’ve all been there. Weird things happen in coffee shops all the time. Once more, I’ve asked our intrepid members something vague, like: “Where did you come from, where are you now?” Carry on. ManofKent Original WAYWT post here What this looks like: British. “This is impossible.” “It’s not,” says your friend, staring at his letters. “It’s just hard.” “That’s what I said. Isn’t there an app for...
Cool, thanks for the tips, guys. I wonder how much wear I'd get....
I mean, that's what they are, right? I just like the shape in the front, and that they're a slip-on that isn't a pair of vans, I guess. Not as heavy as a guidi derby would be
Still sort of wish I had a pair of InAisce windwalkers
There're are two different kinds of information being discussed here: The first is tactile information; the kind you get from touching and feeling and trying on. It is, as Stephan says, supremely useful. But that means you have to find a shop in the first place, get to a shop, deal with shop staff (I am sure that Stephan's own showroom/shop staff are wonderful, but we've all been around pushy SA's), and then - if you want to "think about it" - do it all again later. I...
Perfect timing! Because - lo and behold! - part two of the Schneider interview is up. Sending an angry email about a man who does such amazingly funny voices on the phone with an overseas stranger is a betrayal of humanity.
immediate lust reaction. i love wedge soles.
Yes, and looking at the pictures, it seems pretty obvious. Maybe he meant "hand-finished?" I never got an answer to this.
My size, and I need a summer wedding suit too.
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