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I am not a vacuum snob, but we found a free, mint dyson sitting on a curb a couple weeks ago and it has changed my life  
counterpoint: my classic footbed pair are the most comfortable shoes I own, and were right out of the box. Only shoes (that aren't athletic shoes) I can spend all day in (and I work standing 50% of the time). 
Nice, I can see them looking really good on you (weird comment?). I want to see someone with a well-worn pair of the1845 boots 
flan sounds real good right now
You can actually walk in birkenstocks, and even the foam ones have some arch support. I brought my foam pair to a beach this summer and they were great (35$ everywhere).
Nice. Mine too. I'd like to thank my haters. 
 I think I've probably watched that interview 3-4 times now. Love it. For some reason it kinda makes me tear up. 
Cheers, thanks. the price i pay for being full-time small-time. I think NMWA ran out of my size on like the first day, so I'm happy to take the chance.
 Hopefully, yes. I have never bought from UM before and have long heard the terrible tales of unfulfilled orders.Pretty true in my limited experience. I'm a 42, and so far size 5 outerwear has fit me when I've tried it. Can't speak about the whole lineup, obviously - for example, measurements on the matching shorts I am desperately trying not to buy suggest they run huge. 
holy shit, thanks. I didn't think i was going to be able to grab that ts(s) floral jacket, but dreams do come true. they better send it to me!
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