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no dude my avatar has always been my one tru love
At thi point? Mostly just drinking beer. We'll be back in late Jan, though - I'll try to organize something more organized!
   I dunno if you guys have gotten the chance to try this bad boy on, but I don't think it really requires any "edge" to pull off - the colors are beautiful, and the zips are so great in person. Could be worn by anyone with anything, I think; from slim jeans to cargo/hunting pants to a nicely textured pair of trousers. Seriously great piece. 
what the fuck is that thing because it's awesome
DEAR SAN FRANCISCO DWELLERS:   TONIGHT (FRIDAY), 8PM - MIKKELLER BAR join us for beer and revelry   b there or b square        
i was there, dude. you didn't show. 
Not sure I'm following you here - I think that the (very) short list of people I named above (there are others, of course) do a good job of understanding that the way they dress is not the way that everyone wants or "needs" to dress - which is why I think they're some of our best posters. Is that what you meant?
fuck these are sick
I think the draw is not in learning "what to buy" but in pulling on what we have - a stylish, knowledgable, and ultimately really interesting and really differentiated user base. A glimpse into the closet, if you will. I'd love to read that from zissou, parker, ghostface, etc.; these dudes who do such a good job of mixing clever buys alongside old and new pieces. 
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