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Agree. Wear boots with those pants and ditch the shirt and cap.
I know you said Not Designer, but these Shockoes are made from a 70's deadstock denim that might be the color you're after:
The first pair I tried a few months back didn't, due to a sizing and QC mishap. I ordered a suede pair a month ago, but those haven't showed up yet (4+ weeks lead time). I'm hoping they do, though - they seem as though they'll be quite comfortable if I can get the size right, and they'll certainly go with everything I wear regularly. I do need a boot to wear alongside my nonnatives, because I wear those every day and my feet get tired. I'm still pretty tempted by a pair of...
Yeah, I just don't...need them. Y'know?
For me, Arc'Teryx and Adidas or salomon trail shoe would be an easy pick, especially if you're going in the city and mountains. That's what I wear almost every weekend, and it'll take you basically anywhere (add outlier pants to become me). I have had bad luck with Nike and Columbia, but have a pair of MHW snow pants I like. 
apolis, cloak, nonnative, DIY
puma 6-packs from costco
I drink a LOT of that. Most of the Charles smith/ Charles and Charles wines are good value
Rockmount is so rad
What is this, please?
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