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Yeah, I think that's what I'm getting at. Although some stuff that I would feel weird about selling I pass along to family members; that kind of thing.   It'd be nice to get some CM folks in here. I definitely have pocket squares with emotional attachment. 
  Can't love this enough.  I think it's interesting to look at stuff that I posted in here and see if I'm still "content." I ended up getting rid of the baseball jacket from my first post, and I only wear my CP boots sometimes. The white Balenciaga sneakers aren't worn anymore - I realized at some point in 2013 that I had been buying shoes that were too small for most of my life.  Who else? I don't really know if contentedness exists. Or maybe it's fleeting. 
will you stock 52? my gorilla steez needs floral update; need to floss at breck
sorry, it's actually jun #imouto
Oh, so, things I like!
Lys Mediteranée again - I really, really like this. My girlfriend said it smelled "tropical," and I think I agree with that.    When people discuss "white flowers" in fragrance, what are they referring to outside of lily?
Damn, Teg. Sharp. Cyc that looks great!
why would you not wear sneakers in the rain?
I figure that now is as good a time as any to talk about what is one of....well, hell, I don't know about poetry. I have this Cloak shearling jacket that I really like. You may remember that my first post in this thread was about a different Cloak jacket - one that I still wear constantly. I bought this f/w 06 Cloak "Grizzly" jacket (still brand new and unworn) in, I think, 2013. Since then it as been to a lot of places with me. If you've been on this forum for any length...
going through some Pitti photos:        
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