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 Tangential, but I wonder how much the last part is really true of anyone on this board, even the most prolific. I've never met anyone from SF and thought "Ah! You're just like you are on the internet."  
yo dawg,
whoa what? nice, guys. 
"Dressiness" doesn't really factor into it at all, unless the only criteria is "wearing a tie." The only thing SW&D really doesn't like is "boring." source: I am one of "Them"
^ that'd be more than welcome in SW&D, just as an fyi
Also anyone not buying cowichans at these prices is nuts.
How tall are you? Because I'm 6'1 and it's not at all too short.
Wearing the document robe coat FEELS more like a bathrobe than any knit I' have, including the once-popular Barenarobe. Docurobe is my most-worn piece of outerwear this year.
...I am
I'll repeat it with you. I just came in here to physically type out the words "The Scye motorcycle jacket doesn't fit you, even in a 52. You know this: you tried it on." in order to keep myself from trying to buy it anyway.
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