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Gonna have to wait til I have time and Internet!
I hate Brandon Sanderson and his superhero bullshit is scraping a new low. Would rather read twilight. And that's coming from someone who breathes YA garbage.
With @fuuma outside Les Delices du Shandong
With @fuuma outside Les Delices du Shandong
Styleforum in Paris: Day 0 and Thoughts Upon Arrival   Brought to you by Travalet   No one says please or thank you in the first class cabin. A side effect, perhaps, of watching anonymous faces stream past you, behind you, to the unwashed rear of the aircraft. Never mind that the armrest may be falling out of its socket, never mind that the veneer is peeling off the scuffed seat-back in front of you. We are the chosen few, by virtue of our dollars, and our matching...
god dam u look stoopid
They'll have to replace the button
Those are them. They're awesome. High rise probably makes inseam smaller. Ankle length on me.
This bathroom selfie brought to you courtesy of American Airlines and www.mytravalet.com. More importantly, follow the Styleforum Instagram (@Styleforum) for our report from Paris mensweek.
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