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how too big we talking, cyc?
I will say that trying on, albeit briefly, a CCP high-neck jacket is an experience I still remember vividly. 10/10 would be buried in. 
  I think we're talking in circles around the main issue here, which is that men generally aren't allowed to declared they like something just because they do (same way we're not allowed to say we like "children's books," etc.), so you run into this constant idea of "quality" being the excuse for enjoying something. For me, once you've gone beyond the extremes, you're dealing with specifics. As in, "Do I prefer the silky hand of TOJ lamb, or the arm-crushing thickness of...
Hi all, If you're a fan of the designer, thinker, and all-around nice guy known as Robert Geller, you'll want to check out the following for your chance to ask the man himself any pressing questions you may have: 
Okay, but that jacket is fucking cool. I love the correct forearm zips, as well as the shearling placket and hood. Would be so f'in warm.   You guys, shearling is rad. keeps you comfortable in everything from 50's and sun (that's right, you don't overheat) to -10 (with a wool sweater underneath). Mine is my go-to cold weather jacket; I've worn it for 20+ hours of travel several times and it's miles more comfortable than cottons - doesn't get gross and sweaty, keeps you...
...ly awesome
Ugh, bad news. 10+ hours on a plane-level comfort is what I'm looking for.
thanks for the heads-up.  i grabbed a pair to try. not sold on the "on-ear" thing and hate the branding, but we'll see. 
look, you weren't supposed to find out. It was just...occasional, you know? Some late-night browsing here and there when SF wasn't fulfilling my needs. It didn't mean anything, I swear! They mean nothing to me!
Pretty sure he's a high roller from comme un camion, so not sure it counts as new except to SF.  Not to take anything away from the fits, of course! Happy to have you, Liszt.   edit: oh wow totally beaten
New Posts  All Forums: