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Took a photo of my sashiko chesterfield today. Two years of wear 4-5 months out of the year, no washes or anything:    
PH coats and jackets are one of the few cases in which I think the rolled cuff looks very natural. However, in the outfit above, I think what's drawing attention to the sleeves is the stacking on the wider pants, which is maybe a bit too much ( I know, i know), and ends up having the effect of making everything look too big. If it were my coat, I wouldn't bother. I like long sleeves for riding bicycles, and it's not a tailored topcoat. 
@nicelynice   http://www.carriercompany.co.uk/shop/81-norfolk-work-jacket 
Uh...yeah. I guess I'm predictable like that. Anyway it came and it's beautiful.
Those are the kimber boots, right? they look great. But yeah, maybe just unfold
wait those exist? I've only seen the high top ones. hmm hmm hmm
man i really hope not
(you know I love you)
now i need to win the SW+D challenge to inflict the aforementioned upon my fellow web denizens.
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