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Did they do in love with a robot? Would buy tickets just to see that
Does anyone know where I can get those navy Adidas Consortium Campus 80's Primeknits (whew) so that I can be like @Sipang and Kamoshita?
I like the Ann show. Enough to want it, but I am also aware enough to realize I will never have the patience to put outfits like that together.
Sounds pretty similar to what we were doing, really. I'll have you know that at one point during one of our dinners I even said "Skoaktiebolaget" out loud and they both looked at my with what was either admiration or sheer horror.
These are great. I'd love to see the same with some espadrilles or even a sleek, heeled boot for that lovely, swishy walk.
man what is Damir even supposed to be at this point? Not even doing the Dries gallery-thing any more. Totally lost on me. An attempt to turn into Lemaire, who attempted to turn into post-nomadic Damir? what am I looking at
If that safari jacket is an XL sell it to me
Can I tell them that the open fly was unintentional? Okay, screw it, I'm telling them. PRESS LUNCH BUFFET: INT DAY David: I just noticed my fly was open. It might have been open all morning. Jasper: Pass the wine. David: I wonder if anyone noticed. Jasper: Do you want some of this wine? David: Is it open in those photos you took? Jasper (looks at camera): Definitely.
the white perforated are a grail.
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