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Hmm. While those would likely be perfectly "acceptable" in all office settings (which is where I assume you are going to wear leather soled shoes and jeans), I dislike both the model and the grain. For 30$, I'm don't doubt that you'll get decent mileage for your money, though I dislike the creasing. I also feel the need to complicate things further. 99% of the time, I dislike leather-soled shoes with jeans. My suggestion would be a pair of boots - AE or possibly Meermin at...
My advice is that it sounds like you don't even know why you would want them, and therefore you definitely shouldn't buy them regardless of price or condition. 
A selection of boots that look vaguely like Nonnative x OC Boots (keyword: vague), currently on sale at Mr.Porter:   1. Officine Generale 2. Armando Cabral 3. Tom Ford 4. Givenchy (I have a weird attraction to these) 5. Margiela (almost bought these)
No, but I'm going to bookmark it now. Thanks!
the worst part about reading these lists is realizing how much i bought this year
Does anyone on the forum have a pair of Margiela's wool klein blue trousers from a couple seasons back?
Yeah, a suede jacket or an A2 for the old guys with money, or more usually a lined denim T1/T3. Although sometimes you see the harley dudes wearing exactly that with an 80's fringed DR. It's kind of a shared look between the multiple-generation ranchers, the migrant workers, and the Mexican vaquero folks. People think "slim" jeans are relatively new, but the 60 y.o. sun-beaten ranchers out here have been wearing wrangler/lee stovepipes since forever, all of them with holes...
That's a really familiar western american (where I live) look, so maybe it's predisposition but I'm kind of a sucker for that. 
I've been trying to justify those Jonah boots since you first sent them to me, and so far haven't been able to. I think they'd go pretty nicely with your chunky-RRL-cardigan setup, but I do really like how snake oil has styled them a bit more rock n' roll. For 600$, someone here should probably buy them. 
 You want that taupe kinda color? Or you just want a white trainer? If it's the latter, maybe check out epaulet's take on the gat?
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