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Oh, those shpants came. They're pretty cool, but any color other than blue is hard for me to deal with so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I bought Dark Souls for the express purpose of punishing myself and that's all it has been so far. What have I done? There's a dragon breathing fire everywhere and I don't know where to go. I'm not cut out for the levels of stress this game instills in me. 
Been way ahead of you for a while now....(this will never be finished)    MEMORY LEAK The woman smiles up at me from the floor. Her eyes are open, but they don’t see anything.  I call the number scribbled on the pad in my pocket. The client answers. “She’s dead,” I say, and I wonder if I should force some emotion into my voice. “I’ve called the cops.”  There’s a pause on the other end of the line. And then, clipped: “Keep the package, please. We’ll be in touch.” I hang up....
The standout men's piece of the season (IMO) is up now - sashiko hunting jacket
Almost bought hanwag horndl couple months ago. Really awesome.
We were obviously limited by what's available to see on the shop floor, so this is of course good insight. The wallets, card cases, and eyeglass sleeves I saw (which are out on shelves for sale) were impressive. Beatrice walked us through the hand-skiving, stitching, and sealing that goes into each piece, and wasn't shy about the machine vs. hand stitched pieces, or at least in what was presented to us - both, we were informed, had a specific purpose and were...
We met a bunch of them - not sure if you meant it as a concern, but these are all highly talented individuals and quality control is insanely strict. What we saw was really, really impressive.
Lifestyle synergy is strong
Just visited April in Paris and Evan Kinori in San Francisco. Both were incredible. Calling it now: you guys need to jump on Evan's clothing before he realizes how good it is. For everyone who liked the margaret howell simplicity/quality proposition, check him out. I walked out with a pair of pants and almost took a 3-pocket jacket as well - I plan on getting it later in November.    Anyway, more to come soon.   April in Paris   Evan Kinori 4-pocket trouser in...
New Posts  All Forums: