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 Really? People always say this about leather soles but I have never, ever found it to be true. You live somewhere relatively wet, right? If it's raining everyday rubber soles are (for me) an absolute must. Metro stairs? Death. Cobblestones? Death. Castle towers? Glorious death. 
parka and pants detail (click for big)    
 Taper might help there, but so would shoes of a different color. I'd guess the jeans will look better when they're not so new. Are they black? Color combo doesn't look great to me - maybe try simplifying a bit. And I'm not a big fan of the hoody under the leather. 
 Except that in a bunch of cases - like the sneakers - their approximation is nicer than the thing you want. For example, the kicks use full grain leather, which CP - to my knowledge - does not. And the army trainer is more of a stealth-luxe take on the original than the margiela version - lower profile, unpadded tongue - and again, nicer materials (and the same sole). Most of it isn't an "approximation," but rather taking something and making a product that appeals to...
Have you tried Epaulet's take on the minimal stan? Nicer leather than CPs, and a bit wider too.
I love the way the scarstitch looks like an insect carapace. You can really see it in that photo, too. I guess if you don't feel you'll wear it that's legit, but it is cool looking for realsies.
Keep that CCP for her. Wow that's so good. 
for indigo shop coats?
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