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I will also recommend Excession, although I did not finish Against a Dark Background
i'll be the first to say that i look incredibly punchable in the second one
Baron, I think that if you want to make that more "interesting," you consider going full Pitti-casual - cuff the trousers at the ankle, wear slip-ons or loafers, un-button the shirt a bit more, a braided belt, and a giant pocket square. Not sold on the blue shirt w/the blue suit, but that's ok.
love those field boots. great look, Gerry
I shouldn't. I know I shouldn't. But to know...to know - I must. [mouse clicking] Oh. God. It's worse than I feared. It's - [heavy breathing]  [coughing] What have I...I didn't think it would [coughing]  No. Please. I can't... [retching]  [muffled sobbing] [silence] [silence] [silence]
As you say:
Tried to do the thing with the stuff:  
Who cares it's dope as fuck
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