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BUTTERO SHOES AT PITTI UOMO 86: NOT JUST SNEAKERS Words and pictures by Jasper L Buttero is another brand which, like Barena, I failed to cover at Pitti 85 despite its obvious popularity. I figured I ought to rectify that, not least because I took a few pictures that I think you’ll like. Some of the stuff is pretty neat, so let’s get right to it: the most interesting and most attractive offerings this summer are the woven shoes. In my mind, the woven blue slip-ons are...
Nn, that looks v. Good. Silhouette is a nice slim, not tight; colors fit with that. Trad but corrupted. Who makes the ma1?
Positively advised because yolo
Yeah! The one with sort of dirty brown/blond hair. Good eye.
where's waldo fit:TOJ/Hanes/Uniqlo/CP [[SPOILER]]
Gowin's law holding strong
Yoox.com. Category: Dresses. Material: Cotton. Pattern: Floral. Adjust price to suit.
BARENA VENEZIA: WATER AND EARTH Words and pictures by Jasper L The Night Battles, Italian historian Carlo Ginzburg’s 1966 exploration of 16th and 17th-century Italian witch trials, deals with the benandanti (“the good walkers”) - the local visionary harvest-cults of the Northeastern Venice-Friuli region - and their persecution by the Roman Inquisition. The benandanti believed that, by virtue of being born with a caul around their neck, they had the power to leave...
Link to perforated vans?
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