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hahaha boy are you in for a ride. socialize him ASAP!
Nice. Let us know if you get them - I had been eyeing those because of the loose/tapered fit (which I have and like), but then forgot about them. I really like how wild the texture looks, though. 
yeah! come over and hang out. If nothing else we can take a lot of selfies. 
i just write dumb things as an excuse to post kpop gifs  
wait i like the shirt ?! looks super rad to me! let's be real who are you gonna trust me or nahnobody?     Nice boots, too - I always wanted some of those....
I dunno about "good styling," but I wear mine a LOT   
I don't believe I've ever gotten a sticker sole that actually has the Vibram brand on it. The only thing that has ever worn out is a boot heel. I really don't think it matters. If you ask, they'll often pull out sheets of the stuff so that you can compare thicknesses and colors. 
I might also pass, as tempting as it is. mostly because that piece looks to wear like a relaxed 3-button jacket rather than a chore coat, and 1) I can't really see you wearing it 2) the styling makes it harder to wear as a mid-layer than a work jacket would be. If you find that same (or a similar) fabric in a 4 or 5 button jacket, go for that, and then you can wear it under something else all winter long.    Also, you can check out Evan Kinori for some cool stuff in cool...
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