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I liked "The Pervert's Guide to Cinema," if you want accessible. (i.e. is not a book)
The only "sci-fi" I've read lately was the pattern recognition trilogy (have not read peripheral yet) and Idoru, but I think we probably talk about gibson too much. I like the rest of The Expanse, although I think they do go downhill. Number 2 is fun. I thought number 4 was weak.  Looking forward to reading 5 when I get the time. I am a major sucker for its brand of cliche, though. Here's a post about fantasy books I just made on brad's forum though:  [[SPOILER]]
We had a fantasy literature thread somewhere, right? Right?????
5 zip is perfect, ignore all other commentary and wear it into the ground
TIEBREAKER   fwiw I think we're all winners here   also, the Uniqlo gift card that @Parker sent me for the denim challenge is up for grabs in whichever future contest I deem worthy. Sadly, I have no Uniqlo stores near me. Gotta share the love.
 No. It all just seems so inauthentic when it's sitting on the fifth floor of a very well air-conditioned department store, across the hall from Margiela. The camper is in there, too - just, like, in the middle of the floor. I'd love to hear John Mayer croon about that shit. They didn't even have any fishing rods on display. 
I lost a (glued and tacked) heel on both my pairs. The leather sole is blake-stitched on these (I am 95% sure), so I am not sure how much risk there is of total and complete destruction. I just took both pairs in to my cobbler for repairs and resoling, and the uppers are doing just fine. I am...not easy on my footwear, either. 
ok but both are dope so good on you   did I mention that I visited the bisbim store/camper in tokyo? I liked the boots. Not so much anything else.
45. If you buy them you save me the bitter worry of wondering if I should. 
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