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Great post. The short answer from my experience is that No, it's no different on the streetwear side, except that often the brands are smaller and I can talk to the designers themselves rather than the PR agents. But the brand rhetoric is largely the same - "Easy to wear, all ages, goes with everything, dress it up or down." Interestingly, a handful of people I spoke to at June's show said they were considering ending their run at Pitti, precisely because it's gotten so...
JUN HASHIMOTO 2.0 AT PITTI 86: YOU CAN (NOT) UNDERSTAND Or, If Only I Could Use My Camera Words and pictures by Jasper L Part of what, in my mind, makes Jun Hashimoto such an interesting character is that - relative to most of the people at Pitti - he’s an obvious pragmatist. Well, he borders on cynical, really; and I respect him all the more for it. The last time we spoke he had brought a booth full of nothing but white shirts, and although he had shirts with him...
Any recommendations for something that smells like the inside of a tea shop during winter? Cozy bergamot, maybe? Something nice and romantic?
Np, and lemme know what you hear, because I wouldn't mind one in 52 either
I don't, no - sorry. I've just done it before with other designers. You could try INFO@ROBERTGELLER-NY.COM, the one listed on their site.
Maybe I missed this, but have you tried emailing Geller?
Good timing. Our Pitti interview with Wooster will be up next week. I like him, too.
Wow if that's te dries shirtblaZer I was just thinking about how I kinda wanted pne
Dude, if you've figured out a way to trade thumbs for dollars, hmu
To be fair, Stanley's nefarious plot was a ploy to receive useless internet popularity, not a product review.
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