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What kind of job do I need to be able to justify a suit like that, stitches?     also, canstyleace, tell us what you're wearing! Looks awesome. excellent house camouflage.   someone tell me how to do the @ thing in RTeditor
stitches I want that suit
goddamnit nn   (zips)
Today, I'm wearing Ambre Russe, which I bought a sample of last year, used up rapidly, and just now got some more - and am realizing I should have probably bought a much larger decant. I get a lot of vodka, honey, and amber (oh, and...beeswax? is that the same as honey?) out of this one - definitely some leather, too, and I like how the leather stays close to the skin. I can't say I can pick out the other notes that people on the internet seem to get from it (champagne,...
Big. For reference, the sample that I am wearing in the photos is an L, and I am 6'1, 185 with a 41-42" chest. 
do not seel the rrll
http://www.threedifferent.com/online-clothes-sales/men/Maison-Martin-Margiela/118108/1/Shoes/Sneakers/20/2/0/Maison-Martin-Margiela-Sneaker-Man.asp     250$ margiela trainers. yer welcome.
Happy sunniversary! If it was yours. If not, forget I said anything. 
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