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Looks really nice, but man - where's the art? Need some giant canvases in there!
Picture isn't working for me, but maybe just trying them with some boots (and keeping the stack) would work out better (I feel like the sneakers themselves are a bit jarring). Still not sure about the bomber/sweater combo here, though; everything seems quite tight around the waist but you're not getting the flare through the thighs that would offset it. Could just be the picture, of course, but maybe even just a longer knit (pulling it down, even?) would help. Perhaps the...
Shah posted a picture of the Godfather in reference to El Bert cold-offering a guy money for his Jil sweater. An offer. That he did not, ultimately, refuse. Are we done?
What's going on with the pants? Slightly flared (for boots)? Not sure I'm loving the proportions/silhouette on this one.
Cloak F/W 2006 M603 Double-Breasted Tuxedo Jacket.50% wool. 50% cotton, fully lined and canvassed, Beautiful and beautifully made in NYC (I believe by Greenfield, maybe finished in Cloak's workroom, someone correct me if I'm wrong!). Satin lapels and covered buttons, single button closure, functional (single) buttonholes, double vent. The jacket's constructed of several panels of fabric, which are visible in the pictures below. The flap pocket detail is set atop the...
Man, I hope so, but a 28 in those is probably crushingly slim....fingers crossed for you
Cloak fw06 DB shawl. I'll post more pictures tomorrow. Thing is niiice.
Fuck yes
@unbelragazzo owns an epic petrol blue aviator. Hopefully he'll post some photos sometime soon, because th thing is beautiful. They are quite slim (I believe a 54 was my size, and was still tight - I'm a 42). Really cool.
Holy....seriously? No wonder I couldn't figure out how the hell it worked. Sorry guys. Style it that way and the effect's the same, though!
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