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Pretty sure they already have women's patchwork stuff
yeah, JBJ high taper
dammit that's the one. fuck!
cheers, but neither long enough nor chimbley-sweep enough. I would like to look like an urchin wearing a well-cut burlap sack. Ideally a bel inconnu kind of situation, where I can roll up the sleeves and be a coal gremlin or wear a victorian high collar and hit people with a scrooge mcduck cane.         Speaking of, I am bringing the long coats thread back:  http://www.styleforum.net/t/439481/over-the-shoulders-under-the-knees-long-coats/100_100#post_8568379
Resurrecting this thread in time for fall drops. What's new with you guys? I have a schneider coat on the way this season that I'm looking forward to. 
Hey dude - first of all, thanks. Second, we'll make a wider announcement and do the front page stuff later in the week - rolling it all out in stages so we don't immediately reveal how incompetent we all are. But yeah, this'll be a better system than the Brief was. Much more straightforward, much more robust hosting than the forum software.
fall/winter/spring! I'm not looking for a blanket coat, though. not so heavy it doens't move at all. Thanks! also I'm in no rush since I'm broke and have too much clothing anyway. Seriously. I looked in my closet yesterday and had a serious WTF moment. 
Ha! I just found this photo from Monitaly's showroom last jan - maybe I should just get one of these?  
We all do! There are so many fascinating brands we have no exposure to, so it's great that you're taking the time to introduce a few of them. Keep it up!
Thanks, everyone. I had forgotten about Bergfabel, but I wish it wasn't also so goddamn expensive. Ziggy - I think - scratches the itch, but I don't know where you guys are seeing all this stuff on sale. I don't know if I've ever spotted any. Suppose the best thing to do is keep an eye open?
New Posts  All Forums: