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yeah that looks güd to me, knee bags (?) aside
Looks comfy? Except for the neck of the shirt, which looks really tight. You could easily replace the trainers with a pair of boots of your choice, and it'd look a lot sleeker.
I forgot I had this.
Hello friend, and welcome - you may have more luck if you reduce image size (you can use the native Styleforum uploader), and if you take your pictures in a more well-lit (w0w) better-lit space. as it is, it's very difficult to see anything.
Been a while without a @ghostface fit /batsignal
Okay, this one I have to ask about. As in, could you please share the recipe?
sooooooo what are the chances i'll ever find a zipper trench in size 52?
Nah, they are, but depending on the boots an 8" hem might be perfect or too small. Te MMM version is very floppy, those don't look like it. Might need a boot cut.
Realtalk: small children love paint-splattered sneakers. Never have people of any age been so fascinated by my shoes.
Okay, let's not do this. We did it once this month, and no, we should not do it again. Thank you, everyone, for your compliance. We will now move on, yes? Thanks.
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