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boots are god-tier, KG. So cool. 
Thanks, guys - appreciate the kind words.  @zxcvbn, a friend took 'em.     Here's an outtake I liked:  
  '                 Flavor text here  
  '        Your move, @in stitches  [[SPOILER]]    
Oh, Distorbiant! Nice to see you here. I didn't know you were buying a Vanson jacket!
Maybe just a "buddy" challenge, where the partner could be anyone at all?
 Remains to be seen - perhaps towards the end of the trip. Probably not enough time for a long tour, but maybe a quick escape is doable.
 Lol. Ask your wife to take a decent photo, will you?
Uh, what? I basically don't even know how to dribble a basketball. I did want to go to a J-League game, but it looks like they're on break while I'll be there. Dunno how common street footy is in Tokyo.   Yeah, I know you guys are kidding, but I'm definitely not going to have time to be hunting stuff down.  Any requests for "omakase" will result in highly-NSFW KawoShin doujinshi. On the other hand, @brad-t did just write us an excellent guide to buying from Japan, which...
Oh, and @Rosenrot !!
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