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Apparently, breakfast is not really a thing here unless you cook it. So sayeth the nicelynice, at least. But that right there was delicious so who cares.
Yeah, I have considered it before, but I do not have the stitching skills - or the fabric. YET tomorrow/saturday is fabric/vintage/milsurp shopping day in tokyo!
Thanks guys. Last Christmas, I bought her the piece of light blue aizome-dyed cotton on the bottom of the sleeve in the rosenrot picture. That scrap was about 100 years old, but I told her to use it for whatever she wanted. Somehow she got really immediately into indigo fabrics and sashiko stitching (she's a pretty incredible multi-medium artist, and was originally going to make a wall hanging out of it), but I have no idea how she decided she was going to start collecting...
Interesting. My incredible mother made it (!!!!!!!!!!) so I dunno how aware she is of current-season Junya. Well, I do know, actually - she would have no idea what "current season Junya" even means.
Apologies for the lateness, @nahneun, but here's some stuff from Day 2! (I am keeping some back for future use) I admit I'm struggling a bit with how to format these - I don't have quite as much time to scribble here as I'd like. Perhaps the best thing to do is just keep dumping photos! the synthese special, as worn by @therosenrot Big John denim - jeans from 1973, a selection of "vault" denim, and construction of the "Rare" line - a big thanks to Greg at No...
L: Carpe/Simpsons/Geller/Flip Flops M: ????/Carpe R: Boro jacket, Rick, Vans
Holy fucking shit rais that is unreal
Yes but I am running around doing very important things (talking to big John/ looking at some cool old jeans from their archive!)
Fly to Edinburgh, drive through Scotland/Northern England, see Hadrian's wall, stay at some small B+B's, visit castles, walk along rivers, go for hikes. Stop in York, spend a night or two at a manor of some kind, see the roman ruins and drive around the back roads. Hell with clothes!
  L: nerd shit R: Crosshatch Kamigata jacket, courtesy of @Epaulet, Mercer tee courtesy of @JohnElliottCo, old rick shorts, leather perf vans, 
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