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Uniqlo/whatever is fine for a shirt, but I'm not sure that's what Stitches has in mind. Stitchy, I want you to start buying random, weird shit on ebay and rakuten. Ann, plokhov, forme, damir, TVA, whatever. none of this OCBD garbage. Pants, too. think beyond jeans. Cast away your preconceived streetwear notions and give yourself up to the fashun.
FS, that is ultra weird but so, so cool. Like you're headed out for moloko plus with some devochkas before hunting down escaped replicants in a Prince video.
burn this thread to the ground
Oops I guess I meant naaate
Oh I thought you grabbed those
wow either I have shrunk several feet or you are terrible at taking pictures
Nice purchase. Glad someone grabbed those.
I would like to know which trousers, please.
Hold up. Is that shearling lined? that color is yes
New Posts  All Forums: