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Haha. Yeah, I've been idly watching that. Not really something I lust after, though. Would probably just go the vintage/repro route for that particular jacket if I did want one.      Now, the 04/05 elbow strap coat on the other hand...if anyone has an XL, let's talk.
dammit. nice.
I dunno. Ask Greg. I just remember that the L was teeny tiny.
Xl - you're a 48-ish right?
. Oh, sure. Ain’t that hard to come by “milk.” Grow some specialized yeast strains, let the lab boys do their magic, and you get a blend of proteins that looks and tastes almost as good as the real thing. Almost. But you want milk? Real, honest-to-Terra milk straight from the teat of a methane-farting cow? We-ell. You’d best be prepared to shell out a few thousand creds per Imperial liter - most of that’s going to taxes - taxes that ain’t doin’ much but padding the...
A reminder: if you're new to shopping services, Brad-T's guide is a great resource.
Buy these in XL. Wear with Wyatts and other western nonsense. Join me and Melo out on the final frontier.
Petition to change @nahneun's title to "Dickensian Milk-Boy" and @Rais's title to "Lactonaut"
 Yep, gonna take that and run with it. See you fools on the far side of Vesta station.
New Posts  All Forums: