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nope, never owned a single margiela sneaker before last week. wait, not true. i very briefly had a pair of og hi tops
I like the way those pants look - what are they? 
Well, that's wrong. 
As fun as that is to say, it's two pairs 
I'm a convert    
Lol those are absurd.     I want the white ones. 
Get them in easily-available sizes bigger than 43 and I bet you'd see them more! (hint hint) 
This is tangential, but Cayce Pollard in particular seemed like a writing exercise come to life - short, snappy prose devoid of pronouns that needed a character attached to it, and subsequently a book. I think you described Gibson, the writer, as "almost terminally gear-queer," and Cayce seems like a by-product of writerly gear-queerness. I would happily describe Gibson as an excellent writer and mediocre storyteller - otaku obsessions (to use what appears to be his...
No problem.  If you're interested in the Geller, and are a size 50 or 52 (this piece fits true), No Man Walks Alone has a great deal on the grey/charcoal version from this fall.  http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/zipper-blazer-in-dark-charcoal-melange.html
New Posts  All Forums: