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MOK, you would look wicked in Acronym. 
Just a reminder that you can order from www.hrm-eshop.com via email. You send an email saying what you want, they send you an invoice, you confirm and pay, and then hurray! Blue things arrive at your door. It's very easy. No proxy needed.   What this means is that in addition to buying Blue Blue Japan at Japanese retail (including pieces you can't find elsewhere), you can buy from all of Seilin's affiliated brands. If you like RRL (@Dirty Denim), maybe give Blue Blue...
What did you pick up? Really excited for more spring drops. 
Basically this. I am an xl and take a 4 in tops, 3-4 (L-xl) in bottoms. Hrm-eshop has measurements for most pieces if the site you're on doesn't.
I want to submit something but can't think of shit
You mean you're jealous of our bromance?
Can I get a "tips 'n tricks" for this?
Thanks, I guess. There goes another 300 bucks. On the plus side...blue blue japan? Because I really need more indigo outerwear....  fuck
Is that true? I seriously have no fucking clue if we walked or not. We must have walked. Even if we didn't, I am sure we did. 
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