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holy shit a legend returns
Agree. A beige/taupe/cream would look really nice, I think.
 Any more thoughts on the Nappi boots? From what I've seen, they look great, and I like the (at this point) traditional workboot shape. 
This is neither true of fashion consumers as a whole, nor of men's fashion consumers in particular. Especially since the "blogs/websites/social media" accounts are run by the stores themselves, or marketed through 3rd parties - whether in a traditional sense, or a creepy eyeball-scanning social media influencer sense. Think of gdl, who posted just above. How many brands have he and kyle introduced to their customers that they haven't seen elsewhere, particularly brands...
never before have i been so frustrated by my inability to grow facial hair
there is very little that scares me in the way that advertising scares me. Not like, high, keening fear; but deep, existential dread in the pit of my being
I thoroughly enjoyed this article:
the shirt is laudably incongruent
probably my favorite of yours, occulta
  git gud
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