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sorry, no offense meant or anything! I am an inch taller than you and weigh no less than 45 lbs more and my reaction was, vaguely, "how can this be." Perhaps I am denser than I give mself credit for.
Jeans/cords, non-indigo; trousers, any color, both slim/straight; jackets; slouchy blazer or flight jacket or DUDE COME ON LOOK AT ANY OF THE FITS IVE POSTED IN WAYWT THEY ARE THE SAME BOOTSalternatively, if they are an EU 44, hit me up. The white pair were my original desire way back when.
Well, yes, I have! I don't know. I guess it's like - I can respect what he's doing, but I just don't love it the way everyone else seems to? People have been asking me this question for years now, and I never know what to say.
You're right, it's not; I have a sort of love-hate relationship with Wes Anderson, but to put it bluntly it's mostly hate and is just not my thing.
I don't always wear clothing, but when I do
And come on, the scene in excalibur with teh flowers blooming and O fortuna playing? you can't beat that.
Haha, I totally remember that! Oh, man. I wish there were more awesome fantasy movies. This Tolkien fiasco is really not doing it for me.
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