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 This is seriously going to be my only comment on this, but go into a dior store and try on a pair of 19cm jeans. I am 99% certain you will look great.
obviously fools aren't understanding the magic of boots, shorts and high socks. Kyle, I request that you wear my submission and pose, triumphant, atop a mountain of NYC garbage bags.
I would guess that this particular blue model is able to provide support with a long-range positron cannon, but I worry about the tendency to go berserk and the possibility that the footbed contains the soul of a clone.
lmfao, I saw the title and thought "I wonder if the author hangs out on forums." Finished the article, saw the SZ/SF shouts, thought "Damn, I wonder if I know this guy." Checked author tag. Nice!
THere's always time to change
I'd wear this tomorrow in a heartbeat. Springtime has been very temperamental lately, with sun, wind, rain, hail, and snow all on the same day.         Monitaly Army Wool 5-Panel Cap         Lunettes Kollection "Ready When You Are"   Post-Imperial Adire Square ('round the neck it goes)         TS(s) Prussian Blue CPO (sleeves rolled)         Merz B. Schwanen Long-Sleeve Henley       Farnese Beige Canvas + Suede Belt       Niche...
@thefoxtooth post in SW&D's denim challenge!   Same goes for the rest of you nuts, mustachioed or otherwise.      http://www.styleforum.net/t/480253/sw-d-challenge-denim-24-may-2015/0_100#post_7864261
I was just thinking the same. I looked at it online last week and was wondering how it worked in person. Nice, skit lets. And shah. And kg.
Funny you say that, because ROUSes popped into my head
you gotta re-post that as its own thumbfarming device, rais - that beach shot is incredible
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