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Tthis is how I feel about all of my jeans, save one pair (of cloak straight cuts). Really don't feel like buying new denim though, at least until the fall.
Really comfy, but sometimes I feel a little self conscious about how they make my thighs look? Sort of a heavy taper right at the crotch maybe.
Ookay so here is something completely different Boglioli Hanes uniqlo MMM wow
Inverallan and W+H Mac sold. Thanks, everyone! Still some nice boots to be had.
Great question. I just assumed handmade with the aid of machines, but I haven't researched it further.
MR. HARE AT PITI UOMO 85: SHOES FOR THE HALF-DARK Words and pictures by Jasper L The second time I walked over to Marc Hare’s booth, in the far corner of one of the inanely-named pavilions (empty, no doubt, due to its lack of proximity to the packed espresso bar at the other end), I called him James, which is the name of his assistant. Really professional, right? A good way to begin an interview. Aside from that, everything went well. Except that it is really hard to...
Sorry man, must have slipped my mind. I'll get you some tomorrow or the day after, but I can tell you that it fits a 40/L despite being marked a 42.
Here is this. There are no proportions, and all is subsumed by the tube. The picture is not very good. Maybe I will get a chance to take a better one.
Tube concept
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