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You don't sound like a 45. I'd say 44 - I'm between an 11.5 and 12 and I wear a 44.
 Don't you fuckin' dare. Pretty soon it's gonna be 90+ outside and I am gonna be furious and miserable until october
Fuck yeah, those nonnatives are sweet
I dunno, man. I had never really bothered to think about them (I've worn APC for most of my denim days), but I tried on a pair a few months ago in the San Fran boutique, and, uh, couldn't actually believe how ridiculously good they looked (will ferrell voice). I guess whether you want to spend that much on a jean is totally up to you. I didn't really have a reason to do so at the time, but will probably go for it at some point in the future.  Anyway, they're not as...
The fuck? It's not an electron microscope. Hell, it's not even a fucking iPad. It's a pair of boots. You put them on your feet - except for the clothing, which you put on your body. Then you walk around, and I guess you probably smell your own farts and congratulate yourself or something.
fuck tokyo. I should go to montreal instead.  
embrace this route, stanley
   Which system are you on? I missed the bounty action over the weekend, but ran through the stories last night. Just as underwhelming as anticipated - I cannot believe how fucking lazy the single player is, or how pathetic the insistence on voiceovers makes the whole experience feel. If there were ever a way to ruin any suspension of disbelief, this is it. One cursory round in the PoE didn't exactly make me feel charitable towards the new system either, but I suppose I'll...
Seeing @psydle post a good-natured link to a pair of buttero sneakers makes me feel oddly warm inside
  This is really weird, but every MA+ jacket I've ever seen has a really particular MA+ smell. Couldn't figure out what it was at first yesterday. A guess a trick of the tanning, or something? Oh, and nice clothing you weirdo.
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