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spacemonaut sneakers         hand-dyed indigo shawl (size of a small rug), Africa, ~1950    
This is how I feel when I look out my car window every day  I had chipotle
Is that over in the steelyards?
I think closets are kind of a bad thing. It becomes really easy to hide stuff away, out of sight and mind. Diggin through the closet sounds, and becomes, a little bit daunting. If it were all just on racks in front of you, I wonder if we'd want as much. 
I have been mulling this over for a few days now, especially when I think about making sales threads. I don't really know how it all fits together, though.    1) I have a lot of "fun" stuff, but I usually reach for the same few pieces of clothing. Is it worth it to have the fun stuff? I often think about getting rid of all of it.  2) As I have acquired things, in this case clothing, I've realized that it's really stressful to own stuff. Not even cars or things that...
That said, I'm still going to buy a Cayce MA-1 at some point
  Spook country is practically the same book as pattern recognition, except without any interesting characters or the knife-edge prose that made the first book enjoyable. Pattern Recognition was interesting almost as an instantly obsolete reference to pop culture - hypertemporal to the point at which it became almost atemporal. Spook Country was the opposite: so bland it was unrecognizable as the era he was aiming for. And the "cool' in SC is too CSI: Miami for me; if the...
I read spook country yesterday, which sucked, and now am on zero history, about which the jury is out. 
what the hell. how do i join the club?
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