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Well, I can't speak for, like, golden retriever owners; but with shibas it's more like "Ask not what you can do to please my masters, ask instead how you can best manage to infuriate them and still get them to dote on you."
Yes, one-time special. She has the standard dark fur, too. It came out really, really nice."Masters?" Stitchy, you are misunderstanding our relationship. They allow us to live with them.
CWU-45/P + Women's A2
dogs are wondering where our faces went
They don't really reach the towering power chords of All White Rooftop, but they're a good mid-level background group.
If you're just looking for a grey MA1, there are about a billion brands that make them in a billion different styles. It just takes time to search. If you're looking for that particular ruching effect, Y-Project makes a similar piece, as does Byungmun Seo (shown here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/416374/guest-nation-south-korea-at-pitti-uomo-86/0_100). I know nothing at all about "Fear of God," but that piece looks exactly like a Rick MA-1 with scrunched sleeves. He did a...
Hey Fashunz,If you're using a phone camera and want to share stuff, there are a whole host of apps that add a timer to the camera function (if you don't have one already). Find a waist-height wall, and presto...
god damnit that niche coat
instead of doing things to your dries things send your dries things to me
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