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whoever got that boglioli field jacket...nice.
Still really waffling on this one, so not that inclined to listen to low offers, but if someone wants to offer retail for a size 52 CWU-45/P that's more or less brand new - and will arrive to your CONUS destination in three days rather than three months/years/decades - let me know. 
 Perhaps we can come to some...agreement
True, but this is also exactly how I address one of my dogs    such a majestic champion
this interests me
smash do we have the same size foot? CP 44/ US 11.5?
oh my god the unicorns are back   I remember telling David - I think at January's Pitti (yeah we're special like that) - that the only pocket square I have ever cared about was a Drake's unicorn square, but that I had never bought one and still felt the pain of its absence. He told me that "he had two," or something equally useless. Dick. 
god damnit rais that is so fucking cool it makes me want to cry
huh my ultra-secret internet-illuminati  chatgroup just shared that the other day. do want. techccp
wow I have a poster of farmer festus and mercury somewhere
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