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Yeah, except for the whole disgusting, misogynistic rape culture thing. The older I get, the less funny it seems.
Advanced club style tactics: accessorize!!!oh my god they want you to wear a fedora
Stanley you could do the same thing so easily with just a pair of navy cotton trousers (no cuff) and a pair of white vans slip-ons instead. In fact, I may do that. Maybe it will look terrible. I'll report back.
Well, I guess that means that me and P4 will be those two guys constantly checking their phones for score updates. @artishard116 sent me a friendly warning about how not to ride the subway and now I feel like walking to Brooklyn. Can you even do that? In my mind, New York is sort of post-apocalyptic already. There are volcanoes in the subway and zombies aboveground. Finally, no one has said anything about dinner. I was hoping the locals could chime in on this one - is...
Junhashimoto and Lost & Found are definitely on my list right now. I wonder if Jun is bringing more than white shirts this time around. Barena and Buttero as well, of course, and Haversack was very impressive in January, so I'm looking forward to seeing what they have this time around. Don't let the unbelievable length of the list of exhibitors crush you completely: there are definitely some interesting brands that show up at Pitti; it seems like perhaps you just never...
Dunno about pleats but my go-to dress trousers are navy blue (slim) cotton. Wear with white and grey and burgundy and whatever the fuck else you want
Couple weeks ago I got both rain and pulled pork on my suede T1. No rain spots, but I now have a waxed suede cuff on one arm. so edgy. maybe I should barbecue the whole jacket.
wow i really want those primeknits
I stopped reading the books long ago, but if you haven't figured out how things work in GoT yet there's no hope for you.
Drew move to Sweden
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