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Does anyone else ever feel inclined to start dressing in as terrible taste as possible? I'm not talking about slovenly dadwear or anything, but like...completely, intentionally ridiculous and atrocious outfit combinations? I can't even think of an example. But fuck-you clothing, and not in the instagrammy peacock way. Actual bullshit, you know?    I went to a casual after-wedding brunch with a friend of mine over the summer, and she declared that she first had to change...
  The Scour-Sands that howled across the pitted surface of Jalok, a backwards desert-planet located near the center of the Seventeenth Ancillary Perdition of Her Illustrious Majesty's Imperial Protectorate, had immediately filled Eig's rebreather with chafing, choking dust upon his arrival. Despite the traditional parasol he had brought from his tropical homeworld and the eye-shades he had been ordered to carry with him on his Exile, the sun and wind had inflicted upon his...
No, sorry. You're looking for the Right Dishonorable Association of Urchinous Chimbley Sweeps. Down the street, to the left, and in the gutter. I hear that bonuses to membership with them include access to the finest in throat-wracking hooch, stale ends of crusty bread, and the occasional generous widow. 
It'll open up tomorrow! No worries. You're all invited. 
omfg @eazye that dries shirt. I have been trying to get my hands on that pajama thing for years. Looks awesome. Thumbs up.     Also I now desperately want to hang out with @eglbc 
"Perfect putty." Non-greasy, smells nice, matte finish. Lots of flex. ANd doesn't make your hands feel disgusting when you touch your hair. 
 It's like you spent thousands of dollars to look like every single busker on pearl st
Can second Kevin Murphy, as well as "Fatboy" products.
He's beginning to suspect, I think.
@Rais, level with us - are you human?
New Posts  All Forums: