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Reason #57 to shop at NMWA
The 4 fits me just like my other 4 outerwear (sashiko coat) does - a solid xl. Very comfy, not tight at all. Plenty of room for a layer or two. It's awesome - perfect weight for spring.
So, @Rosenrot just started the new SW&D challenge, and all of you should join. Because it is nuts.
So in.
Quick pic of the Stretch moleskin DB that showed up at my door today...killer piece.
NicelyNice that is so good. Love that it's so much more friendly/playful than the way most of those brands are usually styled.
Off to look at orchids
Some NMWA today: Quilted ts(s), Drake's licorne, Eidos Sal
Linen popover with rolled sleeves?Can't see you in polo, but unless you're Get Smart I dunno how you wear a short sleeve shirt
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