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I have no comments about edginess, but everything is so skinny it hurts me to look 
Describe what you mean by techwear and real pockets - I have yet to find a short that you describe that DOES have real pockets. But trye Nike and uniqlo - I have a pair of short-inseam cargo shorts I got there last year.
Sites don't really matter - the rule is that the only listings you can post (of your own product) have to be SF-hosted. And you still can't spam them. Very much a fine line, play-by-play kinda thing. 
ok yeah i want that
Yeah, that's awesome. Well done.
brown suede birk bostons
Rad, dude. I think it's cool how wholeheartedly you've embraced this.    Random thought, but a year or two ago @spacepope and I decided  at the last minute to see Dir En Grey live (really, it was because @brad-t told me it would "change my life" - and it did), but they were wearing almost entirely rick and julius. It was awesome, and totally added to the show. By contrast, when I went and saw The Sword a few months ago (one of my favorite bands), they were mostly in gym...
@conceptual 4est I hope you're taking notes
That looks really nice (color is great), but I don't know why you're buttoning it that way. Try buttoning the middle 2/3 buttons instead, and leave the lower ones undone (here's a link to show what I mean: http://dieworkwear.com/post/14514798204/valstar-and-ring-jackets-blousons). Hard to tell if there's anything "troubling" about the fit in the pictures you've shown (as the armholes don't look particularly low in either photo), but it's more about the way the piece feels. 
http://www.indigoheritage.net/#!product/prd2/4484411721/boro-levi's-trucker-jacket @dieworkwear
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