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Oh goodness that dries blazer
Nice, cotton dockers. Very nice. Svb, I agree with all comments about the suit. Perhaps you should look into MARGIELA which I hear fits everyone perfectly. I would like it better with an unbuttoned white shirt and a pair of boots, but I recognize that I am predictable and boring.
I messaged @nicelynice a month or two ago asking him to tell me more, after trying on a pair of incredibly kick-ass pants at Patron of the New - only to learn that @pickpackpockpuck had had a similar experience only days prior. Very interested, especially because as size 4 (!!!) in the bottoms seemed to fit me perfectly.
I believe I noted the exact same thing. I'm glad to see the interview up, and I'm glad that I didn't get a chance to do an SW+D one - I wouldn't have had a clue what to ask about, and wouldn't have had a clue what Antonio was talking about anyway.
I desperately need @nicelynice's cropped *Kolor trousers
Hi, What size are you in band of outsiders? It's possible the photo could be tailored to fit like jcrew
So help me I desperately want all the blamain jackets
This is one of the more fascinating things I've read on this forum in a while
Does anyone have an idea where I could find some relatively light, 50/52 slim cotton trousers in a grey-ish color? Have to go to a wedding, refuse to spend much, and yoox is failing me.
they were on Slam Jam Socialism (from whom I've never purchased before, but Fok seemed confident about them) for 80$ plus shipping. I think my size (UK11, I hope) was all that was left. There might be some more in the cement/burgundy colors.
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