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that's 100% awesome, and a way better answer than i would give
Petition to change nahneun's title to "Dirty Ajusshi"
There is a place for customs/import questions:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/328145/official-customs-duties-and-international-shipping-questions-and-stories-thread/0_100
have you looked at margiela/balenciaga?
Thanks, guys - @dieworkwear I like those OL's. Hm. Maybe I'll start with the budget play and see if I can stitch (ha!) something together. 
Thanks! But does Levi's denim still feel like sandpaper soaked in fabric softener?
Looking for lightweight pre-washed blue jeans. Loose in the thigh, slightly elongated crotch, tapered, and cropped. Soft and comfy. Don't want heavy selvage stuff, but don't want H&M. What are my options? Thrift some 501's and be daring with a sewing machine?
I am not, nor will I ever be, the Styleforum robot. The truth is that neither Fok nor I know who runs that account - or even if it's human. We didn't make it, and it only communicates via PM. Some say the Styleforum Robot is our database made sentient. Some say it can only type through the bodies it commands. Some say we are all the Styleforum robot, and it picks random users to log into the yawning chasm that is its account. Some say that when it is finished with its...
I like both (those sprezz guys are SF members), but have been wanting to start our traveling account again - but seriously, some of you guys take worse pictures than Fok does.  Even so, let's do it. Want to host? Get at me, or at @StyleforumRobot.
great stuff, @onitaps and @shoreman1782 
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