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 the spice must flow
nn i think those look great, red and all
I have taken to bringing a (very large) cotton shawl around with me and draping it over myself like a total weirdo when it gets chilly. In the mornings I also wear it as a skirt.   But, uh, straps are good too.
when you zip it up like that, it looks perfect for the time on Sprockets when we dance
Hi guys,   I have posted this elsewhere on the forum, but will do so here as well as a reminder. The only place you are allowed to post a for-sale advertisement is in a thread in our classifieds section, and in your signature. That includes, in this case, both jackets and "spots." This has not changed, despite the current overall vibe of this thread. Again, it's not just because it's against the rules - it's bad for our little community. Let's not invite the forum...
I'm a 44/ 11.5
I want tornadoes. Shocking news. 
 I pull them, screaming, from the void that lives around the ugly skein of our three dimensions. 
Once, about two years ago, I went to a pirate-themed party, and for the finishing touch to my dashing ensemble I saturated myself and the neckerchief I was wearing in Jicky, thereby completing my transformation into a delightfully charming swashbuckling hero. I got a headache, and I haven't worn Jicky since.   UNTIL TODAY, when I am wearing Jicky, and am feeling largely indifferent to it.        
...does blue count
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