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I wish. It's the kind of thing I'm always looking for, too. Get Nicelynice to make a thread. Snowpants come to mind, and I think those are like ~300 new.
Do we have a comfy pants/ NicelyNice's favorite pants thread? Because we should.
Stitches. I've had a realization. You need pants in the style that NicelyNice favors; loose and high-waisted with a sharp taper. I dunno about the cuffs puddling on those boots, or about the whole untucked shirt thing. Mostly the cuffs. I am picturing tucked shirt +belt, trousers with slight drop crotch and sharp taper + staxx. Wouldn't look "too SW+D."
I would really love to have some more of this.This is previous-level, as the kids say, but I am wearing and getting a perverse joy out of burberry london today. I have been missing the UK, and I dunno that it helps, but...there you go? Makes me think of freezing-cold walks while there's folks out shooting, though, so there's that at least.
random fashion thought re: the robert geller thread what's the idea behind making clothes that run tiny? do you think that's something that's gonna change as people realize that men's fashion is, uh, popular? like, for people who are not model-sized? or am i screwed forever?
wow instant win with the vest bruh. You gonna be outside Afterlife later? I need to hire some mercs.
Well, I can't speak for, like, golden retriever owners; but with shibas it's more like "Ask not what you can do to please my masters, ask instead how you can best manage to infuriate them and still get them to dote on you."
Yes, one-time special. She has the standard dark fur, too. It came out really, really nice."Masters?" Stitchy, you are misunderstanding our relationship. They allow us to live with them.
CWU-45/P + Women's A2
New Posts  All Forums: