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gold for u señor
I don't like anything resembling a polo, but it seems like it'll fit with everything stanley wears - can I recommend solid blazer, worn APC jeans and boots?
...this is not an accident
Nice. Carnal Flower is so good. 
Enjoying a couple of No Man items today: ts(s) quilted blazer - and, thanks to my girlfriend, the Unicorn square no longer eludes me!    [[SPOILER]]
 drake's/ts(s)/blue blue japan/apc/mmm/ l'artisan al oudh ever-so-slightly-out-of-focus  [[SPOILER]]
please make this happen
nice, Kg. That's great.      L: lupine "hearts" collar | LM: blue blue japan, uniqlo, jcrew, chloe | RM: blue blue x 2, APC, MMM | R: black and tan sheeb no vis
right on broseph excellent approximation of marshmallow and/or fetal position
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