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A selection of boots that look vaguely like Nonnative x OC Boots (keyword: vague), currently on sale at Mr.Porter:   1. Officine Generale 2. Armando Cabral 3. Tom Ford 4. Givenchy (I have a weird attraction to these) 5. Margiela (almost bought these)
No, but I'm going to bookmark it now. Thanks!
the worst part about reading these lists is realizing how much i bought this year
Does anyone on the forum have a pair of Margiela's wool klein blue trousers from a couple seasons back?
Yeah, a suede jacket or an A2 for the old guys with money, or more usually a lined denim T1/T3. Although sometimes you see the harley dudes wearing exactly that with an 80's fringed DR. It's kind of a shared look between the multiple-generation ranchers, the migrant workers, and the Mexican vaquero folks. People think "slim" jeans are relatively new, but the 60 y.o. sun-beaten ranchers out here have been wearing wrangler/lee stovepipes since forever, all of them with holes...
That's a really familiar western american (where I live) look, so maybe it's predisposition but I'm kind of a sucker for that. 
I've been trying to justify those Jonah boots since you first sent them to me, and so far haven't been able to. I think they'd go pretty nicely with your chunky-RRL-cardigan setup, but I do really like how snake oil has styled them a bit more rock n' roll. For 600$, someone here should probably buy them. 
 You want that taupe kinda color? Or you just want a white trainer? If it's the latter, maybe check out epaulet's take on the gat?
The OC x NN boots run 1 size large
The OC ones definitely go up to 44 (source: my closet)
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