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First "fashion" purchase in forever:  
THe answer is obviously to remove torbjorn from the game entirely, because he's worthless and everyone who plays him is too
I feel so vindicated.
Weird question: any blonde roast coffees on amazon prime day i should take advantage of?
What the hell?! Those boots look great. Very jealous. Do you tell him exactly what you want?
So...played some ranked Overwatch matches for the first time. Largely, pretty fun (on console). The attack the objective maps, at least. However, the escort missions still have one giant problem: Torbjorn.   I know he's been nerfed hard, but it doesn't appear to make a difference. Every single team that's defended against me has, to a unit, used 3 turret classes - usually 2-3 torbjorns, sometimes a bastion in there, and you just. can't. get. past. Half the time they're...
buy shorts too. no ragrets. 
 First of all, your rig sounds very standard, so I would resist the urge to make it "fun" or "interesting" and instead play to your strengths with a relatively conservative getup. You'll look better than you would otherwise, and even if you don't look all young and hip and high-fashion and stuff people will appreciate that you look good. Tie: No on the tie. There's no reason not to check SF's B&S for a suitable wedding tie, which will likely look better with a medium...
Yeah, I admire the idea but I guess I don't know how I feel about this. Hopefully some good vintage stuff gets posted.
Just to follow this up, a lot of the stuff posted on the SF instagram is reposts from other user accounts that tag things with #styleforum. So, if you guys are posting rad stuff on instagram, you could...tag it with #styleforum so that the self-aware entity that runs our social media accounts notices it.
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