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Sorry, yes, they do also produce in Hungary. To my knowledge, the Atelier collection is made in France, but I don't know if that's the only line made in l'hexagone, or what the ratio of shoes to production areas is.
HESCHUNG SHOEMAKERS AT PITTI UOMO 86 (AND 85) Words and pictures by Jasper L Heschung isn’t exactly an unknown quantity. They’re an old, respected brand, they’ve done collaborations with forum darling Yuketen, and they’re carried by forum affiliate (and favorite) No Man Walks Alone. That’s great and everything, but I was sitting at my computer thinking “What the hell can I really say about Norwegian welts?” and at first, I was having trouble thinking of...
Just a friendly reminder that @agvs has started the next streetwear challenge: TEXTURES http://www.styleforum.net/t/418064/sw-d-challenge-textures-9-9-14-9-23-14/0_100 Fall is just about here, so I'm sure you can think of something interesting to wear. Maybe?
You can see what I meant in the photo of him holding the microphone. It's not "Harnden," but that particular jacket (and the wrinkled glen plaid) is very much taking on that whole, I don't know, pre-industrial revolution English hobo thing, or whatever you want to call it. I didn't find it offensive.
Stephan Schneider "Album" scarf. Shawl. Whatever. Nice and toasty, regardless of nouns. Close-up of scarf texture:
Really like both of those, nicelynicedid not expect to be wearing this in september [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, I think 5 is his biggest, and I'm not sure it would fit a 52. I don't have any experience with any of it, though - and he's very adamant about things fitting tight.
I wish. It's the kind of thing I'm always looking for, too. Get Nicelynice to make a thread. Snowpants come to mind, and I think those are like ~300 new.
Do we have a comfy pants/ NicelyNice's favorite pants thread? Because we should.
Stitches. I've had a realization. You need pants in the style that NicelyNice favors; loose and high-waisted with a sharp taper. I dunno about the cuffs puddling on those boots, or about the whole untucked shirt thing. Mostly the cuffs. I am picturing tucked shirt +belt, trousers with slight drop crotch and sharp taper + staxx. Wouldn't look "too SW+D."
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