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Are you talking about the thumbnail/thread picture? If so, those are Margiela's "Argentine Military" boots, which Regis wears a lot. 
Oh, mi amigo, you are going to like it. Yes, I will - and a bunch of other stuff, because it turned out that Christophe was in when we were and we hung out for a while. You should - no, you need to go.
New thread is up - Have at it!
YOUR CONTENDERS:                 
Isn't that part of the fun? Bonus points if you don't wear a tie.
 I have always thought that the suede chukka looks pretty cool with cropped pants or trousers, and is otherwise kind of uninteresting.
Well, I'm glad we managed to foil the better-dressed entries by virtue of explosions. We'd be great politicians. How does a "Suits with Boots" challenge sound?
Good. Don't enter.
Wait seriously? This I cannot wait to see.
Looks incredible, mate. Well done. 
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