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Our Legacy bores the shit out of me and feels so meh in person         IN MY HUMBLE OPINION
 Embrace the thigh
Wow. I don't remember seeing those shorts, but boy howdy are they good. Linen safari shirt + tent short + boot. 
Yesterday was Guerlain Rose Nacré du desert, which I believe was a recommendation from l'inc. Man, it's good. I have only worn it a couple of times, and will have to do so more.   Today was kind of a blustery spring day, so vetiver extraordinaire seemed good again. 
Holy shit there's a flashback. I still call heel-and-toes "Dave Shifts"
I can think of almost nothing more uncomfortable than a collared shirt under a sweater
I am going to DTO that outfit tomorrow
 Click on your Username in the top right corner, select "preferences," then scroll down and make sure that "Receive Email Notifications" is checked. Then save your preferences. 
 I second this. The sun is killing me.
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