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Wool gabardine - tried it on in NYC and it seemed to fit TTS; hopefully I have better luck than with these boots.
MISMO BAGS AT PITTI UOMO 85 AND 86: EMBRACE YOUR INNER DANE Words and pictures by Jasper L Over the last year, I’ve found that it’s even more difficult to write about accessories in a meaningful way than it is to discuss clothing. Often, how items such as bags feel in your hands is the most important feature, and if you’re shopping on the internet, its knowledge you won’t have until you’ve made a purchase. I’ve seen more bags than I can remember that look great but...
Yeah so these came and are fake. Yay! Let the fun begin.
They're not really cut that way, ime - loose in the thighs and the top, tapered (or not) from knee down. But yes, it's more or less a moot point, because I barely fit into any Julius and I think I'm a few sizes smaller than you. Still, think of it as a moodboard. Make it work. Etc.
julius combat boots julius cargos for that orbital drop grindcore dad swag
Good, but man, the biz-cas pants! I need you to start wearing, like, julius gasmasks or something. It's like the top is always awesome but sometimes the pants feel like an afterthought, you know what I mean?
I admit to being a little bit taken by the last couple of AW Belstaff seasons etc.
going to style all of this exactly like yoox [[SPOILER]]
denim is too hot in summer and too cold in winter and is largely useless and yet I still seem to mostly wear it. something is broken.
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