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I'll take a better picture of them someday. And I definitely plan to abuse them, so I will certainly report back with any construction issues as well.
Was just there today. Some nice deals on Eidos Napoli - 40-50% off suits and jackets. More in store than what you see online.
 Same. I picked the sage, which I have been eyeing for the whole season (hard for me to 'justify' tailored clothing), and it was everything I could do to not add some Barbanera tasseks to my cart at the last second. What is happening to me. 
It's comin'. Turns out @LA Guy and I may have (surprise, surprise) stretched ourselves a bit thin over the past few weeks, so it's on the late side. Always learning, you know?
fuck no
Beginning? Did you forget which website you had open?
Thanks. It's in the hell-stage now. My plan is to grow it out, braid one side of my head, and become a viking.  I have smiled exactly one time previously. The stock market fell 500 points.  That is one of her coats from the upcoming season. I don't have the line sheet in front of me, but I believe it's called the "Slouch Coat." Unfortunately, there is a good chance you'll only be able to find it in Japan. 
oh my god i trusted you
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