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Yeah. They hit me right at the ankle bone - keep in mind I'm wearing boots there, and that the slightly extended rise makes the inseam appear shorter on paper. 
No idea how big it goes, but I don't think I've seen anything with a 48" chest. I have a 42" chest, and find that XL tends to fit me very well. That doesn't help you, of course, but I wouldn't lose hope. If you check the HRM eshop, they'll list measurements, and even if they don't stock anything larger than an L (often the case) you can usually extrapolate to XL (carried by other stores) based on the sizes they do list. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the unlined...
And they are PERFECT. Exactly what I wanted. 
probably, because it's awesome. Never fear - there will be more awesome blue things. I have foreseen it. 
BBJ, Epaulet noragi, Niche pants, Nonnative büts
Reason #57 to shop at NMWA
The 4 fits me just like my other 4 outerwear (sashiko coat) does - a solid xl. Very comfy, not tight at all. Plenty of room for a layer or two. It's awesome - perfect weight for spring.
So, @Rosenrot just started the new SW&D challenge, and all of you should join. Because it is nuts.
So in.
Quick pic of the Stretch moleskin DB that showed up at my door today...killer piece.
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