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Someone buy royal blue belted dr. Or red. Fuck. Anyway I'm glad to see you guys doing this. Best of luck, and all that!
80's Armani is so good. It's unreal. Does anyone make that silhouette these days? Real silent killer steez. Real ninjas would wear.
Hey Guys,   As a(nother) friendly reminder, you may not advertise your for-sale goods outside of the "Buy & Sell Forum," except in your signature. Again, let's not get the moderators involved.
Which was your favorite powerpuff girl though? Buttercup, obviously. 
I have only seen a (tiny) selection of Frank Leder in person one time, but Arj's words and No Man's buy make me think I need to scoot over to NYC this fall. Really cool to see you guys stocking him.  That great coat looks unbelievable. 
denver squad assemble   vintage shop coat game on lock
That was the one piece I wanted and stupid Kyle didn't even get it in a 52!!! Buy the matching pants, damn you!
 Again, it's fair to like what you like, but having 4" of room in a jacket body isn't loose - especially if it's a piece you're hoping to layer under, and, y'know, move afterwards. 
Well, to each his own, but I think you've got a serious case of the Nudies. By which I mean you seem to think that "fit" means "as close to skin-tight as possible." That jacket a) is rad and b) looks great on you there. It's not "too big" by any stretch - it's just a shape you're not used to, which is not skin tight. I think it's too bad you let it go.
Bruh you goofed
New Posts  All Forums: