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It's ok. My wimpy calves let me squeeze into Julius cyborg akira gear.
It is a cloak shirt and it is really cool and really comfortable and i like it a lot and alex told me i looked good in a normcore kinda way
I honestly don't know the name of the place, but all we needed was some 100% natural fabric to bring with us. They do industrial dyeing as well - some big names you might recognize send their fabrics there for dyeing. So it was very cool to be able to use the facilities - not super cheap, but very worth it.
What a great post! And I'm flattered, honored, and ecstatic that some random pictures I took of myself got you started (seriously). May your sneakers live a long and happy life.
I will have to let Alex answer that, since I have no idea. Many thanks for the kind words, penance!
I got beaten to the Tobias joke, but that doesn't mean our photos from Japan aren't worth looking at: http://www.styleforum.net/t/496703/styfojapan-photo-journal-for-those-who-dont-know-this-means-styleforum-in-japan/0_100#post_7942614
One of the StyFoJapan "appointments" I was most excited about was our plan to go dye some stuff blue. And not just any blue - no, Alex and his wife arranged a visit to a traditional dye-house, where we were able to dip our stuff in the purest of the pure - 100% natural indigo dye, harvested in the north, fermented in what is technically still Tokyo. Tokyo, I say, although it took us an hour and a half in a rental car, Alex behind the wheel, to get to the part of "Tokyo"...
You guys are following the Instagram, right? @styleforum - everyone is now blue.
LIKEWISE first stop: breakfast/coffee/tamago sandwich/anmitsu Shibuya at night. 15 year-old me is screaming UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT OF LOVE
Sadly, it was definitely too small - I could stand straight but not really move me arms. Size 3, though - a bigger size probably would work. A little redundant with what I was wearing, though!
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