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Yeah, I ordered a router from amazon and it showed up today. Got tracking almost instantly.
EIDOS NAPOLI: FOR THE (LESS THAN) IDLE Words and pictures by Jasper L As David has recently completed a three-part interview with Antonio Ciongoli of Eidos Napoli, this seems to be an opportune moment for me to chime in with my own impressions - which, make no mistake, are those of an ignorant neophyte. Most of what I do at Pitti involves wandering around, looking at things, and deciding which of those things look awesome. That’s about the extent of my sartorial...
I do. And I will.
white canvas mmm boots obvious choice (or perforated)
matt bring ur rad sweatahhh 2 my house and i will lend u some clothes and then u will look liek space hobo ftw
jesus christ gtran has rocketed to the top of my must-meet list over the past few months
Space crew activate [[SPOILER]]
Hold up, KKA Cubans look very interesting
Well, I don't know about High-Def, but I have these:
Just as a note, our SW&D coverage of Pitti 86 is finally starting! The very first article, on GRAY knitwear, has just been published. I hope you enjoy, and keep an eye on the homepage carousel for more articles. http://www.styleforum.net/t/406448/gray-knitwear-at-pitti-uomo-86/0_100
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