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Well, that's wrong. 
As fun as that is to say, it's two pairs 
I'm a convert    
Lol those are absurd.     I want the white ones. 
Get them in easily-available sizes bigger than 43 and I bet you'd see them more! (hint hint) 
This is tangential, but Cayce Pollard in particular seemed like a writing exercise come to life - short, snappy prose devoid of pronouns that needed a character attached to it, and subsequently a book. I think you described Gibson, the writer, as "almost terminally gear-queer," and Cayce seems like a by-product of writerly gear-queerness. I would happily describe Gibson as an excellent writer and mediocre storyteller - otaku obsessions (to use what appears to be his...
No problem.  If you're interested in the Geller, and are a size 50 or 52 (this piece fits true), No Man Walks Alone has a great deal on the grey/charcoal version from this fall.  http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/zipper-blazer-in-dark-charcoal-melange.html
Wings and horns isn't going to be anything like the ann, though. You might look for Forme d'Expression on sale, which, although less romantic, may have some of the drape that you're looking for. And they tend to be anonymously unstructured, too - you could probably wear one with just about anything. If you like that W+H version, you could also try a zip blazer from Robert Geller, which toes the line between blazer and outerwear. 
Will you post more pictures of them plz
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