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  That's interesting. I know that there are a few places that sell nice shearling jackets (repro style) for under 2K. Obviously different from you guys, but I do wonder if you could put something together for 1-2k. Probably a very moot point, as I doubt that's your customer (neither repro dudes nor dudes willing to spend 1.5k+ on a jacket). Would be cool to see, though. 
@Gerry Nelson Holy crap that's good - love it from top to bottom. Unsurprising, I guess.
Lol. Obviously you do not understand the depths of my RPG OCD.  Anyway, the more I play it the more I like it. Still no Gwent, still pretty overwhelming, but I am really impressed by the depth of the mythology. Feels good to play a game with an actual story, even if I'm lost. My only sort-of complaint is that I have an idea of how I want to play the character, but that I sort of can't tell which dialogue option will get me what I want because they're all, like, "I'm such a...
Got Witcher 3 during the xbone sale. I've never played any of the other Witchers (I have never witched before?), so I have no fucking clue what's going on. And no clue how any of the mechanics work. I guess that's ok though? I like having to think about every engagement and research stuff. And even if the movement mechanic feels incredibly cumbersome (I am so sick of my fucking horse getting stuck on shit already), I like that you feel as though you're interacting with the...
Yeah, awesome buy you guys. You've got the piece of the season there with the quilted sashiko coat. Absolutely beautiful, shattered I can't buy it. I'm sure someone will!
Trying to snag a deal on a 27" computer monitor that can handle some light photo work as well as console gaming - anyone have any solid recommendations?
paging @Ivwri @g transistor 
Is that Margiela? Looks great
not dirty, just a grey uniqlo sweat. Jeans are APC petit standard, almost 7 years old and mostly held together by darning thread and patches. 
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