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Black oud was my favorite - but I'd even rather wear Midnight Oud or Dark Rose (not that that's a direct comparison)
I wear Ouarzazate regularly, and still love it, but it is frustratingly fleeting. The Chanel is Coromandel, which I find excellently alluring, exciting and dirty, although @Parker claims it's too fem for him. The other regulars are: Midnight in Paris, which is next to nothing on Amazon right now and must be one of the best fragrance deals; Portrait of a Lady, which is somewhat bombastic but exceptionally well-balanced if you like roses; Violet Blond, which I always want to...
Man, I don't even know what that means. There's a better chance that I'll be wearing a skirt than a tie of any color. But if you're rocking it, I'm sure it'll look great. @Ken P, you should definitely come on up. It'll be an experience, I'm sure.
I...like those wilhelm sandals
This means you're coming, right?
Anyone want to hang out in New York?
To all my workwear, menswear, gothninja, ameritrad, prepcore, normcore, dieselpunk, urbanchic, and otherwise fashionably (or anti-fashionably)-inclined brethren, No longer must you live in solitude. No longer must you leave your homes solely in the company of similarly-dressed individuals. No longer must you bemoan the fact that all of your friends live on the internet. There is a place for you. GENTRY NYC on JUNE 12 in NEW YORK CITY from 6:00-8:00PM followed by DINNER...
Perfumed court has a 20% code right now. I just made an order of some new things to try: Ta'if, rose nacree du desert, voleur de roses, fou d'absinthe, and mechant loup Distorbiant, check out the fragrance thread if you want more info/recommendations. A lot of really knowledgable people over there.
Working through a Lutens sampler, and am wearing Cuir Mauresque, today. Would you know what I meant if I said that it is a maybe somewhat...literal? Not making me dream of grander things, even though it smells nice.
New Posts  All Forums: