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Only issue with "body type" is that for dudes like Benesyed (and me) that stuff straight up isn't going to fit. Ghostface, that is. Otherwise, it's more a question of having an eye for the pieces.   Schneider, btw, seems pretty far on the opposite spectrum to what those guys do. Rarely do they do "clean." Lots of breaks in the outfits - texture, shape, length. Schneider, at least the way benesyed has been doing it, is kind of like an endless cascade of fabric - and that...
with the beard it's very sean connery
Margiela coat, sz 50    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mens-Maison-Martrin-Margiela-10-MMM-Shawl-Overcoat-Thick-Tweed-Wool-5040-/121568318305
Cloak shirt: Fuck Yes.          Scarosso suede Jodhpur boot:       Quick thoughts on the boot: for 215$, I am very happy. Would I go out of my way to buy again? No. Do I think they're perfect for me? Yes. 
So, whenever I see sakabukuro, it's just the fabric - or the old sake bag. Who made yours into a tote?
Yup, same. I played T1 until the bitter end, when the only servers left were the ones left in basement. 
I stopped caring about PC games after Tribes 2
   Hi @Father of One, just to clarify a bit if you're new - MTO would mean "made-to-order," and AV means "Affiliate Vendor." That's a vendor who has a presence on the forum, meaning that you can go into their thread and speak directly with them.
http://www.acrnm.com/collections/acronym-all/products/j40-ch Whoever does their copy likes Gibson, too
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