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I think I'm going to go trout fishing this weekend! Have some new waders that have been sadly neglected. 
Excellent thread. Fascinating, particularly from the perspective of someone who knows very little about CM dress. Moar!
Dropping by to say that your boro blazer is stunning, @Chinorlz. In my eyes, that material/fabric might fit the shape of the piece better than any of the others.
He took us to a lesbian billiards bar in Paris after we got turned away from the Capsule party by a guy whose name I assume was something like "Thorvold," but I guess that's a story for another time. Yes, he is very nice.
i can hear fireworks?
Got to see BBJ FW16 in Paris...can't share product photos til July, but...DAMN   Re: bleeding dye, my solution has just been to make sure everything else I'm wearing is also blue. Problem solved!
even better when you realize it's not flowcharts who is screaming, but the world.
Finally getting around to putting up some Paris narratives - more to come in the weeks ahead, so hope you guys enjoy.   part 1 :  http://www.styleforum.net/a/paris-mens-fashion-week-part-1
A strange light had been coming from #40 for weeks; but the warmest winter in memory had already passed before anyone thought to remark that it was a color never seen before, and that the stars had started to wink it back. Rats abandoned the city, no one slept. 
I'll take a better picture of them someday. And I definitely plan to abuse them, so I will certainly report back with any construction issues as well.
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