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@conceptual 4est: 
Any of the SW+D crowd going to be at Pitti next week?
Artisanal delivery, no less. Congratulations!
fuck yes
Thanks, Greg. Much appreciated.
I can never remember the Heschung size, and I haven't worn CP's in a while but I believe I'm a 45, yes.
Idly wondering what size I'd be in the Brunello zip boot if I'm a 12.5 on a reason, of course. Just simple curiosity. 
I soak/wash all most of my raw jeans once before wearing, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.
I was kind of afraid that this giant cardigan would be Too Giant, but I have worn it a solid 3x a week. 
greeting the new year with overwhelming graininess, bad lighting, and poor definition.  It's a metaphor.  
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