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Picked up DA: Inquisition from the XBL sale last week, have put some time into it. Kinda fun, but the Witcher's combat is more interesting (still haven't finished that either...). I'll keep going and see what happens. First DA game so I'm totally lost. Doesn't seem to matter. Mostly it makes me pine for Mass Effect. 
Nice. I went for the 45 - hopefully they fit tts as claimed, otherwise there may be salt. 
Ah, good. I was wondering about that. I will probably sno-seal/waterproof them immediately, since I intend to make use of that lug sole this winter. I'm just really hoping they don't run small.   Next on the list is MA+ short backzips! Not sure I'll ever bring myself to spend more than 1k on shoes, though. 
I think they'd look really good with a wide, workwear-esque silhouette, but I admit I'm having trouble seeing them with your more modern, semi-technical clothes. I am really not a derby person, though.
Yep! Ha! I've contemplated them for...what, two seasons now? Had no idea they were on sale...I really hope they work out. 
First "fashion" purchase in forever:  
THe answer is obviously to remove torbjorn from the game entirely, because he's worthless and everyone who plays him is too
I feel so vindicated.
Weird question: any blonde roast coffees on amazon prime day i should take advantage of?
What the hell?! Those boots look great. Very jealous. Do you tell him exactly what you want?
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