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Man, I was waiting for you to make the goat noises
I accept all bills larger than 5$Are you in the city? Man you better wear those Jil boots
Some l+f boots for not as much as they usually are (I think): http://www.threedifferent.com/online-clothes-sales/men/Lost&Found/105243/1/Shoes/Hi-top-laced-shoes/305/2/0/Lost&Found-hi-top-laced-shoe-Man.asp
WHAT IS SF WEARING: 5.29.2014 This week, we've got a three-parter for you, along with the inane anecdotes of some of SW+D's wunderkinder. Enjoy! Part 1: Tirailleur1, "The Man in the Hat" Original WAYWT post here Wearing: Things he finds boring, accessories by Post-Imperial What this looks like: Bottled snark “You believe this stuff?” says the man in the brightly-colored hat. You’re standing in the Museum of Nature and Science, reading a display about ancient...
oh god
Yes, was going to suggest this
Black oud was my favorite - but I'd even rather wear Midnight Oud or Dark Rose (not that that's a direct comparison)
I wear Ouarzazate regularly, and still love it, but it is frustratingly fleeting. The Chanel is Coromandel, which I find excellently alluring, exciting and dirty, although @Parker claims it's too fem for him. The other regulars are: Midnight in Paris, which is next to nothing on Amazon right now and must be one of the best fragrance deals; Portrait of a Lady, which is somewhat bombastic but exceptionally well-balanced if you like roses; Violet Blond, which I always want to...
Man, I don't even know what that means. There's a better chance that I'll be wearing a skirt than a tie of any color. But if you're rocking it, I'm sure it'll look great. @Ken P, you should definitely come on up. It'll be an experience, I'm sure.
New Posts  All Forums: