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Well, going to try to sell my black CWU45 again. Measurements are in sig, fits 50/52.
You can also find these at SuitSupply (I believe they're around 100$), and Eidos has made them in the past. 
Hey dood - just did this myself. Echoing the others and saying don't wear WJK as wedding/formal shoes. You can try: Carmina (~450, Skoaktiebolaget, Carmina, The Armoury)Carlos Santos (Skoaktiebolaget - run by @Leaves, who is as friendly as he is tall - 325)Justin Fitzpatrick (~400, this is where I ultimately bought mine - I have met Justin a couple of times and he's a great guy)Allen Edmonds (can be found on ebay for 100-150, or new for ~300 I believe)
Every gameplay I've seen of it makes it look super boring to me, but I am not a fan of anything it offers (Tom Clancy, contemporary timelines, 3ps cover shooter). Would be interesting if it were NYC, except that you had a jetpack. And maybe a cloak. And, you know...there were aliens.   ....   Anyone else still playing Destiny?
A friend of mine is getting married in a couple of weeks, and has left his tie-buying (he's doing the groomsman thing) to the last second. He doesn't feel that he'll get a Sam Hober order in in time (I suggested he email). Aside from Kent Wang (from whom he plans to buy a couple), where else can he look for affordable wedding ties with a quick turnaround? RLPL and the like are out at about 240$/tie.
Black CWU-45/P jacket for all your flightwear needs. Soft, supple lambskin, slim cut. Fits a 50-52. Very, very light wear on this - don't like how tight it is on me. Super nice, needs a new home!   Shoulder: 18.5 Chest: 22   Sleeve: 27.75 (to end of ribbing) BOC: 26.5   500$ + shipping  
Eidos 52R:  Medium navy, 2 button jacket with a subtle glen plaid (?) pattern - a great anytime jacket. Recently purchased, but too short for me. Barely used, with a few loose threads in the sleeve lining (pictured). Measurements (inches - approx):Shoulder: 18.5Chest: 23Sleeve: 25 (from shoulder)BOC: 30 Price: 350$ USD, plus shipping     [[SPOILER]]
shit son that is cool
I think so - but reading your computer/devices will be harder. If you do anything near water (for me it's fishing), etc, they're hugely necessary. Source: lives in colorado, wears sunglasses 12h a day.
love SFTM. Would probably wear it head-to-toe if I could afford to fill my closet with it. 
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