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Damnit Bam sometimes you make me laff despite myself
  It's the Black Spot.
Not an expert, but If you're interested, there have been a few interesting articles about what it meant, I guess, when it meant something - HBA's roots in vogueing (Jezebel), the movement's general link to both late 90's rapper style and, more recently, the (black) lgbtq community (sorry, dont remember references). Then it more or less became someone who wears HBA and/or wants to look like Kanye.Now it doesnt really mean anything as far as I can tell, the way hipster...
I just have like sixty pictures of Parker's and Brad's hair that I keep in a folder titled "NOT PICTURES OF HAIR"   And THIS    
you look weathered and ready and the jacket is a very good shape on you but MAN i do not like those shoes
I think the trousers and boots look really good in that picture, and way better than the schneider+guidi/gat thing you do. I'm guessing you couldn't button the jacket?
That "nylon puffy hoody thingy" looks amazing. 
Size: Marked 44, fits true. Perfect for a US 11.5 (an 11 could happily wear them as well). Notes: Mid-height front-zipped flight boots in dark brown leather. Lined in shearling for winter comfort. Cuff can be flipped over, should you wish to show off the lining. Wear this boot while cruising on autopilot above the frozen wastes. Condition: Lightly worn, but good. The only defect is a slightly-split sole (pictured); this does not affect wearability but could be easily...
Size: Marked 44, fits 1/2 size small due to low toebox. Best for a US 11 or 10.5. Notes: Riding-style boot made of a thick, lustrous cognac leather. Blake construction. Sleek toe-box with chiseled sole and a mid-high heel. An all-season boot, perfect for wearing with a flight jacket, blazer, or dramatic long coat. Condition: Excellent. No heel wear, some creasing and light denim staining. Photos are accurate. Cost does not include shipping; please PM for a quote....
I guess...True to your usual euro size, maybe? In SF lingo, one down from your gat size. I'm an 11.5, a 44 feels good. Sole construction appears solid, but the uppers aren't great. They came with a loose it on the inside, and I already have some threads coming loose, insoles peeling up, etc.
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