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SS and LBM1911
Schneider and LBM
Stopped by HQ on my way out of the city - Kyle was gracious enough to pull some pieces out for me to try on, despite being in the middle of re-packing post trunk show: S&C cardigan - very cozy Heschung Lothier - fortunately my feet are narrow enough for these babies. Loved em. The other piece I tried on that was A+ (if you share my tastes) was the Geller puffer jacket. Didn't take a picture, but it feels like wearing a marshmallow.
 I think this was at about 12:30; Jen asked me if it was "Safe for me to be up on that ladder," I asked what she meant and then remembered that she'd fixed me at least three Moscow (Idaho) Mules by that point. She goes hard. Thankfully, no one was hurt. 
 Do it. It's so good. 
  it is sick.  the other piece I loved was the field jacket - so many more styling possibilities (imo) having seen it in person. Would love to own both - gonna work on that. Antonio has a ton of great fabrics, too. I'm tempted to tell him (at some point in the future) to make me the wild field coat he always wanted but didn't think he could market off the rack. 
shoes. ohmigod.             
What a trip. I'll be happy to declare the trunk show a resounding success.  I'd say that everyone had a great time - vendors and visitors. We kept running out of clean glasses, which I think proves my point.   There was a ton of great stuff there - I love Kent's squares, in particular; Franco cuts a mean suit (and I talked to several visitors who "love his shoulders" - suit shoulders, that is); Mike from Epaulet showed me through their sneaker line (wider in the toe than...
That is @unbelragazzo, and you should ask him.
power trio
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