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 Lol I was gonna make an apology and then I saw this. Two thumbs up, firing on all cylinders. Truly awesome. It's rare you see this level of perfection. 
 That is an incredibly useless way to look at things edit* :  That is an incredibly boring, narrow and useless way to look at things
i will fight anyone who doesn't like thefoxtooth's outfits
HEY DUDES   Just to show that we do (sometimes) listen to you, I have a Very Exciting Announcement: this week, Styleforum's instagram account (follow @Styleforum) will feature its very first guest editor, and - yay! - it's not me. @nicelynice (follow @nicelynice) will be posting images that he thinks are "boring" but are pretty much anything but. We're going to try to do this regularly, so look out for future shenanigans.    THE BREAKDOWN:   1. Follow @ Styleforum on...
Straw hat, got it in Panama several years ago. It doesn't fit me at all. 
Lotta sky out here
Frank not lovin' the loafers there. If it's warm/springy, maybe some canvas boots?
Voleur de Roses - I wish this lasted longer.
Camel is obvious choice for NWI
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