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So good. And great to see sasaki yohinten getting some love!
I definitely think there's truth to that, but maybe not quite in the way you're suggesting. Oh, and I thought your last picture looked nice - it's just that we're discussing arbitrary distinctions and, for me, it doesn't fall under the SW&D umbrella. But back to the question: I think you're spot on with what we look for in photos, although I think it's a side effect of a bigger scheme - I really do think it goes back to my first rant about narrative. I think that the best...
If you never said they were SS we'd think you were wearing poorly-fitting macy's stuff, dude. It might fit, as in go on your body, but I have yet to see an example of it looking good on your frame. Not that it's a dig on you - I can't wear it either. Pooches up on my in the same way, and I don't like the way it looks. Guys with thicker chest/torso (hi!) end up looking like grandpas. One of the reasons I never wear a bd under a knit (that, and it feels terrible). If...
 Not sure what this post is getting at, but I think you're missing the point. It's not about sides. But more importantly, who gives half a shit about the everyman? And the good old college logo sweat is best saved for yard work, is what happened to it. SW+D, as defined on this forum, doesn't have restrictions other than that we demand people look dope as fuck, and to say that it is "a subculture" is...wrong. Or nearsighted. Are there people on this forum who incorporate...
Looks fine, caustic man - but I would say, and this is a very subjective opinion, that everything you've posted has been firmly CM casual. 
Former landlord of an acquaintance's acquaintance, even. I though wind up girl was good, haven't felt the need to read his newest yet.
Good for the price, definitely.
Scarosso is having another sale - jodhpurs are about 200$:  http://www.scarosso.com/en/men/shoes/boots/armando-marrone.html   I have a pair. Can't really help with sizing, sorry.
Stanley why u no wear boots with that
Damn, did not know they were making another Mummy film. Can't wait!
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