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Why? Buttero's a solid company that makes a solid and attractive product. I see no reason for shame.
 Another pic:       They also come in black (boots and slip-on shoes, too):             and Diemme made a similar pair:    Dunno about stockists for any of them, though
Uh, yeah. One of those italian B-words. Thanks, nwi. 
My guess is that you're talking about Barena?
SLP, especially if the boutique is across the street
My only quibble with this particular scarf is that I wish it were more majestic.
Is that the one that explained all the puns?
I dunno about all that, but I read a lot of tintin and asterix when I was little
 Lol I was gonna make an apology and then I saw this. Two thumbs up, firing on all cylinders. Truly awesome. It's rare you see this level of perfection. 
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