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Regardless, jacket looks good.
I can't even figure out what they're arguing about. Are they arguing?
ohhhh yes good
Oops. I meant my doppleganger in Cloak and Margiela over on the last page.And I think we all know now that the only adonis-shaped SW+Der is notwi
Like, what am I supposed to do? "Hey, um. So, we're going to go to lunch - do you think I could just...keep wearing this for a while? Or, you know, hang out in front of the mirror for a few more hours?"
@unbelragazzo's M.A.+ Aviator. Ugh.
remind me again - we're not the same size, right?
I know it's weird, but I'm really happy with this pair of 8 year-old used pants.
SS and LBM1911
Schneider and LBM
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