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Can second Kevin Murphy, as well as "Fatboy" products.
He's beginning to suspect, I think.
@Rais, level with us - are you human?
shop coat gang waddup
I dunno where @brad-t is but someone should let him know that he's in danger of losing his title as 'ULTIMATE FINAL FANTASY BISHOUNEN BOSS FORM." Seems pretty obvious that @navetsea is the grungy anti-hero to Brad's noble-yet-tragic romantic lead.
Original/repro "Grizzlies" can get pretty weird. Lots of them end up looking like that Naissance piece, with the high-contrast, high-pile shearling. Very biker-y, and I find them kinda dated.
for every one year that passes, i move backwards in time by ten
yeah, i'm kinda in a hole in that area, and will be for the foreseeable future. The loose pants really want something tighter up top, which i also don't have on hand. trousers are fantastic, though. 
I dunno, the prevalence of plagiarized design doesn't seem like a reason to just roll with it. I don't think that's what you're saying, though. But no, if anything Rareweaves is pretty late to teh whole boro thing, no? Sounds like his personal involvement + no compensation or acknowledgement is the issue here.
Right, of course it is. And indigo + patchwork is very "in" right now, and as you say, has been around for....hundreds of years? Anyway, I'm just following what he's putting on insta, which includes plenty of stuff about how no, he's not the first, just that in this case he was tapped for "styling" which resulted in a collection that is a piece-by-piece (apparently) remake of his work. That last part is the only bit that sounds kinda scummy, but who knows?
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