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What sort of style? Suitsupply makes a chambray or washed denim shirt (other styles available) that looks quite nice under a jacket. Otherwise check hollywood ranch market.
Fuck i want that
It's that time again. We've got a special issue of the Styleforum Brief coming your way next week, so make sure you sign up. Oh, and if you like Star Wars - well, stay tuned.  
Needless to say, that @ChetB look is great.
 Cloak f/w05 quilted asymmetric bomber
Three hundred and thirty-six hours ago, Ghostface wakes at 5:45 AM, fifteen minutes before the alarm. Thinks about turning over. The noise from the city is too loud.  Gets out of bed. Pulls aside the single blackout curtain, squints at the gray smear of dawn over buildings.  Pees, yellow. Brushes his teeth. Makes a single cup of coffee in the kitchen of the pre-fab studio apartment, brings it to the open laptop on his desk. Puts on black can headphones, still playing music...
On the other hand, I think I did actually finished that @spacepope / @ghostface story, which I may even post
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krampus insert references to horned men/holly switches/red berries here
What does this mean? None of them are equipped with reproductive organs, if that's what you're asking. Some certainly skew towards the "feminine," but that shouldn't deter you. One of my regulars is Violet Blond, which is decidedly not a "manly" scent. 
wait what
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