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Thanks, I guess. There goes another 300 bucks. On the plus side...blue blue japan? Because I really need more indigo outerwear....  fuck
Is that true? I seriously have no fucking clue if we walked or not. We must have walked. Even if we didn't, I am sure we did. 
Robe coat is awesome, in case anyone is wondering.
Dope. Welcome!
paging @Rosenrot !
There's more info in cm, but generally, sure. Especially for the price range. Totally possible to find a brand new Caruso suit for the same/cheaper, but as always it means trolling eBay or whatever. but yeah, if you like the cut they seem pretty good. I think @claghorn wears a lot of suit supply?
Indochino - 2 suits for 800$ until Monday (2-for-1)   Use code "DBLTAKE"
I think I'm going to go trout fishing this weekend! Have some new waders that have been sadly neglected. 
Excellent thread. Fascinating, particularly from the perspective of someone who knows very little about CM dress. Moar!
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