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matt bring ur rad sweatahhh 2 my house and i will lend u some clothes and then u will look liek space hobo ftw
jesus christ gtran has rocketed to the top of my must-meet list over the past few months
Space crew activate [[SPOILER]]
Hold up, KKA Cubans look very interesting
Well, I don't know about High-Def, but I have these:
Just as a note, our SW&D coverage of Pitti 86 is finally starting! The very first article, on GRAY knitwear, has just been published. I hope you enjoy, and keep an eye on the homepage carousel for more articles. http://www.styleforum.net/t/406448/gray-knitwear-at-pitti-uomo-86/0_100
GRAY KNITWEAR AT PITTI UOMO 86: GET RETRO'D Words and pictures by Jasper L In a stroke of perfect misfortune, my iPhone - err, my trusty journalist’s recording device - seems to have done something with my interviews for several brands, Gray among them. And so you’ll have to make do with my own impressions of the brand, at least until @unbelragazzo chimes in with his own, more useful information. I swung by last January on the last day of the fair without taking the...
Oh goodness that dries blazer
Nice, cotton dockers. Very nice. Svb, I agree with all comments about the suit. Perhaps you should look into MARGIELA which I hear fits everyone perfectly. I would like it better with an unbuttoned white shirt and a pair of boots, but I recognize that I am predictable and boring.
I messaged @nicelynice a month or two ago asking him to tell me more, after trying on a pair of incredibly kick-ass pants at Patron of the New - only to learn that @pickpackpockpuck had had a similar experience only days prior. Very interested, especially because as size 4 (!!!) in the bottoms seemed to fit me perfectly.
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