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This challenge has, among other things, illustrated the importance of well-lit photos. 
Calvin Klein Collection is another option that can be had for cheap if you look around. www.yoox.com comes to mind - there are a couple of different fits, so you may need to order a few, but those are very slim. If you can find Ralph Lauren Black Label on sale, you could give those a shot too.   Other potentials: http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/ Brooks Brothers Black Fleece http://www.brooksbrothers.com/black-fleece/black-fleece,default,sc.html
Dude. Closeups. Please. 
hot damn!
we are legion
Is it bad that I'm thinking I could wear them with weird Cloak stuff and be like a true throwback to 2006?
Help. I need a reality check. Someone tell me why I don't want black waxed SLP denim.
 Me: Man, I'm so happy with this shirt! Check it out: asymmetrical placket, darted back, shell pocket - and look at these reinforced elbows! This is perfect. This is total space-pirate material. Does it make me look like a space pirate? My Girlfriend: Why did you buy a used chef's shirt?
too small for me; fun though
Only issue with "body type" is that for dudes like Benesyed (and me) that stuff straight up isn't going to fit. Ghostface, that is. Otherwise, it's more a question of having an eye for the pieces.   Schneider, btw, seems pretty far on the opposite spectrum to what those guys do. Rarely do they do "clean." Lots of breaks in the outfits - texture, shape, length. Schneider, at least the way benesyed has been doing it, is kind of like an endless cascade of fabric - and that...
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