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Was gonna add tha shoes seemed too dressy for jeans and for jacket
Sag jeans untuck shirt trade for tee and uncuff jeans Are you wearing lace up shoes?
Of course. Everyone is welcome!
Man, I was waiting for you to make the goat noises
I accept all bills larger than 5$Are you in the city? Man you better wear those Jil boots
Some l+f boots for not as much as they usually are (I think): http://www.threedifferent.com/online-clothes-sales/men/Lost&Found/105243/1/Shoes/Hi-top-laced-shoes/305/2/0/Lost&Found-hi-top-laced-shoe-Man.asp
WHAT IS SF WEARING: 5.29.2014 This week, we've got a three-parter for you, along with the inane anecdotes of some of SW+D's wunderkinder. Enjoy! Part 1: Tirailleur1, "The Man in the Hat" Original WAYWT post here Wearing: Things he finds boring, accessories by Post-Imperial What this looks like: Bottled snark “You believe this stuff?” says the man in the brightly-colored hat. You’re standing in the Museum of Nature and Science, reading a display about ancient...
oh god
Yes, was going to suggest this
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