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hold up maybe "#SELFIE" is a better fit
It's great that you say this, because my first thought was all six of us piling out of a cab in slo-mo, clown car style, while "we own it" plays in the background  Like this, except Fok is Vin Diesel on a scooter, David is the race girl, and I am the extra paid to run from explosions while screaming crazily  RIDE OR DIE
I'm certain he will - but I'll use the bat-signal (@gdl203) to call him over. I had managed to wipe HBA from my memory, but thank you for reminding me. I am certain we can find a way to...appreciate it.    Noted on the swap pieces, too - I think we both had a very good time with that.
      Can you believe it's been six months already? I can't. Pitti begins, again, on the 13th of January.   We've got a legit crew this time. I'm talking sandlot-gang status. @LA Guy (the jock), his wife (the girl who fights dirtier than the guys do), @unbelragazzo (the glasses kid), @GauchoSteph (the literature club president), and me (god help us all). Between the five of us, it is possible we will be able to take a properly-focused picture. I am praying that Fok...
just bought destiny for the 360. u want to shoot some aliens hmu i guess
SO, what's going on here
If the brown/green is this one (fabric changes in the light some) it is pretty sweet.
what the fuck, first MA+ and now Kapital? I hate you
 Why is it that this is what people say when confronted with...anything? Is it, like, the knee-jerk word you use when you don't have any idea what it is you're looking at? 
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