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How do you like your g+r shoes? 8 have been wearing my boots a ton.
Not at the moment, but I can share if that changes.
I am their king
  greetings from peacock-land, meat-sacks.
I have always found that dries jackets run a little small, mostly because there's not much room in the back. I don't know how universal that is, though. 
I feel as though i'm waking past the ridiculous more this year. As in, not paying it any attention - or even looking on it with a kind of...pity. Frankly, this may be the best-dressed crowd I can remember seeing. Are there people and clothes who don't look great? Of course. But no one seems to be paying them any mind.
@conceptual 4est: 
Any of the SW+D crowd going to be at Pitti next week?
Artisanal delivery, no less. Congratulations!
fuck yes
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