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Somewhere a juggalo is drooling
Man, I am so happy with the way these are turning out. I think you guys are going to fucking love this stuff. 
oh, right; indigo space pirate edition:   perfect for smuggling the most regal and dangerous of spices past the reaches of the Imperial Dyson tree, and delivering the highly reactive and ofttimes lethal dyestuff to those who lack the Royal Seal that gives them leave to barter at the Court spice-markets  [[SPOILER]]
Plum Japonais today, which I guess I really like. I really love the...amber (?) note, and it really doesn't smell that sweet to me. More dry, I guess. 
why the fuck do I feature in all of these posts? and what the fuck is a "creative?"
Perfect for when you're at your desk at the Daily Planet.
might as well ask here - anyone play destiny on the 360?
Official petition to change ChrisGold's title to "Leather Daddy"
You dare use the word "actually" when addressing me? Well, sure. Granted, I am not intimately familiar with the tastes of the California court system, but I'm not asking for ankle-cuts, just a titch less so that the leg hangs more cleanly. I think the jacket does a lot to make him look bulky through the middle, but I certainly don't have sufficient tailoring knowledge to know what could be different, or how it would be achieved - or perhaps even to best describe what I'm...
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