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OMFG I haven't heard that song in so long
 Saw it two days ago. Aside from Matt Damon being (Surprise!) a miss (oh, Chastain too), I thought they managed to remove all of the charm that made the book so oddly brilliant. Costume design is all-around excellent, though (with the massive exception, I thought, of the NASA staff) - cool to see Janty Yates doing something that looks so relatively normal. Funny thing about Ridley Scott - I thought the cinematagraphy could have been, shot for shot, prometheus. It's really...
Reminder: you have only a few hours left to participate in @willy cheesesteak 's Leather Jacket Challenge!  
Dude. Congrats on the move. Come to our Trunk Show.  100/10 triple noscope backflip rip
you must be stopped
Not the right place. 
http://www.hrm-eshop.com/ja-jp/p/product/700040753/99 http://www.hrm-eshop.com/ja-jp/p/product/700051893/50 Email orders possible
Can I be the annoying friendly guy for a second and encourage everyone to come, regardless of age or net worth?   One of the things that A&H brought up on the phone the other day was how our "world" (however you define it) is really pretty small. It's fun to meet people who share some of the same strange interests. Plus, even if you can't buy anything, you still have the chance to see some beautiful clothes and hang out with some great people at the same time, and that's...
Good stuff, and welcome - both to SF and Denver. 
Can't wait to see all you guys - and check out that vendor list. Rad.   Our event last year was great fun, and this year promises to be twice as nice. I really hope everyone who made it out to our last trunk show has a chance to come again - always fun to shake hands over a whiskey.
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