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outerwear from ts(s), blue blue japan (although nothing is really in stock right now), Monitaly, that kind of thing would definitely go with what you seem to like.  Schneidahhh not so much.  Oh, and that was my interview - and yeah, that's what he said. 
Man, I know this is going to catch me flak, but I seriously do not understand the appeal of Our Legacy
I'm into everything but the shoes, which are not boots and therefore boring and stodgy. Also for the love of all that is holy pop that collar.
No, I only watched it on VHS in...middle school? It was pretty formative. None of us had any idea what we were doing; just got bored of playing endless rounds of Halo: Combat Evolved (rockets only). We'd grown up with Pokemon, and yeah, eventually we had Bebop and Trigun once someone's mom got a CD burner, but branching out beyond big names like Mononoke and Akira was hard. We had to go to The Video Station, where they had this one table next to the curtained-off adult...
Man, I want a CCP high neck. Feels like wearing Guyver. Do they really come in white?
I find a lot of the designs and finishes to be way, way too much, and note that "hand-stitched" might not really mean hand-stitched (according to the rep at Pitti, at least, they do in fact use machines, particularly for the sole - whether that's true for every boot I don't know) in case that's what you're buying for. Otherwise, from what I saw, they are very solidly made if you find a shape and finish you like. I have no idea about tanneries or anything, but yeah, solid.  
  Avoiding this thread, mostly, but here are some thoughts: 1) Pitti's largely as vacuous, vapid and bankrupt - morally and ethically - as your nightmares. It's still kinda fun. And I, for one, am glad that someone out there is dressing the way these guys are, whether it's in full-on Hood by Air or skin-tight green shantung suits. Both of which I think look ridiculous, but it's none of my business what people choose to put on their bodies. Just like I'm glad that there are...
"Normcore" is my most annoying word of 2014, narrowly ousting "literally" and the phrases "in my opinion" and "speaking as a ____ ." I would say it still loses out to "It is what it is" as most annoying of all time, but is decidedly more immediately annoying than (and is, in some circles, replacing) "hipster." Other contenders include "Goth-Ninja," "GATs," and "To be honest," as well as the shortened "tbh" - which is, perhaps, even more infuriating.   Also, uptalk seems...
Nothing against wool, but yeah, mostly jeans or other cotton pants. or the occasional oversized short/manskort. The shorts are wool - there you go
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