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...ly awesome
Ugh, bad news. 10+ hours on a plane-level comfort is what I'm looking for.
thanks for the heads-up.  i grabbed a pair to try. not sold on the "on-ear" thing and hate the branding, but we'll see. 
look, you weren't supposed to find out. It was just...occasional, you know? Some late-night browsing here and there when SF wasn't fulfilling my needs. It didn't mean anything, I swear! They mean nothing to me!
Pretty sure he's a high roller from comme un camion, so not sure it counts as new except to SF.  Not to take anything away from the fits, of course! Happy to have you, Liszt.   edit: oh wow totally beaten
 I've been using one every day for about two years now. Perfect laptop bag!
wow I thought that was me for a second. wore the exact same thing the other day. time to get rid of everything i own.
Almost pm'd you. My guess is she'll like it
random thoughts from right now, when I learn that the fire alarm testing service I thought I was waiting around for isn't actually happening   Things I would wear and not even care about; probably not at the same time:   full length missoni coat   rick medges (lol but seriously)   uniqlo quilted long skirt (thinking of buying one for skiing/chilly winter mornings)   full-on white mountaineering like w/e
okay but that is a really ugly sneaker
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