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Slim, not skin tight anywhere. Yep, it's the olive.
no prob - hoodie is my trusty ll bean hoodie that I can't find on their site anymore, and the jeans are Japan Blue tapered monsters from Blue Owl (here they are).
@Parker  please buy this   http://www.ebay.com/itm/BNWT-Dries-Van-Noten-FW14-Jacket-Medium-/261807917737?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cf4f7caa9
how are we supposed to emulate the WoostGod if shorts aren't allowed?!
Bastion has a great soundtrack and is fun on your tablet. Excellent for traveling.
To both who asked - I am an XL/42 and went with an XL, fits perfectly. No idea how it compares to the chore coat, sorry!
Huckberry is having another sale on forum favorite Apolis   Noteworthy because they still have the wool chore coat and waxed french work jacket in stock.   Huckberry sent me one of the french work jackets to take on Styleforum's Japan expedition, but before I left it was also my most-worn piece of spring outerwear. Lightweight (you can even roll the sleeves), effective water-repellent finish, and plenty of mobility for hiking, driving, or just looking cool. If you're...
Great contest! Since you are already offering both my services (I ACCEPT) and a gift card, I will hold on to this Uniqlo card for the next one so that we can keep the love rolling. 
@hoodog and @Caustic Man both look pretty darn good to me. @hoodog , I'd nix the micro-cuff on the jeans, and go for a plainer sweater (of same color) in that 5-zip fit (or not, whatever - not like it looks bad). See @RegisDB9for knitwear inspiration, and @Fuuma for a general style that you might like a great deal.   @Caustic Man, all I'd say is ditch the socks.   CM doing well in SW+D these days!
New Posts  All Forums: