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Beginning? Did you forget which website you had open?
Thanks. It's in the hell-stage now. My plan is to grow it out, braid one side of my head, and become a viking.  I have smiled exactly one time previously. The stock market fell 500 points.  That is one of her coats from the upcoming season. I don't have the line sheet in front of me, but I believe it's called the "Slouch Coat." Unfortunately, there is a good chance you'll only be able to find it in Japan. 
oh my god i trusted you
age is just a number, amigo
I bought a pair M-Back Longcrops from Outlier (these)a few weeks ago and have to talk about how awesome they are. First purchase from Outlier, and the fabric and cut are both awesome. Have worn them almost every day since and they're stupid comfortable. So far they've kept me warm while walking dogs in the snow at 15F, stayed comfortable and breathable on 10 hr plane rides to and from Paris, and look rad too. Oh, I also went for an unplanned run in them once. They're kind...
For those who own the Sage "Sal" trousers from Eidos, is it a sage/green that plays nicely with blues? Or would I have to go with browns/earth tones?
@gusw it's a shawl-collar coat from Document, which NMWA carried this past season. Fun piece, with a neat shape.
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