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http://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/blue_blue_japan/indigo-dyed-cotton-coat/472538 (I am guessing it will go on sale again?) OOS here (maybe they will re-stock?), but they have other cool indigo coats for boys and girls (maybe you would like the "Cotton Suede" atelier coat?):  https://www.seilin-intl-eshop.com/en-itn/productslist#!item:19&variation:2&imagesize:1&pageno:1
Synthpope reunification: Omega   Blue blue/twoniqlo/mmm - ...MA+ and rick?  [[SPOILER]]
 Blue blue/twoniqlo/mmm - ...MA+ and rick?  [[SPOILER]]
The hell with your archiving. Send everything to me!
re-porter has those song shoes in my size and it is hard not to kop
@nicelynice when/how long will you be in San Fran? Hoping we overlap. 
 IIRC the story as told in the Geller thread is that there's a repeat scammer from that area who has tried to nip him on several occasions
  The Balenciaga sneakers are very nice, I think. And very solidly based on the sk8s (I have both). Probably wouldn't work for you regardless, but hey. I can see you wearing some Ann sneakers, or even the n(n) x converse asymmetric joints maybe. If there was one dude who could wear hideous givenchy fuck-you AF-1's, it's you. Or, like, DBSS air killers.  ...ahem     
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