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Oh, I have one pair already. They fit tts. 43 in side zips is a 44 in beautiful boots. Sorry not sorry
Atg, I think that the cuffs you seem to like do you and your outfits no favors. Sounds a bit harsher than I mean it to, but I think a clean hem would look better basically all the time. They don't sit on your shoes/boots or your body well, IMO. I think a slight taper, through thighs and from the knee down, would work well on you.
Lmao stupid. Lmk when Mr. P has it for 70% off and if Regis posts a fit with it I'll want it then.
ok so i bought these
Thanks! Excited to hear that there's more incoming ...where's the pot-stirring smiley
Kyle/Greg/David, I'm having inappropriate thoughts about that camel DB casentino that you seem to still have in stock. Think it would fit me? Somehow I'm drawing a blank when looking at the measurements. Any plans for more of them this winter?
god forbid it actually gets cold and he has an excuse for more layers
LET THERE BE SATIN. AND PATENT. AND GLORY. From S/S2010, a worn-but-in-good-condition pair of Balenciaga Cote high tops. These are the patent and satin version; to my knowledge they were done only once. They are used, with signs of wear, but as you can see from the pictures, all markings are cosmetic (the sole is in very good condition, with minimal heel wear) - and I imagine that, should the marks bother you, they could be removed. These shoes are marked size EU43;...
there's our winner. can we end the contest now
Prepare yourself for chilly nights. Wrap yourself in my wares. Become legend.1. BLAZERSTRANSIT UOMO KNIT BLAZER: 115$TRANSIT is an Italian brand known for its fabrics and its slightly-gothic-but-wearable clothing. This piece is a cross between a blazer and a cardigan, and can be worn with the collar up or down. There are no sleeve buttons, and there is no rear vent. It's a very casual piece, and is very at home with jeans and boots - or with rumpled trousers. Perfect for...
New Posts  All Forums: