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Also bbj. A mesh "sweatshirt." Dunno if you can find it anymore
Yeah. In pubs, I've found that even 2 is hard to deal with. Obviously I'm not playing at a super high skill level or anything, but he is an incredibly annoying character.
what? no!
@SpooPoker   Once these auctions start, if you or one of the other awesome people in this community can create a thread that collates them all, I'll be happy to feature that as well. 
About half the people on my XBO friends list (which is admittedly very short) are female. I get the feeling I'm preaching to the choir here, but that makes it even worse to read/hear from the self-righteous "anti-SJW" idiots who mostly weren't even around for the "good old days" when "only men played games" that they lament so much.    On the other hand, I played a few pub Destiny matches against a well-known female streamer a few weeks back, and the behavior was almost...
co-sign. BBJ jacket is too cool.       (obv. not exactly the same)
Peir Wu is one of those designers where I look back at past seasons and think "I should have bought that, and that, and that..."
This seems like one of the deepest/best sales seasons in recent memory but all I can think is that maybe I should get another pair of vans
Oh hey you guys carry 1st-Patrn? Sad to see that Lanza jacket is sold out, have been thinking about tracking one down versus finding an old deadstock bdt
Hey @SpooPoker - I've featured this thread on the homepage carousel, using the image you've shared of Brian. If you, or anyone else, is willing to come up with a better header image I am happy to feature that instead and share it around on SF's instagram/social channels as well. 
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