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I'm using the, like, advanced option or whatever. so if I just do it with bbcode it looks like this [@]synthese[/@], and there isn't a little icon
So, for people who have Not Seen This Thread,   There is a goddamn STYLEFORVM TRUNK SHOW in NYC next weekend, Nov. 7th and 8th. For those of you who came to the Gentry NYC thingy, it...won't be like that. But, it will be super cool anyway - cool vendors showing cool stuff, some food, some drinks, and the promise of stories to tell your friends about the weird internet people you met.   It's not all CM threads either, so don't let that deter you. Please don't let it...
  I take it back. I'll be there.  Either Fok is not such a miser or I'm just really whiny. See you losers at the...place.  
    Not attending, because Fawk is a miser. Someone try on NMWA's geller lounge coat in a 52 in my stead, and tell me if you think it would look cool on me. And someone take pictures, because I completely failed at that when we did the Gentry thing. 
why does anyone give a shit about baseball
the hell. when I looked at that it was 700 dollars again. guess I was too late. awesome jacket.
very happy to have found a pair of these  
whoever got that boglioli field jacket...nice.
Still really waffling on this one, so not that inclined to listen to low offers, but if someone wants to offer retail for a size 52 CWU-45/P that's more or less brand new - and will arrive to your CONUS destination in three days rather than three months/years/decades - let me know. 
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