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nice, Kg. That's great.      L: lupine "hearts" collar | LM: blue blue japan, uniqlo, jcrew, chloe | RM: blue blue x 2, APC, MMM | R: black and tan sheeb no vis
right on broseph excellent approximation of marshmallow and/or fetal position
Fred Perry had strong associations with UK skin culture. If you wear a thin black cardigan with chinos and desert boots, the very best you can hope for is to look like an IT guy, or maybe a soccer dad. If you're young and wearing it with chinos and desert boots, the best you can hope for is an Urban Outfitters hipster a decade behind trend. I'd say ditch the chinos, ditch the cardigan, and start over - browse the WAYWT threads, for example. 
If you are wearing Dr. Martens; tight, cuffed black denim; and a white shirt buttoned all the way up; then yes, buy the fred perry cardigan and enjoy a short back and sides. Otherwise, what are you even looking for? Uniqlo makes equivalent pieces to the sweater you posted for cheaper and without the ugly branding; if you've suddenly decided that you want a heavy wool shawl-collar sweater, that's a completely different beast. 
dude, the buttons are what make that thing. That is a sweater for blood and iron and salt and spray. 
I think I need some Post-Imperial to wear with flight jackets. That sounds cool. @Tirailleur1 was doing this knotted-scarf-around-the-neck thing at Pitti that looked awesome. We don't really see any accessories on this forum outside of watches, huh? Huh.
heh heh heh
Tie several zokin around your dome?
Stanley van Pilgrim vs. The World
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