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The dries that wasn't covered in lobsters or marilyns looked pretty good (if usual) to me? As in, fashion pyjamas that I would want to wear
what the fuck, man
Holy shit Mickey Avalon. Do you guys remember when "So Rich So Pretty" was a thing?
Share it with the people!
 I've never tried Le Labo's Rose, but no, not too feminine in my book. heavy on the patchouli. An absolutely beautiful scent. Then again, unless it smells like actual bubblegum, few things are too feminine for me. Many of my favorites are florals, regardless of how they're marketed. It's usually the traditionally masculine scents that I struggle with. Other Malle fragrances that I love are Lys Mediterranee, En Passant, and Geranium Pour Monsieur. In any case I'd highly...
Honest answer (forgive the slightly business-y tone), so you guys aren't waiting in limbo: Newsletters is where they'll be, especially during the summer. We're going to spread them out, but over the vacation months it makes more sense to include them in emails so that people who aren't checking the front page are alerted when they're published (since thread activity is slower). As a general statement, I think you guys'll enjoy them - Alex in particular has a few new brands...
 Sure, and here's a serious answer: the only lotions I use are unscented (for me it's the sunscreen that usually poses a problem, since I hate the smell), and the deodorant is an ongoing issue of niggling importance. We talk about deodorant recs a lot, but if you know of an unscented or mildly scented one that actually works (I have not had luck with weleda, for example; but I still plan to try some thing called "lavanilin;" scented but mild and natural, supposedly), let...
Meg, Bumble&Bumble sumotech, medium, Dove, today it's Fredric Malle's Vetiver Extraordinaire, which is nothing if not puissant, costco, and I'll pass on the last one.  My dogs are wearing "lupine" brand collars, which have the perk of being infinitely replaceable for only the cost of shipping, even if they've been chewed, and they are constantly chewed.  if you would like to "shop the look" we can probably set up some javascript shit with the help of mr. porter, now owned...
 "Lead Suede" Common Projects x Robert Geller combat boots from several seasons ago.Be happy I wasn't carrying their matching pink and blue fabric leashes instead!
Trying a few dyptique samples that a friend gave to me: today is "Eau de lierre." I sort of smell like I rolled around in a greenhouse, I guess. Pleasant but boring? 
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