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Usually I vote for a ton of people, but I decided to keep it to just two this time (zissou and rais, on completely opposite ends of the denim spectrium). Which is dumb, because every entry was stellar. Great job, everyone - so cool to see them all in one place. HOF all around. 
no, i was talking about nicelynice's shop coat. why, should i get the sneakers too?
I guess tht for the record, it's like 3 something if you buy from Japan somewhere
oh come on
Not a derby person, but thanks
Congrats, Teger!
You don't sound like a 45. I'd say 44 - I'm between an 11.5 and 12 and I wear a 44.
 Don't you fuckin' dare. Pretty soon it's gonna be 90+ outside and I am gonna be furious and miserable until october
Fuck yeah, those nonnatives are sweet
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