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get in touch with @Thurston Bros about a nice leather and lopro armor underneath? I believe they've recommended that a few times. 
Uh yes and if they are 44 then you pass them along to me
Been wearing the same thing for at least three days
im so fucked up
kgfan is SW&D's gary oak    
http://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/blue_blue_japan/indigo-dyed-cotton-coat/472538 (I am guessing it will go on sale again?) OOS here (maybe they will re-stock?), but they have other cool indigo coats for boys and girls (maybe you would like the "Cotton Suede" atelier coat?):  https://www.seilin-intl-eshop.com/en-itn/productslist#!item:19&variation:2&imagesize:1&pageno:1
Synthpope reunification: Omega   Blue blue/twoniqlo/mmm - ...MA+ and rick?  [[SPOILER]]
 Blue blue/twoniqlo/mmm - ...MA+ and rick?  [[SPOILER]]
The hell with your archiving. Send everything to me!
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