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Does it come with a cossack fly?
Thanks guys. I'm probably more after something like the Carmina (although it's probably a little too sleek), and I don't think a huarache is what I'm after either. Something a little more riviera-ish, maybe, to wear with oversized indigo things. 
I've been idly looking for a woven leather loafer for the summer without having much luck, but I doubt I'm looking in the right places. Just saw on Instagram that Eidos/Barbanera are doing one (I guess?), where else should I be looking?
i heard synthese has an 8 pack. i heard synthese is shredded.
I have no clue other than "hype," but I like Salomon's trail shoes. Mostly for being on trails, but also for wearing casually with weirder stuff (especially the ones with giant treads) - I have no idea why you'd want any of them in all black though. I've been thinking of getting a pair of running, since I need to replace my trail shoes.  They've been hot for a few seasons now, so I'm not really surprised that's the next extension of the streetgoth thing. Seems like that's...
sorry, i don't talk to normies  Anyway I think you should just wear engineered garments and evan kinori sized up, with the occasional vintage Tommy sweatshirt.
First, congrats; second, do you mean a thread for losing said 25 lbs, or a thread for...what?
I own this and it's fantastic, and that is a great price. 
If you fly into Lisbon and have time, check out Enoteca
Drive up the Douro valley and drink your way through all the port, staying at Pousadas along the way.  Alternatively, head down to Evora, see the menhirs and the cave paintings in the area, and appreciate all the old castles. Stay away from the Algarve, imo. 
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