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Yeah, image searched after guessing. Parker could for sure wear it, maybe some of the people who do the schneider-thing?
Just as a note, I think that if we want these to be routine/keep generating interest/turnover, it's better to limit them to 1-2 weeks. 
For whatever reason, I guess Kenzo, but apparently it is [[SPOILER]] Pretty
today is a good day
keep. I always like it. The only thing it doesn't jive with sometimes is your artisan footwear. I like it with a tee - even thought about trying to hunt one down.
praise the lawd
okay but seriously that levi's bag looks like a single testicle
improve the frankenscrotum by making it the victim of testicular tortion
What kind of job do I need to be able to justify a suit like that, stitches?     also, canstyleace, tell us what you're wearing! Looks awesome. excellent house camouflage.   someone tell me how to do the @ thing in RTeditor
New Posts  All Forums: