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    Rose’s Story  I have few memories of my mother, but her legacy lingers in my name. It is the only gift she gave to me before she died that I still have, before the fires that accompanied the Prince’s wild coup took her life and left me motherless at eight years old. Fatherless, too; his mind followed his wife, even though it took his body years to catch up. I grew up alone in our cinder-block house on the outskirts of the City, watched him as he sunk what remained of...
Yup ok I love those
To expand, I tried them yesterday with my vans and they look good both cinched and uncinched. Fok will probably wear his straight with a pair of vibergs, I will wear with vans or tucked into boots, and you can see what pope would do. I think cinched on top a pair of chukkas - in a tan or off-brown - would look really cool. There are a lot of options - they work worn at the waist or slouched, and pattern is just really cool. Great material, too. And I couldn't be happier...
I knew someone would ask, but no, no pictures. They fall straight? They look good, too. Perfect for vans or any sneaker.
You'd definitely be a 32 at the biggest. Like Jack, I find the pants run a little big - I can wear the 32 ( I am usually a 34) and it's just barely tighter than I would want (worn at natural waist). If you want relaxed/comfy order your usual size, and I would hazard that you could size down one if you wanted slimmer - BUT I will defer to fok since I don't want to steer anyone wrong, because you run the risk of the waist being on the tight side an I don't know how much...
Uh, Monitaly? http://www.styleforum.net/t/504146/monitaly-for-styleforum-the-darkseid-collection-preorder-now/0_100#post_8014165    
Well, @spacepope and I spent a couple hours up in the hills, and hopefully you guys like the results. Fok and I took our sweet time choosing which pieces we wanted to do for this mini-collection (dare I say...this curated capsule collection?) and I think the results are exactly what we were both hoping for. Big thanks to Jack for posing and stuff. There's a little less than a month left to preorder, so get on it. I heard u liek...
ok, thoughts on this? Does anyone here own the piece? I am a little wary of a cold-weather jacket that doesn't have a collar. 
I have been debating that peir wu thermal ever since it arrived. Just have absolutely no idea if it would work for me. 
Those vibergs are great. I have not been following this time around, but me likey.
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