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Speaking of leather things, I had the chance to try on a couple cool jackets last week in L.A. with @StanleyVanBuren. One was a great LL horsehide moto that I sadly don't have a picture of, but I do have a picture of this other HH moto jacket by The Flathead we found at Self Edge LA:         edit: I guess it's this one
 This makes a ton of sense to me. Perfect for guys like @EFV, or people who want a masculine jacket in a luxurious material. Everything looks scarily Pitti-ready (not always a bad thing). 
 I would happily read/contribute to this thread. Not that I know a ton, but I'd love a place to talk about old/repro flight jackets
Hello folks,   These are the taupe variant of Maison Martin Margiela's paint-splattered army trainers. They are size 45, which equates roughly to a US 11.5. Selling them because they're too small for my size 12 feet.   They are in lightly used condition, with almost no wear on the heels. There is some denim staining on the inside of the tongue, but otherwise they've barely been worn - so no worries that you're buying someone's gross sneakers. Nope, these are ready for...
wtf where did that come from, dude? That looks rad.
   Those are gorgeous.
Liking all of those jackets, number 3 especially. I don't really love the way RRL is usually presented (full-on miner/speakeasy dork), but the leathers usually strike me as cool if you can style them without a flat-cap. Nice buys.    I still like this one.
@Lorcan7 that looks so cool and so great on you that I really hope it works out somehow. Dang.    Some pretty rad finds on this page. That EG blazer looks great. WINTER IS COMING.
Happy leave challenge open until Sunday AM
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