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Not sure if this is genderless or really masculine: (yesterday): I also realized that I can turn my insane Julius vest into a skirt, but it was way to hot to wear it out.
man imgur is crushing my photo quality
Am I cool enough? I have had this listing bookmarked for ever.
Really cool, fs. Very Bowie.
Man AFL and CSA so cool!
XL, which is the same as my Stark. It's roomy enough to be comfy, but I think I managed to stay out of "sloppy" territory. I almost returned and tried an L at first, but I like it the way it is.
Hopefully the last day I'll need a wool sweater and shearling jacket [[SPOILER]]
A friend on another forum has a pair of the womens loafers and really likes them - I'm thinking about getting a pair for my SO. I May be misremembering, but I think i remember reading that they were even similar to MMM - glued, etc, but nice. I don't own any, though.
And olives/khakis!
You might try Diepa Restrepo as well: http://diepparestrepo.portableshops.com/store/category/men_3
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