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Squares and such for the sartorially savvy
i got a slim fit hugo boss shirt that fits dead on, but then thought how much do these shrink in the wash, should i size up or stay true to size.
I race cars and there is no way I would put those on my feet, the seams are right on the contact point where you heel-toe, you must reinforce that area not make it weaker, i would wear through that shoe in a race weekend i agree Speedcats blow, but piloti are good well constructed race/driving shoes, and also my choice on the track.
My tip is dont forget that outerwear is just as important, if not more so than what you are wearing underneath. A fit coat or jacket is the first thing someone sees when you walk into a building on a cold day, on top of that only use scarfs when when it is chilly to cold out and paired with a jacket/coat never a teeshirt in the middle of summer
my girlfriend hates the idea of her breaking in dry denim. She just steals mine and wears them around the house. Ive found that women buy jeans on how their ass looks in them off the bat, not on: spending one week streaching them out, debating on whether to soak or not, consulting the forum on above issue, wearing daily, washing, consulting the forum on whether do hot or cold wash, and god forbid getting a little indigo on a shirt/shoe. Dont do it
I love 5EP's but you can't hate on the nudies
you guys are out of control, i love it. How much?
Do you guys polish your "nice" leather sneakers to keep them nice or just wipe them down with water?
for how long is this sale going on?
+1 on santoni, their rubbersoled offerings give a little more casual feel while having the comfortability of a broken in leather sole. The leather uppers are top notch and very supple
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